Monday, July 21, 2008

Adding Glaze

I spent the weekend in the studio. One of the things I did was to put glazing on this painting. I know you have seen it before, but I thought you might get an idea of what the glazing does for the colors. You can scroll down to the post titled Walking the Path (just one post between these two) to see the same painting without the glazing.
As you can see, I again just took quick shots. But they are in the same location with the same type of light (even taken the same time of day).

Now this edge shot was a lot more difficult to get for some reason. But you can see the glazing clearly here.

This particular painting has about 12 layers of glaze on it.

Sorry you are seeing the same painting again, but it is one of the things I did this weekend and I thought you might like to see the changes this technique makes. I will be showing you a few other things later on.

Did you make any art this weekend?

Have a Wonderful Day!


sukipoet said...

Thanks for showing the glazes. Twelve coats! Wow. It seems to me the colors look darker but that could be the lighting. In the edge photo, I definitely see the gloss that the glazes add. I like seeing paintings over and over, with the changes as they progress. Where else could We see an artist in process. Usually we just see the end product. I have always loved process.

Guess I showed what I did this WE on my blog post today and there will be another tomorrow. Little bits and pieces. Nothing large. Take care, Suki PS glad you had an opportunity to get into your studio after the business of visiting and so forth of the past weeks. :)pss and now i know what your studio looks like I can picture you in there too.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki!

Well, for me, 12 coats is light for a glazing! LOL... It really does intensify the colors, so I think that is what you are seeing. Quite sure!

I also like to see processes. Everyone does them it should be...but sometimes there is one small bit we could take away and make it our own, you know?

I just loved seeing what you did this weekend this morning. It was great fun to explore all of those collages and how you changed them as you went along! How very cool!

You know I adored your Sunday Ponder, too. Your studio is really progressing. I know what you mean, I can just picture you in there working away on things.

It was lovely to spend so much time painting this weekend...the boys were off and I just played/worked! :)

Thanks Suki!

Andrea and Kim said...

...and Suki, I also meant to say it was lighting when I was trying to show the edge on the glazed painting. The top one is the one which shows more of the true colors.

Slow today...not really had to go and have 2 new tires put on my car...what an ordeal!

Lynette said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Wow Kim, I loved that painting in the post below but those layers of glaze are just stunning on this!! Beautiful finish!!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, Lynette! It really makes a difference if you are looking for something to pump up colors and don't mind gloss!

It is the bling, right? :)

Thanks Lynette!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I think the painting looks richer. more debth to it.
No creating right now but thinking of creating. Does that count?

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oops.. I meant there is more dePth to your painting with the glaze on it. LOL

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Cris,now it is my turn...I had left a comment which blogger ate!

Please don't worry about hitting the wrong key there...we all have done that a million times, too! :)

It is amazing what the glazing can do for color depth, that is for sure! I am pretty caught up in it right now, so expect to see more :)

And I think you are being very creative right now...with all you have to contend with, it takes a lot of creativity to keep everyone on track! And thinking about your art sure does count!

Hang in there, Cris!

Paula In Pinetop said...

Is the glaze clear or do you add color???

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Paula,

This glaze is completely clear.

I hope you are doing well.


Anonymous said...

Have your eyes glazed over yet? (chuckle) All those layers make a beautiful finish.

I haven't varnish my latest paintings yet (the 2 colorful flower explosions on canvas). I'm still peeling the fine lines of the frisket off. Takes forever and has me rethinking the process.

Andrea and Kim said...

Tee Hee! Nah, it is really fun and there isn't a lot of odor, which I like.

Thanks Chewy, I really appreciate your insights a lot.

I love those flower explosion paintings...I know what you mean, though. Tedious stuff! Hopefully, you will find another method...or one you like better! Can't wait to see them, though!

Thanks Chewy!

San said...

Kim, something happened to my comment when I was working on it. IF you get two comments, keep this one, as the first one is incomplete.

As I was trying to say: I'm glad you re-posted this painting. When I was looking at it in the original post the other evening, my son knocked on the door to tell me it was time to leave to go see The Dark Knight, and so I didn't comment!

This painting is intriguing--I like what you're doing with all of the little "cells." And yes, the glazes do add depth and richness. Like Kate and like your daughter, I saw a necktie, a "mod" one. Interesting that it's inspired by Andrea's jewelry pieces. I need to look at them again. Isn't the energy exchange in blogging wonderful?

In response to your question regarding artmaking this weekend: I've been revamping our gallery site and it is all-consuming, but I am pleased with the results thus far. I'm teaching myself through trial and error, heavy on the error.

Roxanne said...

Kim, I did not art this weekend, but I wanted to tell you that I *really* like this piece. I don't know why -- just my emotional response. Thanks for sharing!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi San,

Sorry, my friend, but only one came through here. I am sorry you had trouble, but am over-the-top you went at it again.

And how was The Dark Knight? I am hearing very good things about it.

I am very pleased you like this work. I have started another one the same size, and have plans for another one which is larger. Currently the cells are a bit different and there is a lot more structure to the overall piece. We will see how it turns out.

Ohh, revamping your gallery would be very time consuming to be sure. Trial and error is one of the best ways to learn, don't you think? I am glad you are liking what you are doing though. I will be eager to see the results!

Thanks San!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Honor!

Emotional responses are the best! I am glad you let me know, too.

Thanks so much, Honor!

~Babs said...

Wow,,,,isn't it amazing, watching how the glaze transforms the work?
The colors become so deep, rich,,,this looks great Kim!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Babs!

The glazing process really makes a huge difference. I still find it amazing and each of the paintings with glazing on it turns my head here.

Thanks, Babs!

marianne said...

Nice to see the difference!
beautiful painting!
I always take my pictures before, because I never seem to be able to take a good picture after the varnish (is that the same thing as glazing?) I spray my paintings.
have a nice day Kim!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne,

The photos are better when the paintings have a more matte surface. This is not exactly like a varnish. I will add a gloss varnish spray to these (usually if someone would like that) once they are cured. This is a thinned soft gloss medium which I apply in thin layers to the surface. If I add enough, then add more color, then more of this glaze, then the color will appear to be floating above the surface of the original painting. It is holding my interest right now! :)

Thanks Marianne!