Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Walking The Path

This is one of the paintings I have been working on lately. As you can see, this is just a quick snap, but I thought you might like to see it. Additionally, it will get a lot of glazing which I hope to begin this weekend.
At this point, there are no glazes applied. So hopefully I will be able to show you the difference once that happens. The exciting part is I have the glaze ready to begin applying. The working title for this painting is Walking the Path. This is copper, inference and regular acrylics on canvas.

This shot shows the edge of this piece. Most of my paintings also wrap around the edges like this one.

I am thinking of some other ideas along these lines and am continuing with some of the other ideas within the Contemplation Series.

Soon, I will be making the rounds to your blogs. I am missing you but need to get a few personal things straightened out here as people are going here and there and I am the director of traffic! :)

Here is to a Great Day for Everyone!


Unknown said...

Hi director of traffic:):)

I really like this painting, and the way you placed the little cubes around the edges make me think of candy cubes:)
It is a very meditative piece!

Have a good time, directing the traffic around you, (I imagine you with one of those little pipes, policemen on traffic crossroads have here) take care

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea!

That is a policeman getting people where they need to go :)....this way and that way with my little pipes. LOL

I am glad you like this piece, Andrea! That means a great deal to me!

Hopefully I can get around to a few blogs again before August madness begins! :)

Thanks my dear friend!


~Babs said...

AT first look, I thought the yellow behind the work was part OF the work. Which I like. I like it without it also.
Always love these colors together,,,and of course it's a very pleasing composition too.
Nice one, Kim!

Lynette said...

Kim, I love this and I saw the shape of a leg with textured stocking when I first looked. I think you're on to something wonderful with these paintings with all the little repeating shapes! I know it's hard to find time to keep up with everything and with the blogging too. Maybe we can all get caught up when fall gets here LOL...and here I was feeling guilty for not being able to post as much in the blogs this summer! :) :o

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Lynette!

A Leg! Wow! Now that is an idea. Ohh, do you think I really am onto something. I can tell you they are great fun to do.

I wonder if we can get caught up here with everything this fall? Oh well, at least we are not bored! LOL

No need to feel guilty...wasted emotion, you know! Save emotion for the necessary things like painting :)

Thanks Lynette!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs!

I guess I did get the copper a bit close together, but it is what it is right now. I am glad you like it both ways, though...that you like it is very positive for me! :)

Thanks Sweet Babs!

Katiejane said...

Lord, girl. Doesn't that make you blind???? I would go crazy painting all those little squares and then filling them in. It's really pretty, though. Kind of reminds me of a man's necktie. Haha

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Kate! I am laughing so hard. It really doesn't bother my eyes. Now that you mention it, I am not sure why not, either. I had not thought of it before, though! :)

A tie, mmmm, my daughter said the same thing...these are actually inspired by Andrea's jewelry paintings! They don't look anything like her work, though, do they? Maybe I need to consider some glass inspired paintings...that would be fun!

Thanks Kate!

Unknown said...

Hi Kim, I came to look at the painting again, and had to laugh about Katie Jane, LOL. I had a similar thought, thinking what a patience it needs to paint the squares. I really love those little squares, they are geometrical yet irregular, which makes them so attractive. This will be a great series!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea!

Thanks for another look/see. Isn't Kate something? I laughed and laughed when I read that. You know I struggled a little with the irregularity at first, but I soon got over it. Perfect little, clean lined squares is really not what I am looking for...I think of it almost as the fracture of a larger piece, if you will.

Thanks so much, Andrea!

sukipoet said...

I think it must be rather meditative to paint those little shapes within shapes. Thanks for showing the edge (I dont remember if you read my edges post). I worked on a few edges today for the first time in a long while of not running errands for everyone.

What kind of brush do you use to glaze with. A wide brush?zkxwuikj

Andrea and Kim said...

Suki, these are very meditative to paint. I honestly do enjoy them. I was just applying some glaze and realized when I paint these I only focus on one square at a time. That is why they don't make my eyes go wonky.

You are going to laugh about the glazing brush...I use a 2" soft house painting brush or a 1" soft flat brush. I really depends on which one I choose to pick up. I tried using a hake brush, but that didn't work well. One of the reasons I like the house painting brush is it is a bit softer at the end of the bristles, so it kind of holds onto the thin glaze.

I need to remember to tell the tools I use when I do this...I just kind of forget sometimes. Thanks for asking me, though, Suki!

Have a Great the sun?

sukipoet said...

Kim I asked because I have been glazing too. I tend to use even cheaper than housepainting brushes, those cheapo throwaway brushes for a dollar or so. I read about that in a book. although the other day I switched to a regular art paint brush, but it wasn't wide enough for my taste. I took some Process photos today so may post them on sat.

No sun today, Kim. I mean, it was out but I was in. It was Too hot even for me and besides I wanted to do some work. I hadn't done anything in the studio all week. So, I got only about a hour and a half in there, as a plumber came and interrupted my time but it felt good. Have a fun weekend. Suki

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki, Do you like the very inexpensive throwaway brushes? Are these the sponge type? I had not thought of that. I would love to see some of those process photos you took!

It is really HOT to be sure, Suki! I am glad you decided to stay in out of that strong sun. Right now it is 7 pm and still well over 90 here!

It is great you got a bit of studio time today, though. I spend a bit of time in there today allergies are really killing me here, so my time was also limited. I hope to spend a lot more time there over the weekend. I have found I have started too many canvases though...and there isn't enough room to work on them all! LOL...we should all be so lucky, right?

Thanks Suki!