Friday, July 25, 2008


It seems to me I am painting in one style or another these days. As you know, I have been painting the details of the little squares or cells combined with the reflective paint. But in preparing for those paintings, things like this happen:

I thought this was going to be a base for another one of those paintings, but this came up. It literally appeared before me as I was applying base paint on the canvas.

I have done some of these minimal canvases before and really enjoy them a lot. This one had to stay. In my heart, I felt it just did not need to be touched at this point, so I have not. Well, there will be some fairly heavy glazing added.

How about you? Do you find sometimes you are stopping just when you are getting started? Do paintings kind of present themselves to you when you least expect it?

Now, have a good weekend. And next week, I will be publishing my Conversation with New Zealand Glass Artist, Lesley McIver. You are clearly in for another treat!


pollicino said...

Ciao,sono pollicino,dall'Italia,hai un bel blog,complimenti,anche io dipingo ,ma faccio di tutto dalle nature morte del 500 all'arte moderna ed ho imparato da solo.Mi rallegro per il tuo successo,continua cosi'.Un forte abbraccio........pollicino

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Pollicino,

Since I do not speak Italian, I used an online translator to translate your comment to English. This is what the translator told me you said:

"Hello, they are pollicino, dall' Italy, you have a beautiful one blog, compliments, also I paint, but I make of all from the natures dead women of the 500 all' modern art and I have learned alone. I rallegro myself for your happened one, continues cosi'. A strong embrace ........ pollicino

So you are a self-taught painter...while I have worked in art a lot, I have taught myself to paint. Thank you for your kind words about this blog. You have many blogs to choose from and I adore your photographs! I would love to see some of your modern art paintings!

I send you a Hug from Washington, DC!

sukipoet said...

Kim, this painting is wild. Wow. It feels like movement to me, an airplane trail in the sky. It is wonderful you are able to know when to stop, when something has come together. that is not an easy thing to sense. YOu are very in tune with yourself and your paintings I think. I guess this has happened to me, I sit down and do some painting, not a lot necessarily and suddenly it feels done. But not often does this happen. Usually I slowly belabor every painting. Although with many of my handmade paper things they came together on the spur of the moment, very Zen-like. I think it was the medium. Have a great weekend. Be well, Suki

Andrea and Kim said...

Suki, it is wild okay! Well, I am not sure I do know when to stop, but this one sure felt like it! I have messed up too many things lately, too.

As far as being in tuned with myself...that has been lots of years of work :) And I can imagine you know the same thing...right, with your paper making. I think it is also a matter of being in tuned with the materials, the medium and being in the right frame of mind. You are right, it is a Zen like experience.

You have a beautiful weekend as well, Suki!

Paula In Pinetop said...

How big is this one? I love this! Is there glaze???????

EWWWWW, tell me more !

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Paula,

This one is 20" x 24" and it has some glaze on it. I am thinking of adding a lot more though. I would guess there are probably 12 to 15 layers of clear, so maybe double that or triple to give it a real glass feel. At least that is what I am thinking now.

I have to say it was amazing how this just popped up. I thought I had that white blended better, but I suppose it just didn't want to be blended in as it needed to do this...or at least call my attention to it! :)

How are things at your place? I am still needing to gather the ingredients for that recipe you shared.

Thanks for popping in....

San said...

Kim, this post is evidence of why you have another award awaiting you at my place...

Andrea and Kim said...

Wow, Thank You San!

You are always encouraging me along!

Katiejane said...

Well, I don't paint, so I can't answer your question, but I can surely say that I like this painting. You are right, don't touch it. Sometimes art makes itself. Let it be.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, Kate! You may not paint, but I have great respect for your eye! What you have going on over at your blog is amazing! I am eager to see more!

You are so right, sometimes art just makes itself! Mmmm, I like that...check my quote section!

Thanks Kate!

~Babs said...

Aaah, yes,,,the minimal. Yet so deep! Not sure I could do minimal! I tend to overwork.This one is so serene, yet exciting, like Suki said,,,with movement.
Kate's so right,,,,sometimes art makes itself,,,those have always been my favorite ones. Just wish they happened more often!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs!

You know I had a feeling you would say you didn't think you could do minimal. But some of your work seems like it is minimal...and the depth of your work is so strong (that sure comes from those details...still can't get "orange" out of my head).

I am glad you like it, though. I am always eager to hear what you have to say about these.

I liked that quote from Kate, too, so I put it in my little quote section. It would be nice to have them happen more often...I agree, but I will take this! :)

Thanks Babs!

Anonymous said...

I like this, too. At first I saw the northern lights and then I saw ripples on a pond at night. Very peaceful.

Andrea and Kim said...

Why Thank You, Kiki!

I really like the images that came to you with this painting! For you there is a lot of light at night! How cool is that? And the greatest thing is this is peaceful to so many! I love knowing that!

Thanks for your visit! I hope you will comment again. Now I am off to explore your blog!

Anonymous said...

I can't do minimal either.

I really like this painting, Kim. Reminds me of airplane vapor trails across the sky.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Chewy!

Minimal and nondescript is probably a result of my other life :) I don't mind.

I am glad you like it, though, Chewy!

Lynette said...

Kim, that's beautiful and I love those light bands of color near the top. I usually nitpick on my paintings too long and end up overworking them.

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Thank You Lynette!

This one just gave itself to me as a gift, I can honestly say that. If it had of popped up in front of you, I think you would have done the same thing!

Thanks Lynette!