Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We Have Twins...

Yesterday my son called my attention to the backyard, again! This time, we realized we have more new fawns. This set of twins were grazing there without their mother (the single fawn is always seen with it's mother and she is very protective). I am still amazed to see all of the wildlife in our yard since we are so close to the city.

It is a busy week here, but I wanted to share this with you!

Is summer (or winter, for my Southern Hemisphere friends) in full swing at your house?


Fossfor said...

this is so sweet! I wish we had wildlife living so close to us

San said...

What a precious sight to greet you in your own backyard! Lovely, Kim.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Fossfor!

Thank you for your comment here. I am honored, indeed.

These little guys are so sweet! We have lots of wildlife here, and it is amazing. We are just a couple of km to Washington, DC.

I am off to visit your blog.

Thanks Again!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks San!

I bet you see a lot in your area, too! If my memory of my Texas days serves me right, at the very least you have some lizards hanging around out there.

No lizards here, but we have seen a cousin...of which I am terrified.

Thanks is the work at the gallery going?

sukipoet said...

Very sweet. We had a mom and her fawn in the field today. Also, I saw two fawns down the road the other day. Plus, yesterday the three mama turkeys, papa turkey (does he have a harem?) and 18 baby turkeys were grazing in the field. Well, the mama and papa were guarding the babies, keeping an eye out, they werent eating. So touching.

Andrea and Kim said...

Awe Suki!

Turkey babies, too! It is amazing to watch how some wildlife takes care of their babies! Mostly (I am sure there are exceptions) the care is so intuitive, too. You are right, it is so touching to be sure.

Turkeys! Wow! And little fawns, too! You do have a lot of wildlife!

Thanks Suki!

marianne said...

Oh this is just like Bambi the movie..... Twins are rare.
How wonderful that you can witness this in your back yard!

Andrea and Kim said...

Marianne, it is kind of that way, isn't it?

I know it is not about painting, but I just couldn't resist not sharing it with everyone! They are just so cute!


marianne said...

Oh but that's the fun part of blogging!
Thanks for sharing this!

Andrea and Kim said...

I think you are right! I like doing it, anyway! :)


Katiejane said...

Kim, I love that you stick a post in once in a while about your life. Art and life go together, don't you think. One begets the other.

Love the twins. I see deer in our yard pretty often, but never this young. Most of the deer I see have lost their spots.

Andrea and Kim said...

Well, thank you, Kate. It is funny, I love to hear about other people and what is going on with it plays into their art, but I am kind of uncomfortable telling about what is going on here. I think it is just shyness and kind of boring, you know? Everyone has all of these exciting lives in these really cool places.

I think these little guys are so cute. This year has been really something for the tiny fawns. I think part of it is because we don't have a dog to scare them away and we do have some forest floor for them to hide.

But speaking of ART....Hon! You are really cookin' in Ohio! Whoa! There is so me really wonderful stuff going on in your studio!

Thanks for stopping by!

indiaartist said...

I love to watch deers at my backyard who occasionally visit us. They just stand and stare when they sense our presence. I wonder what they think. We also have those elusive cayotee and numerous birds. It's a joy to wake up to their singing in the morning.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi India...

You are so right, they are amazing to watch and they do seem so thoughtful. Oh yes, those coyotes are something! We have quite a few fox here, but I have not seen coyote. Those birds...yes, gentle alarm clocks! :)

Thanks for visiting me today!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo!!!! It is always amazing to see such outstanding creatures!
That's actually sad in a way though. They are running out of places to go.
Thanks for sharing with us!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Angela!

I agree it is quite sad they have to live in places like this...but if it is not here, it might have to be where logging is going on or some other industrial area. Sad, isn't it? At least we have a bit of cover for them here.

I hope you are doing well....

~Babs said...

Looking out your window to these surprises!
Wonderful babies,,,thanks Kim!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs!

It was such a surprise to us, I can tell you!

I hope you have been well, Babs!

Thanks, so much!