Friday, July 18, 2008

Bab's Plant

As some of you know, Babs, who writes Off The Wall Arts, sent me these very cool seeds earlier this year. I planted them in this pot and protected the young plants from the deer who like to visit me. Right now, this is what these lovely plants look like. Babs posted some photos on her blog and mine is not looking as good as hers, but maybe it is the difference in our climates. Most likely it is the difference in the gardeners, though.
As you can see, this one is sending out shoots, so I am hopeful for those lovely purple flowers and purple seed pods. Don't you like the way this spirals?
Do you think this is a flower bud? Maybe it is more leaves. I don't know.
But I love these leaves...look at the great color combination. I am not a gardener, but I can say these seeds have pleasantly surprised with at least the foliage of these really cool seeds. Thanks so much Babs!

How does your garden grow? Your outside garden or your art garden.


Paula In Pinetop said...

My tomatoes have become a Steven King if they'll all just ripen. This year I planted all Romas so I could have sauce....we'll see.

I've got a couple of sad little characters in the garden but overall things are looking great.

Are those morning glories????

Unknown said...

Oh you have these lovely beans too? They are so beautiful, the nerves in the leafs are so delicately design, talk about nature the grand artist, I love the stems, deep brown-red, looks awsome with the light green and soft red on the leafs.
My garden on the balcony grows too, I planted flowers last year, who lasted the whole winter through, cause we had no real winter, and they came back with force, and some planted themselves again before they withered away, now I have tiny newcomers there to whom I speak in the morning,
love to you Kim

Andrea and Kim said...

Ohh, Paula...making tomato sauce sounds like a great idea. I am sure they will ripen since you have a longer season there. And if not, you can make green tomato sauce! LOL

These are from some bean seeds Babs sent me. I think they are called something like Bean Hyacinth or something. Apparently they will reseed themselves, but do better when the seeds are gathered. I hope I get seeds from these.

Good Luck with those Romas and the sauce!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea!

In some ways it is nice when plants reseed themselves. When we visit San Francisco, we see these plants growing profusely there which we see as houseplants in other parts of the country. It just doesn't freeze there and some plants grow big like trees! On-the-other-hand, I feel as though there is a lot of good to have cold weather as it kills other things which we don't wish to live...creating a greater balance in nature. But that is my own reality! You know?

Oh, I do hope I have some of the bean pods to get some seeds! I want to share the love, too!

~Babs said...

Kim, they're looking good!
I believe I planted mine earlier,,,but not sure.
I kinda doubt that is a bloom, mine aren't blooming yet,,,,but that vining, twining is just really fun to watch, I think.
Mine actually have climbed to the top of the iron piece, and I'm re-directing it.Kind of like kids,,,they can use a lot of redirecting.
You will have pods,,,plant and they'll come,,,,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim!
My Hyacinth Beans are about the same size as yours. Although I planted mine along a fence, amongst the garden plants.

Andrea and Kim said...

Do you think so, Babs? Well, I believe you! No blooms yet, uh? I really want some of those blooms and pods. See, I want to share the love just like you!

Redirection...okay, I am going to work on that to be sure!

I keep imagining all of the railing on my front porch being covered in this lovely vine...then all along the back of the house...along the deck, etc. And did I say I wanted to share the love, too? :) Look at what you started!

Thanks Babs!

Andrea and Kim said...

Cool Chewy! That sounds very beautiful!

There are just not places here to plant in the ground unless it is something larger...pots work better.

Thanks Chewy!

sukipoet said...

As Andrea noted, so do I. Love the colors of the stems and the veins in the green leaves. Also the twisty twiney nature of the bean hyacinth which i've never heard of. See, you have a green thumb after all, or is that paint?

sukipoet said...

PS I forgot to say. by some miracle my garden is doing great, considering i just threw stuff in like mad. The flowers are blooming like crazy, the herbs are growing and there are some big green tomatoes. But I always wonder if they'll get ripe. The garden is in morning shade, so I don't know.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

These really are the neatest plants!

It is clearly "paint" on my part. I didn't let the seeds touch my skin when I planted them and I have been able to move the pot to help it get more sun, when the area I had it became too shaded. So I think those two things have made a difference.

Ohh, I am glad your garden is growing well! My limited experience with tomatoes tells me there are always green tomatoes to be problem, because fried green tomatoes really are fantastic...and you can also make a great relish with green tomatoes. But I also know when they begin to turn, they all seem to come at one time! So get ready to enjoy some tomatoes! :) And I can't wait to see those flowers and herbs!

Thanks Suki!

Dianne said...

Hello Kim
Thanks so much for you lovely comments on my blog.
I must confess I was on your blog earlier today, but I was to shy to comment ( you have real artist here commenting..)
I'm a big fan of Cestandrea, I visit her blog often ( don't comment there either),
I love the interviews you have done so interesting and informative.
I absolutly love your woven paper, I will have to give it a try. Also like how you use a lot of rice paper which I love so will be trying some of it in my work.
Thanks so much for all the inspiration I found here and will be a regular visitor and will comment again. Your new work is so Klimt like I do really love it..
Thanks again Dianne
PS. Miss Ellis is one of my very favorite artist, my best friend and I got 2 of her pieces for my DS birthday on Sunday, can't wait for her to open her gift...

Andrea and Kim said...

Now Dianne! Don't be shy any longer...okay? I try to be a friendly sort! Here is the nice thing to know, have been lurking here and have found some inspiration. Don't you think there are some wonderful people here in art blogland? I sure do!

Oh, and you have given me so many kind words about the explorations I have done here...and it is very dear to my heart you find them inspirational and want to give some a try of your own. I love rice paper, too...and you should try the is really quite meditative.

And go post on Andrea's blog...she is such a dear and very, very sweet to be sure! She would love it!

Now I am going to hold you to returning here to comment again, okay? :)

Isn't Elis amazing? I, too, adore her work...and this new work she is doing...incredible. Please let me know how your DS LOVES her birthday gifts...she will be over the top!

Thanks So Much, Diane, for your lovely, lovely comment here.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I don't have a garden. *Runs and hides* I'm to scared to start one. Whenever I get a plant, I forget to water it and it dies. I do think that perhaps if a plant is taking longer to grow. Watch, it will probably be the most beautiful of all!!!! Just give it time. :) Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing with us!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Angela...usually plants run and hide from me, as well! Seriously. Typically, my husband does all of the plants around our house. All I have done is cut flowers before this. Babs has convinced me this one I could not kill. And you can far, so good! She has me really going with wanting these blossoms and seed pods, too.

I have to say, Angela, I am quite excited about this one!


San said...

Bennie's corn is doing famously. And since monsoon season is upon us, everything turned green almost overnight. The lavender has had a growth spurt and after the rains, it smells heavenly.

And in reference to your deer/wildlife post question: Coyote in the backyard eating fallen nuts from the Russian olive tree. Antelope spotted in the green belt!

And my personal taste of wild life: I went whitewater rafting on the Rio Grande!

Lynette said...

Kim, your bean plant is looking good too! I love those delicate little veined leaves and purple stems and next year I think I'm gonna try putting mine in a planter too. oooh I'm hoping for some of those lovely flowers and beanpods! I was out there this evening watering mine and digging weeds away.

Andrea and Kim said...

Ohhh, San! It sounds like things are really popping there on the high desert! Mmmm, corn and lavender!

I didn't know coyote ate the Russian Olive seeds/nuts. When we lived in Billings there were a lot of Russian Olive Trees...I loved them, but most of the locals were more into control of the plants.

Hey! I bet the rafting trip was great! Bet you saw some wildlife (of all sorts) along the way!

Thanks San!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Lynette!

Are you going to be transplanting them?

These are just the neatest plants...leave it to Babs!

I can't wait to see how they turn out! :)

Thanks Lynette!

Lynette said...

Kim, I was thinking that I would like to get in town and buy some good planting dirt and a pretty pot to plant my vine in, then take it up on the deck. I shoulda known how hard and dry the dirt was out on the fence. Plus, somehow the stems keep getting broke. Mine is still growing but she needs a better place to glad I saved some of the seeds Babs sent me just in case!

Andrea and Kim said...

That is cool, Lynette! You have a nice, long growing season down there and you just might be able to get it done this year! How cool would that be! I wasn't as smart to save back any seeds!

Please let us know how they do in the pots!

Thanks Lynette!