Monday, July 14, 2008

Wildlife or Wild Life!

My apologies for not making this an art post, but my daughter leaves tomorrow and my focus is in a different place today. Actually, my husband and son have taken the day off from their respective jobs, so we can have an additional family day! I hope you will understand and will also understand about the quality of these photographs. They were taken just before a storm late yesterday afternoon. I had to take them through a window and take them fast. This little guy has been kept under lock and key by his very protective mother, so when she allowed a little freer roaming, I did what I could on short order.

She had this precious little baby in the wooded area of our back yard. They have been there ever since. I am not sure about where she is getting water, though. I have caught a little glimpse of them both from time to time as they would venture forward for some grass in an area we are allowing to return to forest floor.

In this photo, s/he is looking back to encourage Mama to come a bit closer.
And in this photo, Mama agreed. Isn't it cute? When I see it, I don't dare hardly move, so taking these photos was a huge risk as Mama is very, very protective and would have sent Baby running for cover.

We all stood enthralled as they ventured close to the house (maybe within 10 or 15 feet) last night.

Are you having wildlife (of any kind) adventures? I will be returning to the wild life of art soon!

See you Wednesday!


sukipoet said...

Oh this baby is so sweet with his/her little spots. I hope you had a fabulous day with your family.

I have been enthralled by the turkeys. I may do a post about it soon so will save the stories for it. There are around 20 baby turkeys following three moms around. Oh now I wish I had a lense......Be well, Suki

~Babs said...

Hey Kim,
OH! Just look at that Mama and baby! How perfect,,,and how fitting they were there for this time,,,just as you've had your own little one back in the nest for a while. I know you've enjoyed every single second of it!
Really cool you could all have this extra day together.
Come back again soon little one(s)!
I've been painting my wildlife adventures, though not of Bambi.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

S/he is so very sweet! We have seen her/him again today and the Mama is moving a bit further from her/her. It is so interesting to watch...and it is so very sweet!

I can't wait to hear your turkey stories...I will be making my blog rounds soon...trying to catch up. :)

We are having a lovely day!

Thanks Suki!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs!

You are is so fitting! And I am having a great time watching this baby and Mama!

I can't tell you how much fun I have had the last two weeks with Elizabeth here. I am going to miss her and taking her to the airport tomorrow is going to be brutal, but I know she has lots of work to do right now...and it is nothing like taking her to the airport in London to move to NYC while we were in England! Yes, I will be eagerly waiting for her to come home again!...probably the holidays!

Oh Babs! You wild woman! I am eager to get to your blog and spend some time seeing what you have been working on!

I am so grateful for everyone's patience with me!

Thanks Babs!

Unknown said...

Kim , this is so beautiful, these animals are so wonderful and look frail, so cute the little one, thanks so much for sharing this, I imagine you all standing there and looking at the beauty of the scenery:)
Have a good day, even If I know that it is hurting to let someone fly away again:) hugs from Paris,

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Andrea!

You are right, we were all standing there at the window watching this little Mama and baby!

You are also right, it is a hard day for us all. There was even talk of extending the ticket, but she has a lot of work to do before her classes begin in about a month. But maybe the flight will be over booked... :)

Thanks Andrea!

Unknown said...

Kim, oh, that's a difficult day so, well, I'll send you another hug from here and hang on in there!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

This is so awesome. How fun this happened while your daughter was still there. What a great gift of life.
We have been seeing baby birds and that is awesome too.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea!

It has been a wild ride over the last 24 hours. Elizabeth did not extend her ticket, but volunteered to give up her seat and try again today! :) For her trouble, they gave her a free ticket anywhere in the lower 48 states good over the next year. They are over booking flights now, so this is the second free ticket she has gotten this year (another one when she was returning from a conference earlier in the year). Her godfather is getting married later in the autumn, so she hopes to come back for his wedding and this ticket will be helpful.

So we were up very late and up again early this morning.

Now I am trying to get blogger to allow me to upload photos for today's post! :(

I hope all is well with you in beautiful Paris!

Thanks so much!

Andrea and Kim said...

You are right, Cris...what a great gift of life. There sure seem to be a lot of baby birds around on the blogs these days, too.

It is amazing how these wild animals live in such urban areas! I suppose it shows who adaptable life really is!

Thanks Cris!

Lynette said...

Oh Kim, these are great photos of the mama and her baby! It amazes me that you could get that close without them bolting away. We've been watching a bunny and a squirrel visit our birdfeeders lately. I nicknamed them Bugs and Rocky. Have a great day with your family!

Andrea and Kim said...


It is amazing we could get that close, really. And that is part of the problem with the photos, too. I was really nervous about her pushing the little one back into the wooded area. She has been very protective.

Awe, a little bunny and squirrel, how sweet is that?

We don't feed anything here...I suppose it is our time in Montana which stops us from doing that (easy food for bears encourages them to come out of the mountains to populated areas). Our neighbor in England fed lots of birds and they were a HUGE joy to her when she could not get outside! It is not a bad thing in some locations to be sure.

Thanks Lynette!

Anonymous said...

A baby fawn, too cute.

I've been feeding almonds to a chipmunk. He brought a friend along yesterday, they filled their cheek pouches.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hey Chewy!

Well, last night they came much closer...right up to the edge of the deck and maybe 10' from me! But this morning....well, I will share that later!

Awe, aren't little chipmunks so cute? They just scurry around and gather things up so the one you have likes to share? Now how great is that?

Thanks Chewy!

marianne said...

Oh how precious!
We have also deer, but they are in our front yard. I rather see them like this .
We have two female and this autumn we will let a male visit them so we will have fawns next spring.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Marianne,

You have control over the deer so there are males you allow in and keep out? Wow! These are not contained in any way...they just show up. It is so precious to see the little fawns, isn't it?

When I first saw this one it was very tiny and I wasn't even sure I was right in what I saw! They are so cute!

Thanks for visiting me.

marianne said...

The deer were with the house when we bought it. But I prefer them in the wild. That's the way it should be. I don't like animals fenced in or in cages, but it has been like that for 35 years here and when I change it I will break many hearts here in town...............
Loved my visit Kim! See you around

Andrea and Kim said...

Wow Marianne,

I think after 35 years, they would not survive if you turned them out. That would be so sad! Yes, it is the way it should be for you, your town and these sweet animals.

I love having you here....

Yes, I will see you around!