Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shine On and Happy 4th

Over at San's blog, A Life With A View, a lot of sharing goes on. San always has a story to tell or a life experience which brings her art to life. And San's wonderful blog has people sending her all kinds of awards. With her recent post, she tells of grabbing this special image from another blog for herself. It was there for the taking for anyone who desires it. I thought the message and the image was really cute, so when San offered it up, I also grabbed it! So here it is for you...if you wish...just for the taking!

I hope you print it off to remind you how important it is to Shine On with your work!

As we enter into a holiday weekend here in the United States, I want to wish you A VERY HAPPY FOURTH! May you have the fun filled, inspirational and picnic filled time with the people you love.

I will not be posting later this week. I will be commenting, checking blogs and responding to email, though! So do not hesitate to leave your comments or to otherwise contact me.

Everyone have a great and creative weekend!


fiona long said...

I hope you have a wonderful day Kim, and everyone celebrating! It's a bit wet and miserable here today but I am tucked indoors painting so I'm going to have a good day too I feel! ;-)

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Fiona!

I am now eager to see what you are working on! You know I always felt the rain there gave me some of the best reason to spend time painting!

Have a Beautiful Day!

sukipoet said...

Kim hope you have a great weekend with your family. No plans here. Too bad we dont have a bbq thingy. I could bbq. Ah well, Suki

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, Suki!

You could get a little bbq...your mother would love it! A little something on the bbq, a nice salad and bread, a glass of wine and you have a feast! Or even some nice fish prepared in the oven...

I wish for you a little celebration - maybe just a day of creating. That is like a celebration, don't you think?

Thanks Suki!

~Babs said...

Have a great time Kim!

fiona long said...

Yes, and hearing the rain through my quiet back window is pretty magical. I'm hoping for thunder later!

I'm working on a painting of two yellow roses at the moment. A commission for a friend who is giving it as a wedding gift. I'll post a photo when it's eventually done.

Enjoy your picnic! :-)

Paula In Pinetop said...

I'll be away from my computer until next Monday. You will be missed and we'll catch up then. Have a fun and safe holiday !!!

Unknown said...

This is beautiful, so shine on Kim and happy fourth in America, and have fun at home with your loved ones and I send you my love from rainy (yes rainy today) Paris:)
Thanks for the beautiful image,

Andrea and Kim said...

Fiona, I think I only remember one crack of thunder the entire time we lived in the Forest! Lots of wind...which I adore...and misty rain, but very little thunder! :) I hope you get to hear some, too. I see where Andrea says it is rainy in Paris, too!

Your painting sounds do have a way with those roses and it will be a perfect wedding gift!

We will have a lovely time, I am sure...thanks so much!

Pop in and let me know how it is going.

Andrea and Kim said...

Paula, you will also be missed! I hope you are planning something lovely away from your computer!


Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you Andrea! I wish for you a lovely weekend there and clearing skies, too...Fiona says England is rainy, too!

We are very aware of the safety...and do plan accordingly.

Thanks My Friend!

Andrea and Kim said...


You have a lovely time, as were a sneak and slipped in on me!

I know your 4th is going to be a real blow out! :)


Lynette said...

Kim I hope you and yours have a wonderful, fun, safe and Happy 4th!!! I love that image too, and thanks to you and San for sharing her!

Andrea and Kim said...


Thank you! I hope you are planning a wonderful 4th, as well.

I am glad you like the image...enjoy it! She is kind of a cute little one, isn't she?

Happy 4th Lynette!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a happy 4th.

ssssssshhhhh... wzzzzzz... pop pop pop... BOOM!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Chewy!

I am not so sure how "loud" our 4th will be! :)

I hope your 4th is great fun, gets started off in a fun direction today, right?

indiaartist said...

Wish you a happy July the 4th.

Andrea and Kim said...


Thanks, you have a great weekend, too!

San said...

So glad you snapped up SHINE ON Kim!

You glow, and your blog is inspirational. I'm very glad to know you.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks So Much, San! I just love this little graphic and the message is really lovely. There are a lot of readers here who also deserve lucky are we to have this beautiful community of lovely people? I feel so blessed.

And thank you for your very kind words to me! (heart) And I am very honored to know you, San!