Friday, July 11, 2008

A Gallon of Soft Gel Medium

Do you recognize this tiny little sample? If you do, then you may have purchased some Golden Soft Gel (Gloss). This is the product I use when I glaze. So it may not come as a surprise to you I recently purchased a gallon of this particular medium. But there is a story about this gallon of medium.
Art Supply Warehouse (the online supply shop I use) was having a great $1 sale on some items, so it was the time to place an order. I am also signed up for emails from them and they had sent me a great coupon to use. So I worked on my order which included a gallon of this medium.

Normally, ASW gets the orders to my front door within 3 days or so. This time, because of the sale, it took a bit longer. When I received the order, however, guess what? There was not a gallon of Soft Gel Medium in Gloss included in the shipment! I was devastated, but emailed them to see if I misunderstood - thinking it might be arriving under separate cover. But I had read things correctly and they sent out the missing medium. Again, because of the sale, I had to wait longer than I normally would.

So while this was a long time arriving, actually getting it was no problem. ASW was very pleasant to work with, they were very kind about all of this and worked with me in the most professional way. I hope you have a source you like however, you might like to see what this particular company offers, if that is not the case. For me, their prices are good and as you can see they worked with me on this particular issue. So many times it is difficult to find companies who work with you so kindly when issues arise, so I really wanted to share this little story with you. While this is the way business should be conducted, it is not always done so.

Who is your favorite supply source? Do you order or use a local resource for your supplies?

I wish for you a wonderful weekend!

I also want to thank ASW and Golden Paint for the images used in today's post.


sukipoet said...

I used to use Pearl Paints a lot. Then someone sent me a fat Dick Blick Catalogue to thumb through and I've been using him. I have also at times ordered from ASW and Utrecht. I like it best when I can have a catalogue hard copy and so Pearl lost my business when they said I could have one, well really they said they switched to on line catalogue. Now, on the other hand I may be misremembering this and it was another company that switched only to on line catalgues. At any rate, glad your interaction with them worked out well. Have you gotten the gallon container opened? I ordered a gallon of matte medium, liquitex and have gotten it open but find the huge gallon not handy to work from so pour the stuff into a smaller, squirt container.

Up here there are about 3 "local" art stores. One in Keene (45 minute drive), one in Brattleboro(45 minute drive) and one in Northhampton (1 1/2 hour drive). A couple are good but expensive. There is also a Michaels.

San said...

Kim, there's a wonderful art supply store here called Artisan. We have had similar happy experiences with them. Example: we sold a large painting on gallery wrap canvas. We had noticed it was somewhat warped and took it to Artisan for re-stretching. Today they called to tell us the re-stretching would be extremely inexpensive since they'd noticed the painter's signature on the back. "He buys a lot from us. We're not positive he purchased this particular canvas here, but he may have and we take responsibility."

I buy canvas and paint there too. Great selection and great customer service. And I also frequent one of the national chains, especially since their CEO bought one of my paintings!

~Babs said...

What an unbelievable bargain, those mediums are usually like buying liquid gold!
I've been using gift cards to our local art supply, as I received many of those when I retired.
(do people know me, or what!)
I only have a few dollars left, and then you can bet I'll be checking them out. I did look briefly at their mats just now, and they didn't have what I was looking for, but haven't looked at the whole site. Yet.
Thanks Kim!
And a great weekend to ya!

sukipoet said...

Kim that's funny. I left a long comment y'day on this. Well, will return and comment again although guess it could just be that you havent had time to post the comments yet.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

While I have a local Plaza Arts Shop and a large Utrecht downtown, I still prefer buying from an online source. If I go to Utrecht, I take the Metro, then I have to haul all of the things back on the train. I sometimes go to Plaza if I need things quickly, but for large orders I wait for a coupon and order from ASW. They do send me a hard copy catalog.

And you know, I do think I will put the medium in a smaller container. I will be using this for the glazing, so I make that up to use as I need it in a container which holds about a pint.

Oh I can imagine it is difficult to get to the local shops up there. But sometimes it is worth it just to go and touch things. The other thing I have found is that sometimes the local shops will have some items in smaller quantities which you might be able to try for newer products.

Thanks So Much Suki!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello San,

I am sure in Santa Fe the art supply resource must be fantastic! Artisan sounds great...and what a great story to tell about the service they provide. I say it is always worth it to stay with a company who will go above and beyond where service is needed! And to have a shop who knows both the gallery and the artist...well, how great is that?

And it is a good reason to frequent the larger chain, since the CEO purchased one of your paintings...a very good reason to keep up with them! Now, how can I get that to happen with my work? Mmmm...guess I am going to have to open a gallery! :) (just kidding)

Thanks San!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs!

Yes, it is true ASW's regular prices are very good. Then when you sign up for the mailings, you get those coupons, etc. and can get great deals. Many times I have gotten things for less than 1/3 the retail price.

I have never bought framing/matting supplies from ASW, but I do know they carry the floater frames I like so well. So this may be in the future for me. You also might ask them about them...

I would say your clients know you very well, Babs! How lovely would that be to be able to pop in and pick up some supplies as gifts from your clients.

Let me know when you order from them...I wonder how long it will take for it to arrive in OKC (also you can ask Lynette about her experience with this company).

Thanks Babs!

Andrea and Kim said...


My apologies! This was entirely my fault. Yesterday was an extremely busy day and I did not get to the computer at all. I know the feeling of thinking all of the long comment has been lost...again, my friend, I apologize to you!


sukipoet said...

Kim no need to be sorry. I understand completely. Also, glad i didnt type over the comment. San's experience about the re-stretching is pretty incredible. Nice guys in that art supply store. I do go in the "real" store on occasion. The store in Northampton has super handmade papers which I really prefer to see and touch in person. Plus there is the momentary impulse buying that can happen in a real store. :)

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki, thanks for your understanding. I am also glad you didn't type the comment again, too.

Isn't that a wonderful story about the shop in Santa Fe? I do agree completely. And I also really love local shops, too...especially when they are really local.

Oh, your shop in Northampton sounds perfect for you with the handmade papers! There isn't quite anything like touching papers and other materials, is it? Some of the online shops do provide some sample books which are also interesting for some materials...such as canvases.

Thanks Suki!

Martha Marshall said...

I like ASW for their prices and their service. They've been friendly on the phone to me as well, and quickly fix things if there's a question or problem with an order.

I haven't tried every single gel that Golden makes, but it is my goal to do so. They are so much fun to work with!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Martha,

It is great to hear you have also had great service from ASW! That makes me feel extra good about using them.

Oh, how good is that to have a goal to use every single medium Golden that is something I have not thought of. What a great challenge to give yourself.

Thanks for the visit, Martha. I am barely keeping up with the comments here right now, but I will visit you soon!

Anonymous said...

I usually just get my supplies from the local Michaels arts and crafts store. I have been thinking of ordering them online though so this is actually a wonderful post for me. THANKS! I will look them up and add them to my favorites. I use Golden alot as well.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Angela,

It is lovely to hear from you. If you choose to order from ASW, I recommend you sign up for their newsletter and coupons. It saves so much more. Even their regular prices are quite good.

Let me know if you like them!

Thanks Angela!