Thursday, September 25, 2008

Creative Gifts

Here is another little bookmark for you today. This one was just a doodle on watercolor paper with a plain old blue ink pen. I have been really busy with a lot of things here lately, but thought maybe you would enjoy this.

I have been watching for some article somewhere to catch my eye to share with you, however even the articles lately haven't been that exciting. There was an announcement this morning about Life Magazine beginning to post their archive of incredible photographs online. Now that is exciting.

I really would love to get back to the studio, however I only seem to have these snippets of time and am looking for big blocks. Maybe I need to pull out the sketchbook and find another faster form of creativity. The problem is my creativity has never been one of those speedy things. Oh well, I will find something. Of course, I am completely open to ideas. How does it work for you? Do you need larger blocks of time to be able to express your creative side?


sukipoet said...

Kim, I hope you get a block of time soon. Much needed I'd think. For writing I needed, back when I did it regularly, at least 3 hours. For painting, I like two hours at least. Not sure if you consider that a big block though. For bookbinding, I can break the process into parts thus can do a half hour part and set it aside for time to do another step in another half hour block. If I am creating collage greeting cards I can lay out twenty cards lets say, and scraps of paper and just leave them there and come in at the odd moment and play with the layouts for a short time and then leave and come back later etc.

Thanks for the doodle bookmark. Ah, for reading, I like an all day block. :)

Sandra Evertson said...

Love this, Thank You!

Andrea and Kim said...


I think we are similar in our needs. While I don't bookbind or do the art cards, I do need hours as opposed to minutes for the work I do.

For reading...I would love all day, but find an hour or two before I go to bed has to be what I get.

I am glad you like the bookmark! I know you enjoy reading so too!

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Sandra! I am so glad! Enjoy! I am eager to check out your blog now. I will be by before too long!

Thanks for visiting and for leaving a comment!

Wurzerl said...

Dear Kim, I like your harmonious bookmark. Time to do creative things is always a problem for me because if I have an idea to write a fairytale or to paint a Chinese painting I take whole the time to do it in one way. Very often I take time I don' t have really for this but no matter, if I have the idea and the mood I must do it, because it' s a chance to do a good thing!
Have a great weekend Wurzerl

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Wurzerl!

I would not say it is a problem for you to be creative, because look at your incredible garden! It is SO CREATIVE!

But you sound as though you are like me in that it is something which takes time and you get stuck into doing it. When I have to pull myself away, I get a bit disoriented for a time.

I hope you will share some of your Chinese paintings or your fairytales...or tell where we can see/purchase them.

I totally understand, when it is there before you it is important to absolutely go forward and do it.

And what a lovely is a chance to do a good thing!

Thanks Wurzerl for visiting me today. I always look forward to your beautiful comments which make me think a lot!

Katiejane said...

Well, you know how I do it: during dinnner breaks, for winding down just before going to bed, snapping photographs, and surfing other people's blogs. Good luck! Oh, and occasionally slipping into the bookstore to sip a coffee and thumb through inspirationally creative magazines that I have absolutely no intention of buying!

Andrea and Kim said...


Amazing! I applaude you for being able to work so quickly and get in and out of your creative frame of mind in a moment's notice!

LOL...been there with you at the bookstore!

Thanks Kate!

Anonymous said...

It's easier to do little bits and pieces here and there when you're able to leave all your work equipment out somewhere, so it's ready at all times. I can only do this however if I've already started on something, so it's already 'up and rolling.' Sometimes when I'm cooking dinner, I run up and down stairs putting a little touch here, a little touch there, but curse myself everytime I think I've finished for the day and pour the water away and wash the brushes! I need more discipline!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the bookmark, I printed it on somewhat thicker paper and cut it out and now it's in my Moleskine that I take with me everywhere.:)
As an answer to your question:
how many time did it take you to do this onelinefantasy-bookmark? :)
But I can relate to this, although I have learned that sometimes these periods of time where one has only "snippets' of it, can last longer than planned. And then we are in a tight spot! And then there is nothing but a sketchbook and doodling, even if it is for seconds and even if, what we are doodling, does look like nothing to us. I have found that if later, when I have another snippet of time, I colour the doodles with watercolour, it makes them precious and lifts them up !
Because if we wait for bigger blocks of time, perhaps we get bloqued. Doodles unblock...

Andrea and Kim said...

Awe Andrea....that is so great. I had not thought of this before, but the neat thing about printing these out is you can make them the right size for your needs.

You know, I know you are right about this doodling. I really need to do more of that. I do enjoy it and it would probably be the best thing for me during times of hoop jumping.

As far as the time it took me to do this particular bookmark...well, I would say several times of picking it up and working on it. Clearly the continuous line was done at one time, but the fill took several ranging from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

This is my new mantra..."Doodles Unblock"

Sometimes I just need a good talking to, Andrea...someone who can take me by the shoulders and give me a good shake! Thank you for keeping me on a good path here! I am taking your advice.


Unknown said...

Kim you are welcome, I know you give the (gentle) shake back to me, when I need it!

Andrea and Kim said...

Well, I am glad it all goes both ways!

marianne said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks again for the bookmark. These are cool gifts!
As for your question....... Mostly I need some time and peace and quiet but sometimes I can create something very fast (like my autumn mandala). But to work on a birthmandala I need at least a few hours a day, I like to finish the circle I started.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne,

You are ever so welcome. I am glad you like them.

Time along with appropriate environment and state of mind. I get that completely. Although Andrea has encouraged me to continue to doodle all the time and for me I know she is so right.

When I paint, is clearly I absolutely must have large chunks of time to work.

Thanks Marianne!

I hope you have a nice weekend!

sukipoet said...

Kim, one of my favorite quotes from Alberta and Freedom is "Until life seized her by the scruff of the neck and gave her a good shaking."

Andrea and Kim said...


You know that is one of my favorite from that book, too. I still have the other one to read, but have finished "...Freedom" Which I also love.

colorspeaker said...

I LOVE this piece! I am really enjoying your blog today-from your artwork to the photos, and, as always, your commentary.
Really fun. Good work!!

Andrea and Kim said...

Awe, thanks Julianne! I am glad you are enjoying your visit here today...I know what that is like because when I come to see your new works, I always play around there, too! :)

Thanks Sweet Friend!