Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Playing Around...

This is a quick shot...clearly not centered and not well lit...of one of the things I have been doing in my studio. Yes, I even threw some paint on the wall...but I had not painted that room on purpose and will have to prime it anyway (wallpaper).

I seem to do this. When I have been out of the studio for a while, I tend to want to do something which is poured or thrown rather than brushed. I wonder why that is? This is actually a bit of all three (poured, thrown and brushed). First it is a canvas which was painted before, and I wasn't crazy about it at all. So I painted over the original with Paynes Grey and allowed some of the paint from before show through. Then I poured some paint (pinks, lavenders, blues). Once that dried...took a while...I mixed some pearl acrylic with some of the clear glaze of which I have become so fond and painted that over the whole thing. I did this 4 times...once vertically, once horizontally and in two different oblique directions. The last thing I have done here is to pour and throw the same colors over the dried pearl effect.

What techniques appeal to you when you have been away from your studio for some period of time? Do you paint over or use parts of previous works you are not pleased with? By chance would your studio wall be reminding you of a Pollock?

I have no idea where this is going, if it goes anywhere. But I thought why not show you messes, too. It is all acrylic on a 30" x 40" canvas.


~Babs said...

Well, I LOVE this Kim!

I always am drawn to the 'happen-chance', haphazard,serendipitous
works that evolve so quickly.
And I love the colors,,,,they're workin so well together.
Oh yeah,,,,I know all about that wall. I don't often use an easel, unless it's a table top one,,,,,always canvas propped against the wall, especially for large work,,,,and mine looks like a Pollack gone south.
I can see the Paynes in your background,,it's such an all around great staple color.
And yes,,,,I always paint over something previously painted that I don't like. I call them my P.U.K.'s,,,which is much more fitting than Previously used canvas, dontcha think?
Good job, girl!

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Babs! You have me laughing so hard tears are running down my face! P.U.K.'s indeed! I LOVE THAT! Girl, you have quite a way with words...and I adore it!

I bet your wall looks great...get in there and take a close up of the splatters, etc...probably looks really great in a photo!

Yes, I do agree with the Paynes. And I am glad you think these colors and playing are working here. That is a tremendous complement from an artist I truly admire.

Thanks Dear Friend! PS I am still laughing my head off here.

sukipoet said...

I love this painting too. The red, looks like daggers with dripping blood. (I read a lot of mysteries). This post reminds meof a video I saw in which they showed an artist in a RENTED apartment who hung his canvases on the wall to paint. He had lived there for some time. The wall was thick with paint. It was unbelievable. They said his landlady knew about this, but zounds.

Babs, you must have been a great hairdresser and just amused your clients so much with your wild sense of humour.

I rarely paint over. Dont know why.

San said...

It's gorgeous, Kim! Your action painting is successful. It feels cohesive despite how arbitrary the direction of the paint may have felt to you when you were letting it throw you.

Andrea and Kim said...

Suki, I bet that was some video to watch! What a great landlady...the others who live in this house are having some problems with this issue...mainly the guy I call my husband (scientists are like that sometimes).

I have to agree with you about Babs! I wish I knew she was cutting hair when we lived in OK, because I would have driven down there for the experience. I suppose we have the closest thing to a virtual hairdresser that anyone can have, though! Only we might be luckier - we get the artist, too. :) have your own ways of dealing with changes! Right? Think of how you add and subtract from the wax collages. Anyway, it is important to balance the change have plenty happening there.

Thanks Suki!

Andrea and Kim said...

Ha! San! You are right! That paint was absolutely throwing ME...right back into my studio.

Thanks So Much for Your Kudos! I really appreciate your insights, too.

And you know what? Many people have really loved these paintings of pouring and throwing. I get more positive comments from outsiders (not artists, but others) about how much they like them. Mmmmm, maybe I should be doing mor. Of course, there are those here in this house (you know that scientist who loves controlled environments) who are not all that fond of them. Gee, everyone is a critic! :)

Thanks San!

Unknown said...

Kim, this is interesting, it looks like a bit of creative rage looking for it's center....:)
Sometimes, when I have been out of the studio for some time, I have to do doodle-mess, or throwing colours together until everything gets murky. And I do paint ober previous work, when it comes to Acrylics. But only after the things have been standing in the "corner of shame" (LOL) for a long that I'm sure that I want them to develop into something completely else, and think that the layers underneath are like the bone-structure of the new painting...
PS haven't been able to post cause I treated myself to a nice session at the hairdresser (after a year of abstinency:)

Unknown said...

PPS: I only now read that part about Babs beening a hairdresser:)

And the bit about the PUK's :):):), now may I adopt this too? (LOL)

~Babs said...

You guys are too much.
(Taking a bow)
Actually, we hairdressers always say that the clients we draw are most always of the same type personality. I did indeed have a lot of fun with 'my peeps'.Many were with me for 26 years. We laughed a lot,,,they entertained ME mostly! Kim, I'd have loved cutting your hair, I'm certain,,,as everyone here,,you guys are lots of fun too, and make my day! Andrea,,,,of course you can adopt that term,,,I feel it's fitting, HA!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
Looks like you really broke loose on this one. I used to get paint on the wall all the time, when I had my own apartment. Then I turned to pouring paint onto canvas in my shower stall. (sssh! don't tell my landlord) I rinsed the spills down the drain.

Andrea and Kim said...

Ohh Andrea! How nice to spend a bit on some delightful time at the hairdresser recently. I tell you I could really go with a good head massage about now... that sounds pretty darn good.

Oh, I like that..."creative rage looking for its center" Well, I wasn't aware of any rage, but then again I very well could have been dealing with that in some any rate I think it helped.

It is interesting how you feel you have to just make a murky mess with the paint when you have been away for a bit of time. I think it is the same thing and maybe it is rage at not getting to do some of the things I want to do.

So you like to use the base painting when you paint over acrylics...yes, that I like to do, too. I sometimes have to leave these in the corner of shame for some time and at other times I get rid of the "problem" right away! :)

That Babs is a real piece of work, isn't she? How she comes up with these things I will never know, but I am very glad she does...and shares them with us!

Yup...Babs was a color specialist hairdresser, but I understand she could hold her own with a pair of scissors, too! ;)

Thanks Andrea!

Andrea and Kim said...

Babs, I think you should come right on out again and do another curtain call! Come on...this is what celebrities have to do!

Well, you know I can understand how that would make sense. If I go and get my haircut, I want to enjoy the experience that is for sure. I also go when the salon opens the first day of the week, because all of the chemicals have been cleared out and I don't have a lot of problems with asthma after that...important to me :)

Thanks Babs...I would have loved for you to cut my hair!

Don't forget to take that other bow!

Andrea and Kim said...

Chewy! What a great idea...I would try that, but the only tub where I can do that is my sons...the other one is a spa tub and the showers have tile...I would rather paint the wall than re-grout. But, believe me, I will absolutely remember this!

You are right...I was really trying to break back into my groove!

Thanks Chewy!

Lynette said...

Wow Kim, at first I thought it looked like the paint was suspended in midair, taking flight, because I couldn't see the background...just all that lovely lively paint!
psst, tell Babs I need a haircut really, really bad LOL! Also, my husband made a comment today that I was getting silver up there. Every time I color my hair, it makes my head break out and I swear I won't do it again but always do. :(

Andrea and Kim said...

:) Hey, that is cool. I am thinking that is the pearl glaze over the paynes.

Okay, we will see Babs gets the message. LOL My husband has been away for 3 weeks. He will be home today and I know he is going to comment the same way. Lynette, check out "Herbatint" color. I have big problems with traditional colors...and big time with the ones salons use. But this brand works well for me. Just do a search for it to get an idea. Let me know if you try it.

Thanks Lynette!