Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Autumn Picnic

Happy First Day of Autumn! And if you remember, today we are having a blog picnic. If you are participating, you are to post photos of what you choose to bring to the picnic to share with everyone else.
Andrea had a lot going on today, so I am also posting her contribution to the picnic. She has brought along these wonderful French Macaroons. Aren't they beautiful? You can see she is sharing four different flavors...Citron (Lemon), Pistache (Pistachio), Fraise (Strawberry) and Cassis (Black Currant). Don't they look delicious?

So I thought I would bring along something to go with these wonderful French Macaroons. How about a Cafe au Lait (coffee with milk)?

Sorry this really only comes in one flavor, but you can add sugar or honey if you wish. And if it is cool where you are, someone will bring a lovely blanket where you can cuddle up and enjoy this bit of sweetness and a smooth hot beverage.

So as you visit your favorite blogs today, make a note of all the lovely things people will be bringing to this world wide blog picnic!

Isn't this a beautiful way to begin a season...not to mention the week?


Unknown said...

Oh Kim, that is sooooo great, thanks so much for posting my picture and thanks for the coffee:):), which goes so well with the macarons...what a lovely afternoon (morning for you), hmmm !!! Autumn began with sunshine this morning but now it is overcast (I mean lots of clouds no sun) well. I hope you do have sunshine,

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea! You are so welcome...thanks for the macaroons! Yummy, yummy, yummy! It is a beautiful morning here...I think maybe that is why I thought of the coffee with the macaroons :) Right now it is sunny and a tiny bit cool...although I love it. Later today we are suppose to be a little bit warmer. So far, they are telling us it will be sunny until the weekend...fine with me.

Thanks again for the macaroons, Andrea! They are lovely...I think I would like either the Cassis or Citron ones the most! I am such a lover of currants...although we don't get a lot of them here in the US.


Unknown said...

Hi Kim:) We had those macarons yesterday cause a friend brought them, whom I invited for "galettes de maïs" , little corn-pancakes which I make regularly (the only thing I really take time to cook these days:) with green salad and then we had the macarons, I loved them all, but the pistaches-flavour was a little too sugary for my taste, the others all had this special soft acidity which just makes them YUMMMY:)
Oh and: MOL has announced on Saturday that she'll come along (unforeseen) tomorrow...for 4 days, so I have to work in the living room and am behind! (well that's definitely not HER fault but everything always arrives at the same time:) LOL: being behind plus MOL = stress,

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh these "galettes de mais" sound quite good. Yes, I can imagine the pistaches would have been sweet, for some reason. Like you, I prefer the ones with the slight acidity...that would give them a more fresh/less heavy taste, right?

Oh! You are kidding? Andrea, this is not what you need to have her come right now, but at least it is just for 4 days, right? I know you handle her well and it is JL who has the most difficult time with her...which, in the end, probably makes it the more difficult for you. Am I reading that right? I hear you, Sweet Andrea!

Sending Hugs!

Unknown said...

YES you are reading that right! I am just glad that I have the possibility to hide behind the computer screen and talk to my friends here:)

Andrea and Kim said...

I am glad for that, too! Gee, how did I know this was the case? LOL

marianne said...

Oh Kim,
A cup of coffe is just what I need now!
I have been meeting a lot of new people and tasting all kind of things!
How clever of you to think of the coffee!
I´ll end my picnic here with you and the coffee!
Thanks my friend
hug >M<

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Good Marianne! I am glad the coffee is just what you need, right now! :)

This has been so much fun, Marianne. I am so glad you introduced me to this grand day of picnicking!


Katiejane said...

P.S. I suppose I am bringig LIGHT to the picnic!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Autumn began with cold and drizly weather. Oh and leaves falling. so that coffee and those macarons look mighty good for this kind of weather. :)

Andrea and Kim said...

Kate, I think LIGHT is a perfect thing to bring to a picnic! Without a doubt...and I hope that means (along with this comment) you have some lights back on at your house!

I hope so...

Andrea and Kim said...

Wow, cold and drizzly...I would say that is absolutely coffee or tea and macaroons weather!

Thanks Cris!

sukipoet said...

What a fun picnic contribution. Yum. Well, I didnt get combobulated fast enough to post a picnic treat y'day. So I didnt get to taste these delicious macarons which I have never tasted but seen a lot on the internet. And a cup of coffee, though I don't drink coffee and maybe will have a cup of tea, would be wonderful. Tee hee. glad you all had fun at your picnic.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki, I missed you while you were away having so much fun! But I knew you were so happy and that made me feel happy for you.

So no problem, I love tea, I will make tea any time at all (well, I do prefer it cold when it is hot outside...but I prefer coffee cold when it is hot outside, too).

Don't worry about the picnic...I think you had great fun without this side trip!

Hugs! PS How did your mother get along?

Unknown said...

Kim, just wanted to wish you a good, calm day with lots of insight, sunshine and no stress!

PS I'm listening to Aimee Mann right now, like her music very much...

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Andrea...crazy times to be sure! I am working on that no stress and insight part... sunshine is lovely. There are just so many changes for everyone here right now. But I guess that is the way it is with a lot of people.

I am going to have to look up Aimee Mann...maybe a good download will be a good thing.

Thanks Andrea...I really appreciate your visit so much. I will get back with you otherwise in a little while. I will also be doing a new post here later today. I just have a few things to get to first. I know everyone gets that!

Sending Hugs...and Thanks Again!