Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Finally Found It...

I did not plan to post today, but now I can't resist.

First of all, this is a little gift to you. I did a few of these when I was in Montana as bookmarks. You can print this and use it as a bookmark if you like. If you print it on watercolor paper it will be stable enough. I used Inktense Pencils for these little doodles.

Now, what I am so excited about... You might remember some months ago I asked if anyone knew of an easel which would expose the edges of a canvas and would turn to give access to not only the front of the canvas, but also the edges. I had seen these used on a BBC show called "Art School" several years ago. Well, I have found that easel! It is called the Windmill Easel! And that is just how it works, too! If you visit this site, you can see some videos and an explanation of how it works.

While I am not sure it is currently in my budget, I plan on exploring them further. Anyway, I feel very excited to have found this product. I had written Chelsea College of Art in London (as that is where the program was filmed), however I did not hear back from them. So this was a great treat for me.

Does anyone own one of these easels? Do you like it? Does it work as it is supposed to work? Do you think it looks like a good product? Would you like to own one?


Unknown said...

Kim I love this, it is magical and I see a native American wrapped in his poncho facing a castle in clouds, I love the colours and the dark sky, and it looks like a European castle which sets a contrast...

Andrea and Kim said...

Awe, thank Andrea! I am glad you like it. That is kind of the way I saw it, too. There are artists here who do these kind of images and I felt moved to put my spin on it...that is a castle...a mountain castle! And in my mind, that is the way the Native Americans see the mountains.

Thanks Andrea!

sukipoet said...

I am very drawn to this painting. It seems so spiritual and peaceful. I don't know if I can put watercolor paper thru the printer. I guess i could try or maybe you can adjust the printer somehow. Thank you so much Kim for sharing your image and memories of Montana with us all.

So cool that you found your easel. I'll check out this link soon. Maybe the christmas fairy will bring you one????? Namaste, suki

Andrea and Kim said...

Awe, thanks Suki. If you have an ink jet printer, you should be able to put a light watercolor paper through it fairly easily. Andrea is the one who told me about doing that and it does work well. I am glad you like it.

Awe, I do hope the Christmas Fairy can find the fund for this one...I am thinking, though, he is thinking of paying some tuition bills - a very, very worthy gift from the Fairy!

Thanks Suki!

marianne said...

Hi Kim,
I read this post before I left home, but had no time to react.
Very interesting post!
Love the indian woman! So beautiful.
The links were great.
Just as I thought I had everything my heart desired comes the easel and the colorpencils!!!!!!!
Are these pencils really much different than normal watercolor pencils? I use supracolor from Caran Dache.

Andrea and Kim said...

I am glad you like the woman...she has some friends here, too :)

Sorry for tossing the wet rag on your thoughts of having everything. The easel is one of my dreams. I love the idea of putting my paintings on it and leaving them until they are done...and there is not that issue with painting the edges and having them stick somewhere because I was so eager to move on.

The pencils I have talked about here before...probably before you began reading. They are made by Derwent and the colors are more intense...more like ink than watercolor. The part I like about them is when they dry, they are permanent unlike watercolor. I really prefer them, but I am sure it is an individual choice. I think you could also use them together with watercolor pencils.

Have fun exploring!