Monday, September 15, 2008

Pondering the Light

I thought you might like to see the results of a painting I have been working on lately. While I still would like to add some glazing, I thought it would be easier to photograph without that added light reflection.

Pondering the Light
30" x 40" Deep, Gallery Wrapped Canvas

This is a detail of Pondering the Light which includes the edge.

So what have you been working on lately? Have you had much time to spend in your studio? I have been in and out a bit more this past week, but still would like to spend more time in there...I just can't seem to find the space to work on a lot of canvases at a know while one is drying kind of thing. Anyone have suggestions for dealing with this issue?


sukipoet said...

Hi Kim. I love to look at the squiggles and dots in this new painting. It's black, no? Sometimes hard to tell. Very nice. How you can make those little lines so smoothly is beyond me. You must have a steady hand.

Can you hang the wet paintings on the wall on a nail? I often do that. Hope you get into the studio again soon.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

You know I had a great time with those squiggly lines. It is paynes gray with a bit of blue added. I agree with you it is often difficult to tell. I used black for a long time, but have really started using the paynes gray most of the time, now.

No, I don't have a steady hand. This is a brush with very long, loose bristles (which really don't bristle, but flop). I don't know what you call it, but I find it holds a nice quantity of paint and allows for just this type of playful stroke. Do you know what kind of brush that is called?

I would love to be able to hand those wet paintings on the wall, but I am out of wall space! LOL The back half of my room is also my library, so I have tall bookshelves along two walls and art things on the other two! Between the books and the painting, I am running out of space...and fast! But it is a good idea...thank you, Suki!

~Babs said...

Hey Kim,,As large as these paintings are, I'm sure you ARE out of wall space.
I think the brush you referr to is a 'Rigger'. I have a few,,,they come in all sizes,,,and they do hold a lot of paint. You wield it well!
I love Payne's,,,,and I've used the last of mine,,,will have to remedy that!
Is the lighter color a gold? It appears an off white on my screen, but that can be so deceptive.
Anyway, it's motion filled fun, and very decorative!

Andrea and Kim said...

Ahhh, thanks Babs! A 'Rigger'...that is what I was looking for. I usually just pick them up and use them as opposed to thinking about what they are called :) I would probably behoove me to learn these things, however. Thank you for the kind words about my use.

Yes, Paynes Gray is really appealing to me these days. I just ordered another big supply (which should arrive today). ASW has a good sale plus an additional 20% could I resist?

The lighter color is actually silver. I should have said that...sorry.

Thanks Again, Babs, for your kind words...they are very meaningful from such a wonderful artist.

Unknown said...

Kim, this is as if one was sitting in a pitch-dark and empty and lifeless room and trying to see, and suddenly this light is bringing life, with the continuing line of white-and-blue dots and the dancing and interrupted but moving slim white flashes. Birth of light. It is beautiful.

Andrea and Kim said...

Andrea, that is just what I was trying to accomplish. I try hard to keep my paintings as positive as I possibly can. As you may or may not know this country is having some fairly serious issues right now and I was thinking about what kind of message I could make about "seeking the light in the darkness". This is what came up. It is subtle, but I think the lightness and energy is there.

The paint which appears white is silver. I should have said that, but forgot. I am not too good with promoting my paintings, am I? I need to focus more on that. Think about these stories which go with them.

But that is also how the blog helps all draw these stories out. :)

Thanks Andrea!

San said...

Light is a wave. Light is a particle. You've caught the concept beautifully, Kim.

I work on one canvas at a time. With a vengeance and obsessively until it's "done." I'm not good at having several in progress, although I really admire those who do that.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, San!

I probably need to do just at a time! What happens with me is I become so involved in the process I have trouble giving paint the time to dry completely and sometimes make a mess of things because the acrylic is tacky...not usually the texture I want. Maybe I just need to take the hint and learn more patience!

Thanks Again, San!

Unknown said...

Kim, so the light paint is silver! That is great cause I imagine that it even adds more light to the whole image that white. And I think you visualized your feelings and ideas in a very subtle and delicate way!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, Andrea, for your very kind words!

You know I have been playing a lot with more "reflective" paint lately. Adding a bit of inference here and there, using silver or copper and the pearl effect is truly exciting. And, of course, you know I love the layers of clear glazing which adds almost a glass effect.

I honestly think it is my need to balance the environment where I I said before, the US can really do with some "light" at the moment. :)

Thanks Sweet Andrea!