Friday, September 5, 2008

Mobile Art and Looking Forward...

Since I am moving slowly back into my life here at home, I thought I would share with you some of the bits of "mobile art" I did while I was away. I did not have paint with me when in Montana, but I did take paint when I went to Vermont (easier to take paint when you drive).
This is a 10x10 inch canvas. I had a very limited number of paints with me, so I was bound to using what I had. That was fun, though. I did have to purchase titanium white, if you remember I did forget that one. I have no idea what this is about. There is a part of me which thinks it may be a response to all of the green in Vermont as well as the hint of those fabulous colors of the autumn maple leaves.

Sorry about the skewed photo of this canvas. I really need to set myself up again and get some good photographing done. This is a 10x12 inch canvas. I have to say I very much missed working large and think that must be the movement difference. Can you see that here? I think I really wanted to dance. Again, I was limited to the paint I had on hand there and this is something which came out on it's own.

I did a lot of doodling and worked with the inktense pencils and charcoal while I was gone. I will share some of those as time goes on. Hopefully, next week, I will be able to find a bit of time to get back into my studio...I hope so, anyway.

Do you think the autumn will provide you some additional time for your art?

Have a Great Weekend!


sukipoet said...

Kim thanks for sharing some work you did while on the road. The top painting is so vibrant. It feels to me like car lights at night on the road zooming. The second looks like a beautiful design for some fabric. Love the energy of both of these. I related to what you say about working small. I stretched a 9x12 canvas and was trying to paint on it today and getting so frustrated, I think because it was so small.

Hope you can get into your studio soon. Its a great place to be, eh? Hard to know what autumn will bring. I do hope it brings more artwork arising for me. My brain feels so much like mush, hard to think beyond right now.

Be well, Suki

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

Thank you for your kind words and insightful thoughts about these small bits I did.

I honestly do struggle with smaller works. I love to kind of dance around when painting my large pieces. I have some of those to show you, too, but I really do have to get the camera set up and spend a day photographing.

I also hope I get into the studio soon. It seems as though one thing, then another comes up for me to take care of. Right now, we are supposed to be getting ready for a lot of rain which is to begin tonight.

You know I completely understand the mush brain...maybe that is also what I have going on here!

Thanks Suki and have a Great Weekend!

Katiejane said...

Kim, I love the blue one. I agree with Suki, in that it makes me think of fabric with a lovely embroidery-stitched band. So pretty. And the red one looks fast; like you did it out the car window! LOL

I hope you find your groove this weekend.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kate,

Awe, appears to be far more controlled than the first one, so I am not surprised you like it more and think it is pretty...thank you, Kate.

I have not thought of doing that...putting paint on a canvas and then stick it out the car window as we were driving along. Now I don't think my husband would be happy with the paint flying around the outside of the car. Darn...that is a good idea, though. I have put canvases under the shower, though...but I think a lot of people have done that! :)

I am working on that groove!

Thanks Kate!

Lynette said...

Kim, I love the warm colors and soft blending in your first painting and also that intricate design in the second one, both of these look great! I am looking forward to fall and all the fun holidays coming up. I really get more of a creative urge to paint in the fall and winter seasons.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Lynette, know what is interesting? When I show things like these, I can guess who is going to like which ones. Isn't that funny? Do you do that, too?

I am glad you like these. I really love the first one, too.

You love the little paintings, do you ever have the need to paint large?

Thanks Lynette

Unknown said...

kim they are wonderful, the first one reminds me very very quick little fishes, or thoughts which are hurrying through a very awakened mind, and the second one is like a happy dance in a cooler atmosphere, very rythmical and the dots are so sweet, I can see you dance:)

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea!

Hey, I had not thought of fish...yes, I can see that, too. I don't think I consider what these things remind me of when I do them or even later...I just know how I feel when I do them. Yes, a cooler atmosphere is very true. It is a lot cooler in Vermont than it is where I am in Washington, DC. And a lot of my England paintings are blue...or cool, too. Interesting observation to be are good for that. And yes, trying to make that take up more movement than a smaller painting normally would! :)

Thanks Andrea! Are you having a good weekend?

~Babs said...

Hi Kim,
In this wonderful red one I see you on the move,,,literally! Lots of fast motion,,,moving from place to place this past month.

The blue feels calmer,,,,more peaceful. Maybe represents some of your more 'quiet' time in Vermont.
They're both really nice,and it's really fun to see some of your work again!
As for fall, and my artwork,,,it will most likely be small pieces still,,as we are better able to work at the lake as the weather cools.
We've been preparing for installing kitchen cabinets,,which we will do next week. I Will be getting ready for a trip to KC after that,,so no, I don't feel anything very noteworthy coming up in the art department really soon. I do have some supplies at the lake, for small work,,,,,and so far there hasn't been any down time when I wasn't tired, HA!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs, I have to say it is fun to share some of this again. I do need to set up a place to do a lot of photographing, so hopefully more will be on the way soon.

You are good with those smaller pieces, Babs! I am not athletic by any stretch of the imagination, but I think I come to depend on those large canvases for that large muscle movement. Guess it must be the balance :)

You are so busy. There is a lot going on at the lake for you...and I am guessing you are really still in summer mode there. Oh, how great you are going to see your sisters. I know you are looking forward to that! You will probably burst forth with tons of things after all of this activity!

Thanks Babs and Have a Wonderful Week!

marianne said...

Hi Kim,
Love the litlle canvasses!
The blue oneee isss cool, I love the painted top indeed there is a movement in there! So clever done!
Here it is real autumn weather today. Hope to get more time to paint. And I wouldd like to start on the small canvasses I bought in Singapore, but I have to finish the mandala I´m working on first.
So you had a lot of rain there too......I don`t like rain (yes only at night, just enough to keep everything growing and healthy)
Have fun creating big again Kim!
Have a nice sunday!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Marianne!

I am glad you like the blue one. It just kind of came out. I do a series of horizon paintings which seems to be something I can't let go of. I have been painting them for about 4 years now.

Oh, I can't wait to see what you do with those tiny little canvases. I get this image of you putting them together to make different kinds of mandalas, depending on how you arrange them. This is exciting work for a mandala painter.

Things have settled down here weather wise today. Our rain was from tropical storm Hannah. What we did get was a lot in a short time period. That resulted in a lot of flooding.

Lesley said...

Hi Kim,

It's lovely to see your work from Vermont - we got a glimpse of the red one in an earlier post, and it inspired me to try red and yellow in a different way - all I got was a nasty "fugly" bead unfortunately!

The blue is so pretty - the movement is wonderful - I loved the description of fishes, but I got ribbon moving in a spiral. Either way, I love it!

We're moving into spring here and have rain, rain and more rain. The ground is so sodden that it wont absorb any more water and there's lots of surface flooding and little slips on the roads.

You keep out of the way of those cyclones that are hovering around. Man! there have been so many this year!



Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Les,

I am glad you like these are right they are some which were on the bed when I shared how I was painting in the hotel. You know, I bet you can get these colors blended in the beads, but it would be difficult...maybe color, clear, color, clear, color, etc. Is that the way you have to layer it?

But I know you are looking forward to that warmer weather, Les! Right? I know the rain can get crazy sometimes, but you hang in there, because it will be warm sometime.

I am doing my best to stay away from the hurricanes here, Les. It is the gulf coast which is really dealing with them. I think they are expecting another one this week down there!

Are you looking forward to an exciting week? Is Monday starting off great?

Thanks Les!

colorspeaker said...

These are wonderful paintings Kim. Really beautiful. They are full of movement, as if your wrist and brush were one-I am so impressed! I too love Vermont, and find it both soothing and stimulating-and the colors
of the autumn are (I think) some of the best in the country...Keep painting with this touch!

Lesley said...

Hi Kim,

For the red and yellow combination I have to use the perfect red in the perfect conditions or it just all looks brown...I find that I use a lot of acid yellow - in fact it is one of my favourite colours in the glass - it is just so pure. Reds in glass are tricky.

We are away on Thursday for three weeks on this craft show gig - 3 shows in 3 weeks - should be fun and we are quite excited about it all.

I'll catch up with you before I go - you know how nutty it is here at these times.

It sounds like Cuba is taking a real hammering with these storms - lets hope that they are OK. It's good to hear that you are not in the firing line.


L x

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Julianne,

Thank you so much. These were fun, but challenging for me to do. I might take the concepts to some larger canvases. I still want to try your technique of the gessoed paper, too.

I will keep working with this idea, though. It is one of those things which just comes out of me, as opposed to me considering what I want to do. Maybe I should show more of these as they are often a warm up exercise. :)

You have some awesome and insightful new things going on with your work these days. Pretty cool!

Thanks Julianne!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Les, I find it so interesting how some of these colors translate between paint and glass. I know in paint there are hues which are not a stable as other why should that not be true in glass, too?

Oh your shows sound wonderful. I can sure see why you are excited about doing them. I know it gets crazy for you when you are getting ready for these shows...I can't imagine the work which goes into them. Never-the-less, I wish for you the greatest success with each of the shows and hope for you to find more clients who can't live without your beautiful glass!

Ike is really working over Cuba, that is for sure. It looks like he is going to hop back into the Gulf of Mexico and head somewhere on the Gulf Coast of the US. I can say no one needs this, but New Orleans is still trying to get back up from the last storm...many people are still without services another hit could prove even more devastating.

Thanks Les, I look forward to hearing from you a bit later in the week!