Monday, September 29, 2008

The Past To Understand The Future

Any of you who have been reading my blog for any length of time know I come to painting via design...interior design specifically. The image above is a basic design project I did which needed to be based on a grid. It is marker on vellum.

We all have a great story to tell as our progression to art and many of those have been revealed in the Conversations I have had with artist here on this blog (please see the list to the right to go to any of those conversations). Also, you can read about the way other artist have gotten their start in this article. I have always found hearing these stories helps me recognize my own story. Still, this is a way of better understanding where we are going by were we have been. Do you find this is true for you, as well? Can you tell I like contemplation and processes?

And I am still very interested in hearing from you about your Myers Briggs if you are willing. The post before this one is all about that and reading the comments is really great fun, too.

If you have a moment let me know how you are doing!

Enjoy Your Day!


Unknown said...

Contemplation, Mediatation, Processes, oh this design project painting shows that so well. It must be like meditation to paint something like that! Wow. It is so exact, and shows so much perseverance. It looks three-dimensional.
Your question: oh I agree, it is good to know where we are coming from and to understand, why it took us so long to go where we wanted to go in the beginning....
Have a wonderful day,

sukipoet said...

Kim this is so beautiful and precise. On Vellum! If I tried this it would be all crooked and smudgy. Now, do you think this is a very left brained picture? do you feel the work you do now is still very left brained or veers more toward the right?? (not the political right of course?) I'll check out the article, but i love to read about how creative people began to create and to see what evolved for them through time. inspirational.

As for myself, I forget what I have done. I forget until I sit down to think abt it that i have written two books. I forget the artworks I have done. However, I brought home a number of older paintings from the storage unit. They remind me of the me I was before. Otherwise I just remember what's in front of me. I don't know as I've made much progress in time, or changed all that much. Artwise that is.

Today I felt very frustrated. I tried to put nails in the paneled walls to hang some of my things and the nails don't go in. I dislike panelling just for this reason. I like to hang my work around me. I tried to cut paper for an accordian book and did it wrong 3 times. i feel upset that again it will rain on the day of my trip to Northhampton. Still, I got out my paints and scraped away at my angel and some decorative paper. Anyway, thanks for listening. Be well, suki

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea,

I am glad you like this. Here is how it was done. I drafted a grid, then using a triangle (drafting tool) I placed in the line which runs obliquely from the upper right corner to the lower left corner. This was done as a single line as it runs through the cross sections of the grid. At that point, I had to locate where I wanted the other lines to connect. So again using drafting tools, I did this and the other two lines were free-handed in. I actually did this 3 times. One was done in gray values and the other two in two different color ways. All of this was done with marker without any pencil work. I like using marker on vellum...very much the way I was taught. This is a very simple drafting project. I am glad you like it. I have never thought to paint it, but that might happen down the line.

So yes, it does help to review these things from time to time. Also it gives us another idea of how we might proceed with our current work.

Thanks Andrea!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

This is how I gave myself permission to be creative. Creativity was not something which held great value in my growing up, so this is as close as I could come in those years. In saying all of this, many tools were used to do this (see what I told Andrea above).

A good this more left brained than right brained? Quite possibly, but I can also say living with a very left brained man, I don't think he could have come up with this. But it is a very learned thing. I can also tell you that I was never, ever a typical interior designer because I have always seen that in a very different way. I always work as a part of a team when I take on design jobs and the reason is the business of the work closes down my creativity. I am the creative part of the team. And I am the one who, shockingly, enjoys the psychology of design.

You know, Suki, I am the same way. I also forget what I have done if it is not in front of me. I forget a lot of things when they are not in front of me (therefore, many things sit out where I can "see" them) which drives those who have to live with me crazy. So now you know the reason I do these "do you remember" posts from time to time.

Suki, I know what you mean about the paneling...not my favorite, either. You know I don't know the kind of paneling you have, however sometimes, if you can locate the "nail" at the weakest point (the groove) it will go in easier. If you have old paneling, though, sometimes it just has turned to stone, so to speak.

I am sorry you are having such a brutal day. I do understand how it is when you feel stopped with everything you try to accomplish! Sometimes, I just say "...fine, universe, I will read until the energy has changed." And then I go from there.

Maybe...hopefully...the rain will not happen the day they think it will. I know the weather forecast has changed for here recently.

You can come here and vent any time you like, Suki! Never hesitate! WE all have to do that from time to time.

Hang in there, my dear!

marianne said...

My story isn´t that interesting, I have always been painting and creating with stops in between. I have tried everything wood glass murals etc. I have started with mandalas when I got
this mandala
It is something I can combine with my life and work and what I am enjoying very much. When this feeling is over I will certainly pick up something else I think.
I love this work with the precision and the colors. What is vellum?
hug >M<

sukipoet said...

Well, dear kIm, I'd never think you were left brained as compared to the larger world's left-brainedness. But just that working with a grid like this seems a little more to the left. I guess I just meant as compared say with painting. when I try to bookbind i am definitely on the left or trying to be with measuring and cutting correctly (something that takes lots of concentration for me or i goof) And sewing which I was never good at. Very awkward with a needle. Would love to see some of your interior decorated rooms. Well, not sure how one displays interior decorations except by photos of the finished project, right???

I know what you mean too abt the creative part vs the business part. I too lean toward the creative and am not so good with the business in art or in life.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne,

Now see, you have a great story about how you come to paint mandalas! Maybe you just need to elaborate on it :)

Vellum is a thin paper...I use 100% cotton rag not animal skins...which was used often when drawing architectural designs. The reason it was used is it is strong, thin and reproduces drawings beautifully when we used to have to make blueprints. I am not sure what else it might be called. It is heavier than tracing paper and has a nicer hand. The precursor to modern vellum may have been parchment, I don't know. Maybe someone might be able to explain it better or might know what it is called in Europe.

Thanks Marianne!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Sweet Suki!

Yes, I think I see what you mean. I can kind of be in a more to left mind set than when I paint, but I was also able to literally "loose myself" in this work, in the flow. When I was in school, I would often let entire weekends (without sleep) get away from me if I were working on a project. But I do know what you mean.

As far as seeing my work...much of that is in the contract world of design. That is often HUGE teams of people getting interiors in place. For example I have played a part in pediatric healthcare design. Can you imagine how many people it takes to design a children's hospital? And most of the work my partner and I do now (well, when the market was better)is as consultants to architectural firms. So you see, I can't really point you in a direction to see specifically work I have done. I do simple consultation residentially, but not huge residential jobs. Early in my career I did a lot of office buildings, but my dear they have clearly changed...or at least I hope they have!

Thanks Suki!

~Babs said...

Kim, I'm always amazed,(and impressed with) your precision work,as I am so much more like Suki,,,re: measuring, being exact,,ugh!
I'm not saying Suki does, but I so often just 'fly by the seat of my pants',,,,and sometimes I hit and sometimes it's a miss. My latest post was an exercise in trying to paint in more of a minimalist way, free, and loose. I did one time, years ago lose an entire weekend to a pencil drawing that was very precise,,structured,,tight. I didn't enjoy it all that much, but was determined to finish it,,and have never attempted having the paitence to do another.
That's pretty much me in a nutshell. Not much patience,,,but I'm trying, (smile).

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs!

Awe, thank you so much! Please don't be but so impressed with the technical part of this. It is highly learned and uses tools. And for me, the process it the greatest is not completion! LOL

I also hit and miss, as you know. I love your latest painting a lot. I almost said something about the minimalism, but then changed it to simplicity. I just truly love it! But you know what it is also very, very Babs!

You have to be raised a daughter!

And isn't it nice you can choose just what you want to do when being creative? I think so!

Thanks Babs, your insights are always so helpful!

San said...

I feel that I could become hypnotized gazing at your piece, Kim.

Getting almost anywhere in my life has been a meandering journey, surprising by turns, then predictable for stretches of the road. My approach to art and life is more intuitive than pre-conceived I guess. For better or worse. Kim, your questions are always thought-provoking.

Andrea and Kim said...

I think if you look at this too much, you could do some eye damage! :)

I, too, am very intuitive. You know I think it is the post just before this one I spoke about Myers Briggs personality types. I am wondering how you might have come out on that evaluation. Have you done it? Do you know your type? I am so very sure intuition is a HUGE part of your personality and it shows in your art! :)

Thanks San!

San said...

I've done a Myers Briggs, and yes intuition was prominent. Introversion was slight. Judging was moderate. I'm supposed to be a spiritual counselor or a clergyperson or a writer, as I recall.

And I took another one--this was quite a few years ago--can't remember the name. That one said I was creative/counselor/entrepreneur. That seemed more in line with running a gallery and making paintings. Sometimes doing art presentations involves a bit of counseling. People need to be supported in their desire to treat themselves to something that's good for the soul.

Andrea and Kim said...

Yes, I would have thought you to be kind of on the border of introversion and extroversion. Intuitive...thought so. Judging...also thought so.

I would love to know the name of the other profile. I am always interested how personalities, psychology and social issues come to light in creative types. It is just an interesting thing for me personally.

Thanks San!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Hi Kim, Sorry I have been away from reading much lately. I am so behind in reading blogs.
I took that test but I didnt think I was what it said I was. I didnt understand some of the questions.
I was under to much stress at the time. I need to take it when I can think better. :)
This work of yours is impressive. hard to look at very long tho.
One can get a little dizzy. lol
It would make a great scarf I think.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Cris, you have been very busy. Sometimes playing catch up is impossible...especially when your painting calls, right?

Yes, you really do have to be relaxed to be fair to yourself on any evaluation...always the challenge. I know when I first took it I also had some surprises...but I also have come to see where it really did evaluate me very well.

Thanks Cris...this is just an example of old work and how the tools I learned to use helped me evolve into some of the things I end up doing now.

Thanks Cris...and remember now is the time to relax.

San said...

Kim, if the name of the other profile comes to me, I will let you know. Looking again at my comment, I realize that I misnamed one of the attributes. It was "enterprising" not "entrepreneur". I guess there's a difference. But the name of the profile evades me.

Andrea and Kim said...

Great San! I would like to hear if you think of that profile.

I would say, in your case, "Enterprising" is very similar to "Entrepreneur".

Thanks San!