Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Eastern US Mountains vs Western US Mountains

In Vermont, the mountains are very different from the ones on the west coast...the Rocky Mountains. These are older, smaller and more rounded mountains. Westerners (US westerners) might just call these "hills".
This is a view from the inn where I was staying...you can see it is a bit hazy there. There is a lot more moisture in the air in Vermont to be sure.

Here it is a clearer day and you can see the soft roundness of these mountains better.
And you can just have a seat and enjoy the view, if you like...and can tolerate the misquotes.
I just liked the burst of lavender among all of this green.
This is a view of the area around the cross-roads in the village of Plainfield. I like the stone wall.

So this is the end of Vermont photos. By Thursday, I hope to have some art to show you!

How was your weekend? I really hope to begin doing a better job of getting around to visiting all of you very soon.


Unknown said...

Hi Kim, these pictures are wonderful, they still look so much like summer. And it looks as if this Inn was in the middle of the woods! And the houses looks so clean and nice, are the people living in it that way too?:):)

I hope you have been able to settle down again at home, I'm still trying:)
I'm looking forward to what you will be up to artwise, and do you have new exciting projects? I'll talk to you about Payne grey in a separate mail!

Paula In Pinetop said...

Yep, those are HILLS......

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea,

It has been crazy here with so much going on. I have had a hard time getting caught up and going forward at the same time.

I have some paintings which have been sitting on my easel for over a month now...I really hope to get working on those again. I also have some other ideas in my head to work on...still a lot on the horizon type paintings and the jewelry ones, though. I just have to find the time to get to them.

I am glad you liked the photos of the village in Vermont. Some of the places you see in the photos are homes and others are old homes which have been turned into businesses and have apartments over them. I think the best way to describe this village is quaint, but moving forward (in their own way...which is good, isn't it?).

Thanks Andrea!

Andrea and Kim said...

LOL Paula! Of course they would seem like hills to you...about 1/3 to 1/2 the height of those beautiful Rockies! :) I grew up around these "hills", but love the Rockies a lot!


sukipoet said...

Well I call 'em mountains, but remember I've been a flatlander for 30 years. Lovely shots of lovely vermont. Workwise, I think I've more or less finished the 8 wax collages, have made around 24 ATC's and stretched three canvases waiting for the gesso to dry. Am also cutting up some barnboard for little blocks on which to glue pictures. All prep work or finish work. NOthing new except the ATC's which don't really count.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki!

Yes, to easterners they really are mountains...and they are mountains by definition, too. They are also very beautiful.

Suki, you have really been busy! Wow! And what are you talking about ATC's sure do count!

I promise to make some blog rounds very soon! I am eager to see what you have been writing and painting.

Thanks Suki!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
Will we be seeing some hills in your paintings? I'll be starting a painting of flowers tonight.

Andrea and Kim said...

Gee Chewy, I am not sure. It might happen in some way, but I never really know until I face the canvas (sometimes not until I begin painting).

Ohh, cool more flowers... I will be by a little later to see what you have been up to lately, Chewy!


Wurzerl said...

Dear Kim!
I enjoy to be back in your blog. Vermont is a wonderful landscape and I think you found a little calm in this harmonious landscape. So you will have the power to get done your great art. I wish you time, ideas and great paintings.
Love Wurzerl

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Wurzerl,

I love having you back here! I hope you are feeling well and enjoying your beautiful garden.

When I travel, I always find it wiggles its way into my art. Such a great influence this business of moving about.

It is lovely to hear from you, Wurzerl!

~Babs said...

Welcome home Kim.
I was here earlier & would have sworn I left a comment,,,,,hhhmmnn,,,
Anyway, SO enjoying all your photos,,,,,and adore that stone wall. Of course I like anything of stone.
(yep, mountains to okies too, but I have seen real ones, lol)

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Babs!

Mmmm, I am not sure. I didn't see a comment come through.

I am glad you like the photos...I love stone, too.

Well, these really are mountains...I would say maybe 3000 or 4000 feet...they are just small compared to the Rockies or some others.

Thanks Babs! Loved the story about the cats! Wow!

Katiejane said...

How beautiful it is there. I have been to New Hampshire, but not to Vermont. Would like to go again some day. The view around you is terrific. I especially like the Adirondack chairs and the MAILBOX!! (Really nice mailbox.)

Glad you are having fun, but I'll bet you are ready to come home.

marianne said...

Beautiful shots. I can almost smell the fresh air........

Mim said...

Hi - found your blog thru Cris' and what a nice surprise to see a picture of Plainfield - I used to live there and it is pretty quaint. Lovely photographs.

Andrea and Kim said...

Kate, I bet you do like that mailbox! Yup, the mail carrier drives right up to it...along a circular drive...pops things in and is on their way to the next mailbox!

It is very beautiful, although I have to say having to drive everywhere really got to me...I do like my short drives or little walks.

Thanks Kate

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne,

Thanks...it was very lovely!

Andrea and Kim said...

Welcome Mim!

Now isn't that amazing...you actually lived in Plainfield. It is very quaint, indeed. I really enjoyed my visit. My son attends Goddard.

I hope you will visit again.

San said...

I love that stone wall too. And the landscape looks so gentle. So round and soft and green and nurturing. Thank you for the photos.

I'm celebrating my birthday over at my place. One of my absurdly long posts. With an absurdly long playlist. And an absurdly long list of song dedications. You of course are one of them, Kim!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi San,

That is a good description..."round, soft, green and nurturing"

Awe, thank you, San! I visited you yesterday, but it must have been before your celebration began! I will be right over, thanks!

Unknown said...

Came back to look at the pictures, I'd like to be there on those hills now:) Things are as speed here in Paris as never, now that everyone has come back from holiday and has put his children in school and himself back to work, metro is getting crowded again too.
I hope you are fine and have a bit time for yourself!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for a return visit...speedy Paris! I can imagine how it must feel even extra speedy since you have been away to calmer lands.

I am trying to play some catch up here while helping my family move forward. It is a bit crazy to be sure, but I will be doing a post later today or tomorrow. I just need to get my head wrapped around it a little bit while I am doing things like making sure clothes have repairs done, everyone belly is full and getting people where they need to be around the world! :) So while I am home, I am also still doing the Mama dance! :) Soon, I will get back to my art...just transitioning. We are also keeping a watch on some weather (by the name of Ike) which parts of might be heading our way this weekend...

Thanks Andrea!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh my these are wonderful shots. I have been having a argument with my hubby for some time over our moutains/hills behind us. I call them mountains and con, who comes from Montana, calls them Hills. I grew up in the MOUNTAINS of Big Bear Lake California too and I still call these mountains. :))
Did you ever see a little known English movie called 'THE MAN WHO WENT UP A HILL AND CAME DOWN A MOUNTAIN?' It seems that to be called a mountain it has to be measured at a certain height and the hill this Town had wasn't quite to that measurement, so they would go up at night, to add more dirt to the top, so the man (played by Hugh Grant) who came to measure it wouldnt know, so he would offically say they had a Mountain in their town and bring more people to it. It was funny really. This post reminded me of it and my argument with Con. :)

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Cris,

I am glad you like these "mountains", but I am sorry it caused a bit of an old argument to be rekindled. :) You might find this link helpful in defining your mountain in Oregon...


According to this...you win! :)

And the movie sounds fantastic! I will have to look that one up...even if for the HG eye candy! :)

Thanks Cris!

Juan Bielsa. said...

Compared to Holland, in Vermont there are very high "mountains"...

A mountain don't need to be very high to be a "prayer", or to give us a sense of "grandeur".

I think every landscape or mountain or hill has its soul and particular charm, like humans.

I live in a land of deserts, in South Aragon. Probably it would be similar in some fashion to Arizona, New Mexico or Nevada... I love deserts, its colors, and the wonderful spring over the aridity of the lands.

In conclusion, Vermont can be a paradise, with all the greens and its mountains or hills, and a paradise can be also New Mexico ("el Estado de las maravillas...") and "Llano Estacado", or Holland, without mountains at all (but with all its flowers and waters...), or my beloved South Aragon, whose landscapes I have engraved on my soul...

We carry a potential paradise in our eyes and in our sense of beauty, in the way we see.

My best wishes, Kim.

Juan Bielsa

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Juan, it is so lovely to hear from you. I know you have a very special mountain you love a great deal nearby your house as you have talked about it before to me.

Holland is a very beautiful landscape, too. There are so many beautiful places to admire in our world, I think. I have just been visiting mountains lately, thus you see them here...very different type mountains.

I love how you say, "...we carry a potential paradise in our eyes and in our sense of beauty..." How very true!

Thanks Juan for visiting me.

Lynette said...

Kim, thanks for sharing the beauty of Vermont with us. I've never been there but would love to see it someday. Ha Kim, and I thought I was the only one having a guilt trip from lack of blog visits. I feel terrible because I've been so lazy the last few weeks about blog visiting! I need to get out and visit everyone's blogs and get caught up hehe!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Lynette!

It is a very pretty state...for the east coast, it is relatively untouched which is refreshing.

You know it has been busy around here this last month, and I am missing my friends. :) But you know, I honestly believe everyone is busy and wrapping up summer activities, so I don't worry too much about it.

Like you, I get a lot more done when everyone else settles themselves down for the winter. We will all get ourselves back together shortly. :)

Thanks Lynette