Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Medium????

After a day of travel yesterday, I was delighted to return home to find a delivery of art supplies. Yes, I have to admit, I couldn't resist spending some holiday gift money for supplies! How bad am I? Mainly I purchased things like mediums, but I did get one thing which was not from Golden!

My husband had given me some wonderful paper which I was dying to work with. The paper is for dry applications (I had it on my wish list), but the pastels I owned were not the quality the paper deserved. So I just plopped down the money for these wonderful soft Senneliers. These are the dark tone set. I have a set of the oil pastels which I adore. I have also used Sennelier's oil sticks on some of my paintings. Many people are intrigued by depth they add to a painting. But I am off track here. I hope I can begin to work abstractly with the pastels and also continue to work with the acrylics. Sometimes, there is just the need to play around with a lot of different things.

I was talking to artist, Florence Artur who told me she often returned to her work with pastels between paintings. She said on some days she just didn't have the energy painting required, but pastels seem to do the trick for her. I hope to use them on the days I can't seem to get to the paint. Visit Florence's web site, to see how she uses one medium to influence the other. So it is with Florence's encouragement, I take her suggestion to try pastels, again. By-the-way, Florence's web site can be viewed in English or French (note the buttons in the upper left of the opening page).

What do you do to influence your work?


brian edmonds said...

Hey Kim,
Like your work. The textures and colors are nice.

Lynette said...

Oooh, Kim that is a very scrumptious looking box of pastels and I'm looking forward to seeing the new works you make with them on the new paper! I love Florence's blog, she's a fantastic artist and friend and I've heard that she is visiting Japan, lucky, lucky woman!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, Brian. I enjoyed my visit to your blog.

Lynette, thank you...they do look rich and exciting. I thought of what we might do together all night last night! Florence is a dear and a wonderful artist, you are right! Yes, I do think she is in Japan...exciting stuff for her! I look forward to what she posts when she returns.

~Babs said...

Wow,,,,really good stuff, congrats!
New toys,,,,always a real treat!

Andrea and Kim said...

Ahhh, yes, Babs! These are a beaut too! They are so rich and are just begging to be brought out of the box to play! I am eager to do that this weekend, I think. I need to clear a few things before I begin, though.

Jo Castillo said...

Looks like you are in for a treat. I'm enjoying seeing your work. Be careful, pastels are addictive! :)

Andrea and Kim said...

Jo, I am sure looking forward to it! I will try to control myself! I said "Try"!

Welcome...I hope you choose to come back here!

Casey Klahn said...

As is my custom, I play the sounds of harp music and hear the tinkling of a little bell when another fine artist is converted to pastels.


Andrea and Kim said...

Well, Casey, I am not sure about conversion...I love my acrylics...but I do look forward to exploring this a medium a bit more. I kind of like the idea of having something else to work with, so maybe this is it! I will be visiting your blog from time to time to keep me inspired, that is for sure!

Thanks for visiting.