Monday, January 7, 2008

Contemplating Color Again

Quite possibly it is the time of the year, although we have had a beautiful (almost spring like) day here today, but I have been thinking about color a lot. Maybe it is because I am still looking for that cord to download the photos from my camera (tomorrow) and I have been playing around with a lot of fun hues on my current canvas - I am not sure! Anyway, in thinking about how colors mean different things to different people, I remembered a photo I had taken just a year ago in Paris. The weather was quite warm that January day, there were so many American tourist around. My daughter and I were walking along and there was a lovely restaurant front sparkling away in the dusk of late afternoon. Of course I had to snap a photo! I did not get the impression this was holiday decorations as the colors were more spring like than winter. But the lights, glass balls and twigs just seemed to work just right for that moment. Isn't color like that?

It is wonderful how nature works in concert to create the most incredible color combinations. And in the case of the Paris restaurant, how color can change the mood when it is unexpected. I dare say if I had seen this same front, though, in full sun I would have been impressed. Why? Well, it was the light that made the it always does with color.

And color helps color, too. For example, this photo of the marzipan...

without the green the red would not appear as delicious! As we all know, this is using color to the max.
I have always been attracted to clear jewel tones. It doesn't matter if it is in a painting, my clothes or an interior...these are the colors I naturally gravitate to. Even in the last period of browns and more muted hues, I have stuck with black and jewel tones. Thankfully, these colors are returning! How wonderful is that?
Have you ever considered what your choice of color means? While color forecasters and color therapist have a good idea, I think it is an individual issue...and maybe a collective one since there are some relationships to popular colors and the economy.
Ah well, it is all interesting stuff! Elements of art interest us all, but I have a soft spot in my heart for this subject of color.


~Babs said...

Ah yes, the importance of color and light. In EVERYTHING.
How just opening the blinds in a dark room reveals color and lifts the mood.

Andrea and Kim said...

It sure does...and opening the blinds in a dark room usually reveals the how that works, isn't it?

Unknown said...

Kim I agree with you , it is so interesting to think about, use and see colour! I also think that colour can be a collective thing, there is a sychronicity about how the "sophisticated" world uses it in design. For example, in textile design black was not so welcomed for a while, now it is "full back":)
While I'm reading your post, my hands begin to itch, and I'd like to take a canvas and go at it with colour, the way I did before I went back to artschool. And your post on Visual Salon inspires me to look back and perhaps now its time to make a synthesis with before and after!
Thank you Kim, for being so full of energy, art, and interest for life!

PS. I guess I will fill up your mailbox today with all these comments, I apologize

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea! I know what you mean about color in design. It is really different, though, in art, don't you think? In design you had to follow the trends to keep up. I had an issue with that and just kept right on wearing my black with a pop of color :) Call it the rebel in me. Black is so wonderful because it really makes other colors sing so much. Oh do go back and take a look/see at your work. I have discovered some of the greatest things and am feeling so much more inspired. Post what you have found, too. I do think it is so worth the time.

What you are bringing into my mailbox is full of joy to be sure. I can't tell you how much joy. I know it has taken you a great deal of time to do this today and I am very grateful. You are inspirational and encouraging to me.

Me full of energy? Andrea, I think you should take a look in the mirror. See that woman in there? That is full of energy you see! :) Thank you, my friend!

PS, do you know this place I have shown the photo of?