Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Last Few Days

The cord has been found (thanks to my husband), so here is one of the things I have been working on the last few days. It is very different for me, but it has been fun to explore the various mediums I used with it. The canvas is 2.5" deep gallery wrapped 12" x 24". I painted the canvas with a smalt and titanium white acrylic and before it dried I applied moist, crumpled rice paper. I then dry brushed the paper with alizarin crimson then iridescent silver. When this was all dry - I gave it a good 24 hours - I pulled away the rice paper where it did not stick as well. This gave me some exposed holes of the underpainted surface and some cool rice paper to use somewhere else. So I decided I was going to outline those in carbon black. Once the black was dry, I decided to paint some blobs within these spaces...well, one thing led to another and the blobs began to look like blossoms so the rest is history. This is still a WIP to be sure.

One of the things I will try next time I do the rice paper application is to roll on the paint or medium before applying it - just a different way.

The other thing I have played with over the last few days is this:

I poured tar gel over a painted surface, dropped dots of paint onto the surface of the tar gel and swirled them with a wooden skewer. It took a long time to dry (maybe 5 days), but it is interesting. I used the tar gel as a suggestion, but I think I would like just plain gel medium better. I will keep playing with that. This is just on board...a small 5" x 7".

So there you have it. I am so glad to have the camera cord back...it feels like freedom!


Todd Camplin said...

Your rice paper painting is great. I would like to see a series of these paintings. The rice paper adds a little bit of mystery. The rice paper does a little of concealing, while your paint pokes out into a great gathering of floral composition. This work has a strong contemporary look. Fun, minimalist elements and pop like flowers. The folds of the paper add another complexity to the image. The black outline is a great touch. The edge is contrasted well with the flowers and the rice paper.

~Babs said...

Wow,,,,,got that cord back!!
Know you're happy about that!
The first image is really interesting, the technique, AND the results.Makes me think of Native American jewelry,,beautiful!
I love earth tones, so the second is very appealing also. Super texture,,,,I've never tried the tar gel,,,,don't know if I'd have the patience for that kind of drying time, but the results are great! Really nice work!

Andrea and Kim said...

Camplin, thank you. I am glad you like the way this one is turning out. It is a bit different for me, so it is taking a longer time than I usually spend on something this size. I am contemplating a series of these at the moment, so I am glad you said that. The textures are working well, so hopefully the result will be worth it. Thank you for your kind words.

Babs, that cord being back in my life is a great thing...now, I have router problems. My son is sharing his computer at the moment (reluctantly, I might add). I had not thought of the painting resembling Native American jewelry, but you are right...I was thinking Asian. I am glad you like it. The second one is really just a test bit, but I very well may use it on a painting in the near future. Thank you for your input, as always it is nice to hear those words from you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the rice paper one! It is awesome, and I would definitely buy it if I was rich and saw it in a shop. Beautiful. :)

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you Elizabeth! One day you will be rich and maybe one day you will see something like it in a shop! I am believing, like you said.

San said...

Such contrasting pieces. Delicate and thick. Suggestive and in-your-face. Ethereal and matter-of-fact. How wonderful that you move from one to the other so deftly.

I really appreciate your description of the process. VERY interesting.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you San! I really appreciate your insight on these things. I am always up for trying all kinds of things.

As for the process...well, I see it this way...no real artist will do it the same way, why not share?