Thursday, January 24, 2008

Needed for Creativity....

As promised, I am sharing a few of the paintings I photographed yesterday. It is good I did that, too, since today we are very cloudy and that isn't so good for the way I have to do this.

So this one is called Contemplation 3 and is an 8" x 8" in Acrylic on Deep, Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

I will show you another one in a little bit, but I said I would talk about what I need when I create. Like Babs and JafaBrit (see comments on yesterday's posting), I do not work well under pressure. The thing is I have learned to contend with that in a way I don't hear about too often, I clear my schedule and get the work done when I first get the project going. Yes, I am one of those people who has to get things done early, so I don't feel the pressure. I think this is a hold over from my interior design work (one doesn't spend 30+ years in a field without it having an impact), along with other strange practices.

For me, also having supplies at my fingertips eliminates a lot of irritation, thus helping the creativity flow. I am not a person who needs a pin neat space always, but I do need to be able to see my materials. That, I know, is part of being a visual person...I just have to see it. The flip side of that, I know, is for some visual people their line of vision can't be cluttered. Like most creative types, I need lots of light and a comfortable temperature in my studio (this second one just might have to do with being right at 50 years old). I also like quiet surroundings or peaceful music. I am quite sure I cannot work with the television on, although maybe I should try sketching that way to see what happens. Of course, as mentioned before, it is important for me to be happy. Most of the time, I am quite happy, but when that spurt of anger or negative emotion comes, I can get nothing done. And I need my inspirations! Oh yes, I suppose positive feed back and quality discussions are also important to me. While I don't do that while I work, I do need it in my life to move my work forward. Is that the reason I am doing this blog? There are lots of reasons for that...I just adore all the wonderful people I have met over the last months!

But one thing I know is important is to have opportunities to be influenced by other art. I mean all of the work you each share, but also writings, theatre, excellent film, dance, music, etc. And I am going to include cultures in this one. While a mobile studio is a must for me with our moving around, I do feel the need to experience a variety of cultures...within this country and outside of it!

Okay, so now here is another photo I took yesterday...

This is Contemplation 4 and is a 10" x 10" Mixed Media on Gallery Wrapped Canvas. With this one I did a lot of texture on the canvas with odd bits and paper, gauze and bits of metal...then I covered it with a heavier rice paper and painted over that with acrylics.

So here is my question for you...what kinds of things do you need to be creative?

Tomorrow...well, as Babs suggested...maybe we should talk about commissions. It has come up a couple of times. I know there are lots of you there with insights to that one!


Unknown said...

Hi Kim, great paintings. It looks as if they came "right out of your guts" - I'm so sorry if this sounds vulgar... what I mean is I love them:)
and the subject you brought up is so very interesting. To answer shortly: I need time. I'm always cornered by time cause I have a half-time job which earns me some basic money while I attempt to "build" my art business.
Time. And I have to see my art-material, too, in order to be inspired to use all the resources I have.

Anyway, I love your paintings. And I'm very glad that internet brings people together,
have a beautiful evening

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you Andrea for the kind words about my paintings. I knew you meant a good thing when you said they appeared to come "right out of your guts". That is very sweet.

Ah Yes, TIME! That is so very difficult, isn't it. I understand the work being needed to grow your business. That makes it even more difficult. Time is a HUGE factor, and I am sure we will hear more of that one. Yes, needing to see what is there to work with...well, we are VISUAL artists, right?

I love the work you are doing, too...and I am very grateful for the internet so I can SEE it!

Have a Lovely Evening in the City of Light! :)

Livecreations said...

Hi Kim thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I used to post with an old blog and I added you to the art-blogging you remember?

I started this blog now and have managed to keep it going! which is good for, and I see you also are keeping up with yours, lots of interesting things to browse through :)

I wrote a post in my blog about how I create:
I like listening to classical music also when I am creating... :)

~Babs said...

Love the work Kim.
The first one seems to have a dimension all it's own.
Really nice,,,those diagonal blue marks in the second,,creating a balance with the blue texture on the right.
I think I've already said what all I need to be creative,the biggest factor being time alone. And Pthaylo blue,,if I'm out of that, I'm out of business.

Andrea and Kim said...

I am going to go right over and read your post on what you need to create...popular topic, uh?

I absolutely do remember you adding me to the art-blogging site! Of course. I check in there a lot to see if there are new bloggers added to it! Actually, I notice you have sent several readers my way...thank you.

Please come and visit here any time. I will be back to see you at Live...

Babs, thank you for your kind words about the paintings. You know how special your words are to me. I also really appreciate your insights.

Pathos Blue, uh? Well, I think we all have a color we can't live without...and yes, you have shared quite a bit about what you need to create...and boy does it work! Love that new green one you have just completed.

colorspeaker said...

Wow!!!These are so thought out; while illuminating such emotion even from the "psychological" realm with the ocean- I love the sense of solitude you conveyed in this "Underworld of Imagery!" So well Done. Thanks for sharing it with us.

~Babs said...

LOL I am laughing,,,,,as I miss-spelled Phthalo Blue,,,also known as thalo blue,,,,both short for Phthalocyanine blue.

Pathos blue sounds nicer though:
"persuading by appealing to the reader's (viewer's) emotions."

The green painting you refer to was done with this blue and a brilliant yellow to make that green.

Lynette said...

Kim, I really love both of these works! That streak of blue in Contemplation 3 and the texture in 4 is oh so gorgeous!! I usually need the quiet time late at night to create and flourescent orange is the color I can't seem to live without, especially in my tree paintings.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you Julianne, your kind words really have a way of making me hold my head a bit higher this morning! I have kind of been on a rice paper jag lately...lovely stuff. Thanks for stopping by again for a look. It is wonderful to have you here. Your "Before We Came" painting is really stunning and the thoughts behind it adds to the awe.

Babs! When it comes to spelling, you can pull anything over on me! I can't hear vowel sounds, therefore my spelling is awful. The greatest complaint with the comment area is no spell check! :) So Pathos it probably is from me each time until I learn to actually check behind myself!

Lynnette, you sure do seem to be a night owl! Wow! But don't you think it is just down right great you know that? I do! Oh (now I am taking this spelling from you) flourescent orange is your color! Now how bold is that? You have a special way with some of those very special hues! Those new trees of yours are wonderful.

Jafagirls said...

what kinds of things do you need to be creative?

First thing is a cup of tea :) Usually it depends on what kind of project I'm working on. For some paintings I need solitude, for others I don't mind having a friend in the studio or others around the house. Since I pretty much work on anything I have an abundant supply lol! but running out of turps, and milk for my tea are a nightmare and two things I MUST have.

I think your paintings are spiritual, which I suppose is not much different than from the gut. It lends a genuineness to the work and that is what makes them unique.


Andrea and Kim said...

Yes! You are right, JB, a cup of tea! And really great British tea, right? I prefer either Yorkshire or PG Tips...which is your favorite? I don't do the milk thing, though! And you do work on just about anything! It is amazing the variety in your work!

Thank you for your kind words about my paintings. That means a lot from someone so accomplished! Yes, I think "spiritual" and "from the gut" are similar.

Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

This red painting speaks to me...warm and inviting.

Andrea and Kim said...

Bonnie, thank you for your kind comment. Welcome to my blog, and I hope to see you here again soon.

Martha Marshall said...

Wow Kim, thank you so much for introducing yourself on my blog. I'm happy to have discovered you. I love your very textural approach, of course!

I don't need a lot in order to create -- I think that comes of having to do it wherever I could find the time and space in the past. Still, it's nice to have everything lined up with all the anticipated colors and tools right there at my fingertips. Then maybe some stimulating or meditative music, depending on the mood.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, Martha for your kind words. Your blog is clearly a lovely view and I am enjoying exploring there. I hope you will feel free to come back here and share, too.

Isn't it interesting how our past has such an impact on how we approach our art? I know that is true for me. I am just glad to have a creative outlet which allows me the freedom to actually create!

Come back and visit soon.

San said...

Love the watery depths of Comtemplation 4, Kim. And there's a luscious assertiveness to 3 that I find most appealing!

What do I need to be creative? Some unpressured time, although sometimes I do find a deadline inspiring! If I'm feeling stuck, reading good writing may get the juices flowing, or looking at others' art. And sometimes I just need to pause and let some emptiness in. A hole to fill can inspire.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, San! I am glad you like them.

Ah yes, unpressured time! I get that so much! One of those deadline people, though, too! Well, I can appreciate that flexibility! And yes, some excellent literature is another good one. But we had not talked about that emptiness issue. I have to say I do agree that can be very inspirational. I think mainly because we move so fast and furious, just taking the time to pause is HUGE! Thank you for reminind us of that!

You are an inspiration. Thank you !