Friday, January 11, 2008

More Thinking...

Do you ever wonder if you think too much? People tell me I do all the time. I am not sure I understand what they mean, because to me I kind of zone out a lot, too. You know? I was reading the comments after my last post and Jess and Babs thought maybe there was too much emphasis on what art means. Jess (visit her blog, Messyjessie, at ) said she has spent far too much time thinking about what her art meant and it was better just to go with the flow and stand back later to see what it means. That is good advice, but people keep asking me what it means...and I don't know! Then, Babs (visit her blog, Off the Wall Art, at ) suggested there was really no need to explain what it meant that maybe it came from a place where only I went and could understand. That made me realize maybe it isn't about what it means to me (because it is the process I am interested in doing), but what it means to the viewer.

Then, San (visit her blog, A Life With A View, at ) said she thought she understood what I was trying to say. My guess is she comes up against this with some frequency as a gallery owner. The woman who lives both sides of the art world. So today, I am back at thinking.

Jess said in another comment she was also a lover of purple. So I wondered what particular colors meant to different people. For me, purple is just one of those hues not everyone is drawn to, so I am very attracted to it because the majority of people are not! But here are some words which are attached to purple: intuitive, seeking, creative, kind, self-sacrificing, growth oriented, strong,wise, rare spiritual, good judgement, magic, mystery and royal. Well, I don't mind also being associated with these words. But here is something about purple which is important to remember...purple is a combination of red and blue! Red being a warm hue and blue being cool! So purple is balanced, just like green! Does that mean because I like purple, I am balanced...I think probably not!

So here is my question for you to ponder this weekend! What is your favorite color? What does is mean to you and what words are associated with it?

If you are interested in color, I highly recommend this very interesting book on the history of color, Color by Victoria Finlay. I am not traditionally a history person, but this book really held my interest:

Here is to your colors being bright and joyful!


Lynette said...

Great post Kim and it gave me a lot to think and ponder on. When I was younger my fave color was blue but after I started expressing myself with art, for some weird reason my fave is brown now. I like how I can mix all 3 primary colors to make it up and it always feels so warm to me. I think of earth, night, and chocolate and a mixture of red, yellow and blue when I think of brown.

San said...

Kim, I'm honored that you mentioned me in this wonderful post.

I just put a new post on my blog, something about how my animal totem appeared in my art, kind of sneakily. But I am interested in writing about my favorite color. I have a feeling that topic will appear on my blog rather soon! Thanks for the idea.

Todd Camplin said...

Keep thinking about art, that is what makes you blogs so fun to read. Some of the greatest artists make work thinking about 'what art is.' A whole poetry movement has talked about 'what poetry is.' Conceptual artist have questions the 'what art is' directly, while the Impressionist talked about 'what art was,' in a more indirect way. Sure, all these artists let it flow, but when they were outside the studio, they were talking about process, ideas, theories, and life.

Andrea and Kim said...

Lynette, it is interesting how our color choices change as we get older. I remember when I was little my favorite color was black...see, I told you I marched to the beat of my own drum (and only I hear the music) :) I wonder if our favorites will stay the same throughout our adult life?

San, ah, I am glad it was okay to mention your blog. You made a good point in the last comment you left and it just seemed right to go with that. I can't wait to pop into your blog now to see what you have done there with the totems. Now, that is an interesting different artists have totems they use in their work (and they are not what we normally think of as Native American totems). Also, wouldn't it be interesting for our blogging artist friends began a discussion on their blogs on their favorite see and to use. Is that the same?

Camplin, thank you so much for your kind words. I do think about art all the time. The most difficult part for me is putting into words what it means to me. I think I am such an intuitive artist that it just happens, but maybe that is also the reason I try so hard to understand it, too. I will keep talking about art...the great challenge is to express it so you can understand it. :)

Simone Maynard said...

i agree - this book fascinated me

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by Simone. Come again!

It is always good to hear about someone else who thinks a book is particularly good.