Monday, January 14, 2008

Part Two

A couple of good issues came out of Friday's post on color. Since it is a subject with a lot to talk about, I thought I would continue with it based on some of the comments made as well as another thought generated by another blogger. I also want to share with you the work of of an artist I feel uses color and form to great advantage.

Lynette (visit her blog, Original Art by Lynette Clay, ) said when she was a child she loved the color blue, however now she adores brown. You would think Lynette was joshing you with her favorite color being brown, but she loves the way she makes brown by mixing the primary colors in just the right way for what she needs. She is also in love with the warmth of the hue. If you visit Lynette's blog, you will see she uses a lot of browns and needs to be able to manipulate them well...and she does. So, what is it about the color that makes the it so appealing to you? Remember, I said I love purples because they are not often chosen by a broad range of people, but additionally some would say they are difficult to use. Maybe I want the challenge, and I know I am different.

San said she was writing about totems on her blog (remember she can be found at ) and would be addressing color sometime soon. This made me wonder if artists use totems regularly. Maybe these totems are not the ones traditionally thought the appearance of a beaver in San's paintings...but the appearance of things like, well..., color! Is purple a totem for me? I posed this question to San and she thought it might come up in her future watch her blog.

Todd Camplin (visit his thinking blog at: ) encouraged us to all keep talking about art and not just making art. Of course that is a lot of what happens with me. I love talking about art and creating things. Todd has been really encouraging and has some really interesting thoughts on his blog. So while he didn't speak of color directly, his indirect comment pushed me to this second post.

Now I also did a bit of visiting around different blogs this weekend. I was happy to see Philip Edson posting again (do visit his wonderful blog at: ). And guess what? Philip has taken color out of his work! He has had a few commissions where he was asked to do them in black, white and the values of grey. I asked Philip if he thought we might get colored out sometimes. This is what he said: "You are right I do feel coloured out. I got obsessed with the colour mauve (and variations of) and I never thought it would end but it has. Black and white seems so clean." And it does! Thank you, Philip, for that reaction and your post.

One other thing I did was visit other blogs and found one I thought was interesting was Julianne Richard's site ( she is The Colorspeaker at: ). She has a great way with color and form I think you will enjoy. Do visit and see what you think.

So color is sure an interesting subject. I hope you enjoy visiting these blogs and finding out what it is they do or do not do with colors! Also, please post a comment if you have any thoughts about this subject or if you blog about color and it's use or theory.

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