Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The First of the Week

So I have been telling you I have been painting this week! Above you see a corner of one of the rooms I painted with my son, my father and my sister. These rooms were white before we began. We painted everything except the ceiling of the smaller of the two rooms. This is a corner of my parents living room (lounge). We also painted the dining room. They have a large farm house here in Virginia. I was the trim girl. On Monday, I painted out all the edge areas and it took me 13 painting hours. On Tuesday morning we finished it all up and had all furniture back in place including dishes in the hutch, by 2:30 pm (14:30). Last night, I slept very well. So that was my project for the first of the week.

Painting a room or rooms gives me time to contemplate what I might consider next. Those 13 hours gave me lots of time to do that. Sometimes you just have to step aside and do something different. It felt so good to do this for my Mom and Dad. They were so happy to see the change and it was good for me to see them feel so good about it. I was so very proud of them making the choice to use such a bold color. They are now ready to do it again since they have been able to see the difference this makes.

Do you like to paint interiors? Do you paint them plainly to show off your art work or do you make the walls your canvas and paint special things?

Tomorrow, we are back to talking about studio painting.


Karen Jacobs said...

Nice job! I do a lot of wall painting myself, seems it's part of my job description... should include it on my resume! Personally, my art is so kinetic (always on the move) I prefer neutral walls so anything will go. But I also love to see real color used as your folks chose.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you Karen! Maybe wall painting should be a part of our job descriptions! :) With this being our 10th home, I too have done my fair share.

I like the darker hues on the walls and I have found they work well with my paintings, but I understand what you mean.

Thanks for visiting!

Unknown said...

Hi Kim, this looks really perfect and the colour makes things cosy! So well done!
In my home everything is off white, cause this is what give my mind rest, as I play with colours every day. We have moved in our new appartment only in June last year, so there isn't any artwork yet, only one big african wall hanging with simple lovely patterns in the bedroom. I guess I'd like to keep it bare like that...
But I love colours in other's houses! You did a great job!
Oh and yes, sometimes we have to step away and do something else, absorbing, so that we can gat back to our art with a light head:)
Have a wonderful day

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you Andrea! I understand about the lack of color needed to be able to use color. I really do. I used to be that way with my interiors work, too. Personally, that has also changed for me. Since we moved so much, I lived with very light, basic walls for so many houses, because that made it easier for resale. Now, people here are more open to the colors on the walls, so I have also branched out with a few rooms.

Yes, stepping back makes a big difference, I think. I am really ready to get back in the studio and create something which is not red, right now! :)

Thanks for popping in. You are so good for encouraging insights!

~Babs said...

Gorgeous red Kim,,,looks great!
I've painted many an interior,,but as for now have very neutral walls.This house is very open with limited wall space.All are neutral except the guest bath,,,which I painted a great pistachio green. Couldn't resist!
Your folks' farm house sounds wonderful!!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Babs! I think as artist we kind of like to play with mediums no matter what, don't you? Ah, a lovely open plan! I love those western homes which are so open like that! The pistachio bathroom sounds fabulous! Ohh, I would love to see a photo of that!

Mom and Dad have always been very conservative with color and have a very traditional American taste. So I was so happy when they decided they wanted something like this, and they made the color decision themselves. Now Dad wants a green somewhere, so we will see. It just makes me feel so good knowing I can help them get these little things they would like. I know you understand that all too well.

If you get the chance, I would love to see that green!

D.M. Le Bris said...

Hi Kim,

I love that red on the wall....Wonderful.
The room looks warm and inviting.
Try that red in one of your paintings.. Should be interesting.

Take care,

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Danielle! You know, the difference in the rooms is profound! I understand everyone who has seen it has fallen in love with the dramatic change!

Ohhh, what a good idea! I just might pull out that hue and give it a toss!

You are full of inspiration, Danielle. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Seeing this picture makes me miss Granny and Grandaddy's! The room looks so elegant now. Thank you for painting it for them. :)


Andrea and Kim said...

Awe Honey! Granny and Granday would like to hear what you said. I will tell them.

It is a huge difference in the whole house and it does look quite elegant! It is my pleasure to do it...and to see them so happy with it makes all the difference!

I Love You!


San said...

Kim, I love the warmth of those red walls. And I'm glad to hear the change of pace gave you "room" to contemplate.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks San! I guess you see a lot of color on the walls in Santa Fe! I found westerners tend to be more willing to go in that direction than easterners...of course, the SW is notorious!

You are right, it is always good to give yourself a bit of contemplation room!

Have a Great Weekend!