Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

Welcome to 2008!

2007 was an exciting year and 2008 is starting off with excitement, as well. I have been in my studio all day working on some new paintings and trying out some fun techniques. I hope to have some photos to show you all soon of the things I have been doing.

One of the most exciting things which has happened over the last week is the set up of my art web site. While it is still under construction, the url has been secured and the basics are up and running. Feel free to take a look at www.KimRodefferFunk.com Soon there will be new paintings posted there, as well. Some you have already seen here, though.

Today I have been thinking about what 2008 is going to mean for my art. I really hope to have a greater presence on the web this year and additionally hope to get some of these paintings sold. I want to remain open to all of the possibilities the universe has for me this year. I have never been one for resolutions, but want to continue to evaluate what my life and my art means.

So enjoy the day and come back often to see what I am up to.


~Babs said...

Your site is looking GREAT Kim!
Very impressive!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Babs! Your input means a lot to me.

Todd Camplin said...

Happy New Year, I am so glad to be connected to your webpage. Thanks for the invite. I need to reach out to more artists because I think somethings great is happening in the art world, but the best is yet to come. Organizing the next Thing can start in the Blog world. Thanks for helping me connect to you.

Andrea and Kim said...

Camplin, thank you for such a beautiful and warm message. I think you are right, something great is happening in the art world, and I also look forward to being a part of that! There are so many lovely artists with a large web presence...and how great is it we can so easily reach people from all parts of the world? I am grateful for you allowing the connection between us to be made.