Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Seeing Feelings

In the comments with the most recent snow photos, Babs (visit her at Off The Wall Art: http://www.wilsonart-babs.blogspot.com/ ) said, "I can feel that air." But she was looking at photographs! She could feel the message of the image. I thought that was telling. As artists, we all understand just what she meant and try to convey that in our work every time we are in the studio.

Now, click on that link to Bab's blog! Go on...there are lovely things to see there! But on or near the top she has posted a painting of two cats, "Callie and Frankie", she painted for her late mother. To me, that painting feels like love, and Babs says it makes her feel happy. We are both seeing the feelings, but they are different. Clearly it all depends on the viewer's frame of reference as to the feelings they see in individual works! What you might paint in anger may feel like excitement to someone else....think reds with touches of black!

Now, seeing feelings in the familiar is easier for many viewers than seeing feelings in non-realistic art. Consider this painting:

Well, really it is a corner of a painting. But what does this feel like to you? I feel scared. Maybe that is because I was sticking my neck out when I did this. But I am guessing "scared" wasn't the first thing which came to your mind. If I show you the whole thing...

...do you get a different feeling? I feel icy.

With yesterday's post posing the issue of your emotions when you create, I thought this one would be a positive follow up. Maybe my interest in this subject is connected to my interest in the psychology of environments. But Bab's comment got me going with this and I think it is something I will be exploring from time to time. The psychology of art. I would love to hear your comments on this subject. So what feelings do you see common in your own creative works?


Anonymous said...

My favorite paintings are those that make me feel inspired. I'm always inspired by artwork that is different than what I am trying to achieve--painting, photography, music, dance are all things that make me want to write. I have your paintings hanging next to my desk and they always make me feel a bit adventurous and curious. :)


Andrea and Kim said...

That is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me...and I have heard a lot of very dear, sweet things in my life. I know just what you mean, though, because your writing inspires me greatly! Adventurous and Curious...well, I am not sure you need my paintings for those feelings, but if you say so I believe you.

It is interesting though, you bring up something so very important here. I find I also need the works of other creative people for inspiration. As you know, I can't read enough (still working through the stack you left me at Christmas) and even things like lovely meals, a decent movies, a visit downtown to the museums, etc. Ahhh, but maybe this is another post...

Thank you, Sweetheart! Happy Writing!

I Love You!

~Babs said...

The corner of the painting makes me feel awe,,,,as it looks to me like the inside lining of a beautiful seashell, as in abalone.

The entire painting makes me feel an
'edginess',,,a slight discomfort,of being trapped underwater, due to the wonderful depth. Mysterious,,,in a good way.

(also enjoyed peeking in on your mother/daughter bonding thing. We are blessed)

Andrea and Kim said...

See, now I think that is really facinating! Do you know that is pumice, so it is really really rough! I have to say, that larger image is really creepy. At lest to me. Thank you so much, Babs for your wonderful inspiration!

I am glad you enjoyed my little conversation with Elizabeth! You are so right, We are So Very Blessed to be moms! My greatest artistic achievement has been being the mother of two wonderful children. And no doubt about it...nuturing is an art! You are always reminding me of incredibly wonderful things. Thank You Again!

Belinda Flores-Shinshillas said...

I think that more than feelings the thing that you perceive when you are working at the studio is a vision…a vision of yourself in your own environment. You know is something invisible, something that you can not see or feel, but it is there with you all the time.

You will never know what is going to happen at the studio…but you know that it is coming to you…I guess you can call it in some way a feeling.


Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Belinda, you are so right about not knowing what will happen when you are in the studio! Wow! It never seems to come out the way I first thought! Never! But thinking of it as a vision of your self in your own environment is just a beautiful way to proceed (often as a writer would - ah ha, am I finding a link here?). I had stopped having origional visions, but I do like this way of understanding what I am doing in there! I think I will put up a little reminder in the form of a quote from you.

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough the corner of the paintings made me think of a glacier on the move. The entire image makes me feel unsettled.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such kind comments. The reason I tried the 'piece a day' thing last year was to try and kick-start some change and it did shift gears for me. Interesting!

Andrea and Kim said...

I have to agree with you the entire image is very unsettling! No doubt about that in my mind! I can see the shifting glacier, too, and as I said, it is rough...like ice.

You have a lovely blog. I am glad you are doing it. You are a better person than I, I can say. There is not any way I could go with the 'piece a day' program. Did it shift gears in the positive direction?

Thank you for visiting and do come again!

Unknown said...

Hi Kim, I left a comment here but I'm not sure it will show, so here I go again: thanking you for visiting my blog and telling you how much I love what your are painting! Love the colours and mysterious shapes.
I loved reading you bio and also went to look at your web-site. Your are is fascinating. I especially love your use of black colour. Have a good evening and I hope we'll talk soon
greetings from Paris

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea! I love your blog and am eager to explore more there. I am also a textile person, but nothing like you!

I am not sure anyone has ever called me fascinating, but I will take the compliment gladly. Ah, black! Now that is a lovely neutral that just makes other colors sing joyfully! :)

Paris! How I miss being closer to Paris. We just returned from living in England this past year! Boo Hoo! My children and I have had some absolutely beautiful times in Paris (strrangely, I never got there with my husband)! Enjoy it for me, my friend!

Good Evening to You from America!

Unknown said...

Kim, I hope one day you'll return to Paris with your children (and husband) so that we can meet, now wouldn't that be fun. In the meantime, let's dream:)
I understood that you returned from England to the U.S. but are staying at one place there or moving around?
Bye for now,

Andrea and Kim said...

Andrea! That dream will happen if there is anything I can do about it! I promise! It would be great fun!

This location, Washington, DC, is the home base for my husband's work. So there is always a good chance for us to move again. We have been married for almost 24 years now and this is our 10th home. So many people wonder how I can do it, but I really look forward to new adventures. There are places I never felt at home and places that felt right to me as soon as I touched the ground there. I would LOVE to come back to Europe again.

You have a lovely evening as well, Andrea.