Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Black and White...

There was some interest in this particular doodle when it showed up in the group of art supplies, so I thought I would give you a better look today. This is a large sketchbook...each page is about 12 x 15 inches. I am not sure what "A" size that might be, although I did purchase this when I was in England.

Normally, I just play around like this when I have a pen in my hand. I rarely go to anything which has a recognizable shape. Does this mean my brain is warped? My brain really works this way. I am considering doing some of these outside of the sketchbook and adding a bit of color, though. It is a thought.

I look at drawings/illustrations done by some blog friends, like Andrea, Jess or Laura and wonder why in the world I do not see things in a similar way. There is so much lovely documenting going on in that sphere and it is so appealing to so many people (including me). But it just doesn't happen in this head of mine. The only thing I can get into drawing is "bamboo sticks". This is very true...those I could meditate while drawing! Do you think this is strange? It is!

I can draft out a lot of things, but I also think I have burned myself out on that kind of drawing. All of those years of doing interior renderings maybe did me in. Do you think that happens with structured drawings like that?

So here are the questions: Why do you think I can't make the connection? What kind of drawing do you do in your sketchbook?

I look forward to hearing from you on this subject.

Have a Very Beautiful, Creative Day!


~Babs said...

This is a beautiful illustration of a kalidoscopic (sp?) teddy bear!

Sometimes I doodle faces, figures,,,with backgrounds such as this.

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Babs! You are so good at this...finding things inside of some of the most obscure bits! I love it! A kaleidoscopic (I ran it through spell-check, LOL...you know I didn't do that one on my own) teddy bear! Now how special is that image?

Ohh, do show some of these doodles! I would love to see some of these! Does that mean your brain is a bit warped, too? Tee Hee!

Seriously, thank you so much, Babs! I always look forward to your comments.

vivien said...

fun :>)

I do all sorts in my sketchbooks - plein air, doodles. thinking about compositions for paintings and more
you can see them at www.sitekreator.com/viviensketches

Katiejane said...

Kim, I had a friend in high school who used to do this kind of art in study hall and in her free time. She colored them with pencils and they were beautiful. I saw her about 10 years ago at a reunion and learned that she teaches comunication to the deaf now and doesn't remember a thing of doing this art! I wish I still had some of her work. Try coloring some of it. There is a famous artist that does this kind of art, only in black and white, but I cannot remember his name. Do you know who I'm thinking of?

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Vivien,

Thank you so much for the link to your sketchbooks! This is going to be a very fun adventure. Ohhh, I can't wait to have a peek!

Thank you so much!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kate, Now you are going to laugh...I am the granddaughter of deaf people and also the great niece of some more deaf people! I grew up surrounded by those who could not hear my words, but could see them! Now, make that connection! Wild, isn't it?

I am going to have a go with painting some of this or inking in with color! I need to get some on appropriate paper, first, though! Watch for it in a future post. Thank you for your encouragement, because it is going to happen.

I do not know of the artist you are speaking of, however I bet some reader will be able to tell us quickly. There are a lot of artists here who know a ton about such things!

Thanks so much Kate!

Anonymous said...

Kim, I was going to write how I felt about drawing here but rambled on so long that I've posted it on my blog instead! Your drawing reminds me of Kandinsky by the way :)

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Jess! That is great! We are all just going to pop right over and see what you have to say! Thanks for letting us know.


Thanks so much!

Daphne Enns said...

Hi Kim. I too am burnt out of drafted drawing.

But I almost never sketch. Things stew in my brain for ages before I paint them and they only get drawn in advance if I need to work out the scale of things precisely.

Also, after years of accurate drafting I just need to express my lines my way and with colour.

So, the only time I sketch for fun in black and white is on car trips...

And I can't stand art blogs that don't have visuals! Especially my own!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Daphne,

You know when my children were little, I didn't sketch, either. But now that they are older, I sketch a lot more. And often it is just lines, lines, lines. I wonder if I will ever do accurate drafting again (oh I suppose if we build a house of our own or something, maybe)...I have to be looser in my line work now, too.

Funny...I always go looking for the images to go with the words. But I also know it is the words which are important if you are looking for blog authority...but I don't care about that (just find it interesting).

Thanks Daphne!

fiona long said...

Hi Kim,

I looked at those sites you linked to. Impressive aren't they? I don't think I draw enough. I frustrate myself sometimes. I enjoy it but don't do enough. I sketch out doodles and ideas but when it comes to a proper sketchbook I feel scared to make a mark. Either it's not going to be good enough for those pristeen pages or it's going to be so well planned, it ends up being contrived. I think the problem for me is working out who my sketchbook is for. I fill pages and pages of my little book that's just for me but when it comes to a more public one, I get stuck.

My dream diary sketchbook is ridiculous. I do the drawings before I really wake up and it's so hard to express a dream image in a coloured line. I enjoy the challenge of this though, it does mean that the whole thing looks very childish but I think that has its charms!

Andrea and Kim said...

Fiona! You Afraid? I would have never guessed that one! Shock! Really!

But you are right, the sketch book is really for you for the most part! Then you also have to remember people like seeing that sometimes, too. I wasn't going to show this, but people were interested in seeing it in another photo...so I thought why not?

Oh, I bet that dream diary sketching is really something...I have never tried that....it is always words for the dreaming. But you have,once again, inspired me to give it a try!