Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Award Winners

Today I am just going to share some more inspiration shots as well as the other five Excellent Blogger Awards.

This is just some paint on a page of my sketchbook - nothing more.

You know there are so many Excellent Blogs I read each day. Yes, most of them are Art Blogs, but I also read other blogs for inspiration. Being able to narrow down the Excellent bloggers to 10 has been brutal. I really wanted to say everyone on my blog link list and these 10 others! But a part of the responsibility of the award was selecting 10.
This is a collection of tiny pots and a raku heart rattle. These sit on a desk in my living room.

Here is the last 5 for the Excellent Blogger Award:

Lynette Clay who I had a conversation here with last week. She writes the blog Original Art by Lynette Clay and always has a kind word for every blog she reads.

Jessica Torrant who writes Art and Life as well as Look See Saw. I am always amazed at artists who can document while they are working. For me, it is like an open do people do that?

Wurzerl writes a gardening blog, Garten - Impressionen, in both German and English. Her photographs are fabulous, her encouragement is awesome and her kindness is consistent. At the moment she is on a bit of a sabbatical, but visit her blog's back posts. They are wonderful.

Belinda Shinshillas writes a blog of the same name. She is a fabulous painter and poet, and she writes her blog in both English and Spanish. Do visit her blog and continue on to her web site.

And for some beautiful art, visit Danielle Le Bris' blog, D. M. Le Bris. Her art is clearly her blog! You will enjoy the tiny paintings she shares there.

I think you will enjoy each of these blogs, so please go and enjoy! They are truly wonderful people.

Now this is a little part of my inspiration board. Yup! Those are wine corks! The post cards I purchased in Vienna...they are lovely, so click to take a closer look. As you can see, there are just little bits and pieces here.

So there you have it for today. I am kind of like Lynnette these days...she said she was trying to get her muse back and get herself back in the studio. I think my muse may have been visiting me in the night since I have been awake since 3 this morning. She is probably poking at me to get back into the studio. I always have a bit of a struggle to get going when I have been away. Do you have that problem? When you are away from the studio for some time, getting stuck back in is somewhat of an issue? I may be shaking myself free today, though! Let's cross our fingers!

Have a Beautiful Day!


San said...

Kim, thank you for sharing that juicy page of your sketchbook as well as those glimpses into your space. The Raku vessels are stunning. AND more great blogs to discover.

I always have trouble settling into the process of painting, but once I get there I lose track of reality. I'm in another world. I recently allowed my self several days of painting. Off to slow start--then each painting seemed to get a little easier and better, then I completed one in which I seemed to enter new territory--it was most exciting and I feel very good about that particular painting. Next day it became hard again, so I'm now out in the "real" world. Will return to studio, renewed by walking around in reality for a few days. That's my rhythm I guess.

Andrea and Kim said...

Sure San, I appreciate you being happy to hang in there with me on some of these blabbering days!

You know I also see a cycle with my painting. I do well painting on the weekends. I am not sure why, but I think it has to do with me not having to stop as much to take care of other things. My husband, who is the person bringing home the cash, depends on me a lot to do things which are difficult for him to get around to doing. Just like today, I am waiting for someone to show up to repair the garage door...I have a 4 hour window. I must be here because I have to get my husband's car (yes, his baby) out of the garage before they can even begin (broken spring). So I tell myself why begin? You know? Heck, I could get really into it and not even hear them come to the door! I think that is why the weekend works least I can have a few hours at a time without interruption.

I am eager now, though!

Thanks San!

fiona long said...

Thanks for more recommendations Kim!

It can be hard getting going again can't it? I was away from the studio for so long though that now I'm raring to go! Good luck with getting back into it. I'm sure it won't take you much longer!

Andrea and Kim said...

Sometimes it is brutal, Fiona! I have a feeling I will get some things done this weekend or maybe tomorrow afternoon! At least I hope so.

I can't wait to see what you get going with! All of your work is so inspiring and fabulous!

Thanks for all the time you have taken here, Fiona...It is an honor!

Lynette said...

Kim thank you so very much and I'm feeling very honored to recieve this blog award! I've been trying to comment tonight but blogger has been down and I hope this goes through now. I think your wine bottle corkboard with the cards looks awesome and I also love your pot collection. The raku pieces are so gorgeous! Well I'm hoping my muse will come back soon but we've been doing yardwork all day and I haven't had a chance to get in there and paint. Kim I didn't sleep good either last night so I hope we both can sleep better tonight. Thanks for the award I will be proud to display in my blog!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, Kim! I'm eager to look through these blogs. I can absolutely relate to what you're talking about when it comes to time off from creating. I find the longer I've been away from painting means the longer I'll flounder when I first start up again. It's like re-learning everything you already know in a series of mental connections from hand to eye to brush to canvas... I find if I just DO IT and let myself flounder or doodle or whatever you want to call it for as long as it takes, eventually things click in and I'm off to the races again. Here's to a ton of spring inspiration your way. :)

Andrea and Kim said...

you are so welcome Lynette. You very much deserve it! I am sorry blogger has given you a hard time. I have had trouble with it not picking up my, I am not typing too fast :)...and don't have any problem anywhere else.

Awe, thanks Lynette! I really love those little pots too and usually find them somewhere when I travel.

Okay, so let's focus today on the art! I am not sure I will get to painting, but I will do something!

You are so welcome for the award...I know you will also do some wonderful things with it! :)

Andrea and Kim said...

That is it exactly, Jessica! That has been the way it has been for me this week! But I am determined today to at least do so doodles, as you suggest. Today's post will be a little later in the day so I can post them. Hopefully, that will push me into the studio this weekend!

You are so welcome for the award. I still can't get over how you are able to stop and take those photos as you go along or do the video of yourself painting! You do have a great studio, though!

Thanks Jessica!

~Babs said...

Love your corks and cards!
Also your selection of exciting blogs to discover & explore!
I've had some life 'side trips' this week,,,so not even time for a doodle.

Andrea and Kim said...

I hope your side trips have been pleasurable ones, Babs!

I know a lot of these blogs will be of interest to you, if you are not already familiar with them. Don't you know everyone? :)


sukipoet said...

Great to have the new blogs to explore, Kim. Love the little pots and raku. I collect little pots too. And the wine bottle board. WEll, I guess we know now what you drink for dinner. :) Hope the weekend (I am writing on Sunday) has given you time and focus to get back into painting. Be well, Suki

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

Thank you! Hey, I haven't met anyone else who collects these little pots...they can be quite useful, too.

Yup! We do have a glass of wine with dinner when my husband is home. When he is away, I usually do not...just me.

I am focusing a bit more this weekend and spent a bit of time in my studio was glorious!

Thanks Suki!

Anonymous said...


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