Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Art Review

Recently, Babs has shared on her blog that she did some reorganizing of her studio to try to get back her muse (and this is a woman who once fell off the earth). She found one real treasure as you can see when you visit her, but I suspect she is holding out on us. Then Fiona Long said to me, yesterday, she was eager to see some more of my paintings (a nice thing to hear from an artist who says she is an exhibitionist). I responded I was eager to see some more of my paintings, too.

So I decided these wonderful women artists had an idea to be explored, so I started digging in my very messy studio. I pulled out some old stuff and began to realize I had some items which might provide a bit of inspiration for me. I took tons of photos...have you ever noticed how you can see some old stuff differently when you see an image of it? Sometimes I will even wonder who did that! :)

Now these are nothing to even write home about, but it is all a part of the process of creativity and making art. And you know what? I am getting that old feeling back!

These two "drawings" were old, old pieces. I covered the surface of the paper with graphite...just turned it on the side (it was a rectangular shape) and covered the paper with it. Then, I took a white eraser and drew an image by removing the graphite.
In both cases, I then went back over it with charcoal adding the deeper black. It was fun and reminded me how important it is to sometimes return to some basic techniques. And to not worry what things look like all the time.

At one point, I began to have some fun with watercolors. I would just lay it down on wet watercolor paper and let it have it's way. Once it dried, I would use a technical pen to do the simple line drawing. I have several of these which are interesting...and they always pushed me into some words to contemplate. That is very unlike me, but it happened during this time.

And one time I even tried to play with watercolor pencils on too large a piece. This was fun and I really lost interest half way through doing it.
The thing is, though, this was one of those transitional pieces...moving from highly structured drawings to more loose work. I am sure it might be difficult to understand the struggle I had during this time from highly controlled to down right freedom. But like many struggles, emerging on the other side of it has been FANTABULOUS!

So do you feel inspired by reviewing your own work? Does it hit you instantly or is that inspiration gradual? I know I am often inspired by seeing your work...old or new! But today, I have felt something new stirring in me. I will let you know how it all turns out!

Each day, each of you never fail to inspire me with your own blogs and your own words!

Thank You!


Lynette said...

Kim you and Babs have me wanting to go in there and clean out my painting area to find old treasures! These are wonderful pieces and I especially love the flower shape with the watercolor background. But come to think of it, that abstract one below is just gorgeous too! It reminds me of a library with a shelf full of colorful bound books. I'm so glad your muse is coming for a visit and I bet you will be in there creating some wonderful new works!

Anonymous said...

I seem to work in cycles of making a sploshy mess to doing tight work. My abstract paintings would begin very loose and each layering would get more and more careful. If it began to go wrong I'd load a brush with a lovely colour and go for the kill! Each painting would go through many stages until it felt right.
The illustration work I'm doing is different because I make a fun mess in my sketchbook, then make another drawing of the same subject in a more considered way. I still feel like I'm 'finding my feet' with this method though! :D

Andrea and Kim said...

Hey Lynette...go ahead! I bet you find some inspiration!

Yes, you like? I did quite a few of those line drawings over the watercolor backgrounds...they are fun, really. And the one below...the books...truly a transitional piece.

I have a few days here this weekend without interruption, so guess where I plan on being?

Thanks Lynette!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hey Jess! Funny...go for the kill!

Maybe I am a cyclic artist, too. I sometimes return to my roots of tighter work...but it is the looser work which ultimately makes me happy. Maybe it is my head I need to work on...LOL

I think some of the things you see here today will possibly be reflected in some of the work of the future. So maybe this is kind of like sketchbook work for me. But like you say...there is the whole issue of getting the feet wet.

But this kind of discussion is so very helpful in my own progression...I love working alone, but I also adore being able to talk to people around the world about what I am doing.

You, Jess, are one of the artists who make blogging a very special time for me!

Thank You!

Katiejane said...

Hi Kim. I agree with Lynette, I love the flower and the profound words you wrote, and the colorful one does indeed remind me of a bookshelf. And I like that it is not finished. Leave it that way. I like some paintings to be open to interpretation. You and I are alike, I think, in that we strive for perfection in every piece, but sometimes human frailties are OK to be viewed.

Now I am off to look into old files to see what I can find.

~Babs said...

Really Kim, I like that tree so much!
Haven't had an awful lot of time to paint since my re-organization,,,,just a couple of small ones,,,,,but it HAS helped!
Have some great Kim/Studio time this weekend! Turn off the phones!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kate,

Awe, thank you! Those are fun to do and it makes me think it is something I can do when we travel, too...a decent way to journal in a subtle way.

I think that one will forever be known as the bookshelf one! :) Makes me think of something else to do...for a gift!

Ahhh, perfection! It was a struggle to let it know those old tapes! I have really worked hard to get past that. The real test will be if I can do tight work again...emotional test! Letting go of control...

Absolutely go look in those old files....they seem to be holding real treasures.

Babs! You have really started something here! :)

Thanks Kate!

Andrea and Kim said...

Babs, you are phones! Well not any that I can't tell who it is calling! :)

The tree? You know I remember that was really fun to doodle or sketch with an eraser! It kind of freed things up a bit because you really don't have a lot of control.

Well, Babs, you talking about your re-organization is causing a stir...helping others anyway! I am sure it has really helped you a lot, too!

Thanks, Babs!

Anonymous said...

Life energy radiates from the branches and roots of your tree. Hmm, I'll have to try adding a matte, deep, soft charcoal over glossy, reflective, slick graphite.

Graphite sticks and erasing is a technique I quite enjoy. The erasing part is the most strenuous action, tires my arm. The graphite is so very shiny, I find it a terrible effort to get a decent photograph.

Andrea and Kim said...

Ah Thank You Chewy!

You realize I did this long before I had any "rules" to make art by, so it never crossed my mind that there might be a problem with charcoal over far it worked, though! :)

You know it IS a pleasurable activity to erase to create some image. For me, the key is to have the right eraser...I like chunky ones which fit nicely in the palm of my hand and not crumble...ah la the white ones for me.

Well, a decent photo is an issue, but I just shot this one quickly yesterday morning as I flew through the folder.

Thanks Chewy!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes how the important little details escaped my comment. I use 6B graphite sticks and big white Staedtler Mars Plastic erasers.

As far as the charcoal's adhering or not to the graphite... I've never tried it. I suppose it could be sealed with a fixative.

Andrea and Kim said...

No, it is not the little details which escape you, Chewy...I read your post today :) I did something similar, but can't remember the exact detail of the graphite, but the big white Staedtler Mars is on the money! I love those things! :)

I am sure this has been fixed as I had no issues after it had been stored all these years.

Thanks, my friend!

Anonymous said...

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