Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dull Tasks, Emotional Indigestion and The Art of Others

So today I have a question to pose right away. According to this article "Dull Tasks Numb the Brain...". So here is what I want to ask, does this get me out of doing tasks like cleaning, laundry, banking, taxes, etc.? Seriously, it is an interesting article. And here is another article I think is interesting about emotional indigestion which causes insomnia and how to deal with that problem. Apparently artists have a leg up in this area. Well, isn't that another great perk of what we do? So a little brain food for you from other sources...I am lame in that department.

But today I just couldn't resist sharing a few of these photos with you. They are National Geographic award winning you know they are wonderful art. My friend and fellow artist, Lesley McIver from New Zealand sent them to me. I wanted to share some with you...there were close to 30 total. Enjoy these...

I really loved this lacy image and the lace maker, too.
And this photograph is one I could stare at for a long, long National Geographic!
But it was this photograph which touched my heart. Look at that precious little face in the middle of these two adults. Now this is true love!

I hope you have found these to also be wonderful images and the articles to bring a smile to your face if not informing you.

Let me know your thoughts today and what you are up to. Me? Running a few errands and preparing for my weekend of art :)

Have a Good One!


Anonymous said...

The zebras and their shadows is very intriguing. At first I thought it was some kind of cave/rock inscribed art.

Andrea and Kim said...

Isn't that a great shot? I also had to take a second look/see! Of course, NG photographers work hard to get those shots!


~Babs said...

Ooooh, love the lace,,,the zebras,,(So artistic, that one)but OH! those 3 faces!
Feelin the love!
HAven't had the chance to read the articles yet,,but will.
I've just had a day of running errands. (boring)
I worked into the wee hours last night,,,,,I am getting a book published through
It's entitled: "My Name Is Jack",,,his life so far,,,,with photos and cute stories about him.
A gift for his Mama,,,(late) for Mother's Day.

Hoping your week-end is all you plan it to be,,,and MORE!

Andrea and Kim said...

You know Babs, I sure feel the same way about these photos!

Yup...definatly feeling the love with that family!

Oh I hear you...errands are so boring...I really hate it.

I have to say your book publishing has brought tears to my eyes! I sure do hope you can take some photos of M. when she opens that!

I have high hopes for the weekend, Babs...HIGH HOPES!


Katiejane said...

Boy, can I ever verify that "dull tasks numb the brain". I can't think of anything more dull than sorting mail, and I do it six days a week. That is why I so enjoy blogging. It is the icing at the end of a monotonous day.

Love the shot of the baboons.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kate,

Doesn't it drive you nuts the whole dull tasks thing? I hate doing boring things...and will put it off a lot (everything except cleaning the kitchen...I can't stand a messy kitchen).

You are right...blogging isn't boring!

Yeah, that is a special photo, I agree!

Lynette said...

Oh Kim these are just amazing photos, the leaf so intricate and a world of beauty in that one lacy leaf. The baboons with snow on their fun and cuddling the baby is so sweet! and I had seen the zebra one before, that is a stunning photo and at first you don't realize you are looking at their shadows. Me, I'm almost all done packing and Rob and I are heading to KY tomorrow morning. I'll miss y'all but we will be back by Tuesday. Yes, I'm taking my camera and extra batteries! See you when we are back home. :)

Andrea and Kim said...


I thought you would like these. Thanks!

Listen you have a great and safe trip! Glad you have your camera and extra batteries along with you!

And Lynette, have fun...enjoy your family!

sukipoet said...

Lovely pictures. I esp love the leaf as I use leaf skeletons in my collages and am always keeping my eyes open for them on the ground. And the monkeys, so earnest looking.

I read the two articles. The first one is scary. Do I want a device on my head that buzzes when my brian gets dull? Yikes. Sounds like Big Brother to me.

The second I found fascinating. Many yogic traditions encourage eating the largest meal at noon, then either not eating again till breakfast or eating very lightly at dinner. That way the digestive system is not at work whilst sleeping. For many years, since I lived alone and no one cared, I started calming down after dinner. Not watching tV, reading only calming books, gearing down the day's stitumlus so I could sleep easier. It can help. For example if I have been at a party, I get overstimulated for sure and have a very hard time getting to sleep vs if I've been home alone and gearing down. I also try not to do artworks before bed.

That said, I often wake in the night and it is true, so many ideas flood my brain. Plus I still have many dreams some of which are violent and gruesome I must say and which sometimes wake me up.

I posted an old artwork on my blog however ooops should have linked to you but was lazy. Maybe i can go back sometimes today and do that.

Andrea and Kim said...

That first article is kind of scary, but I thought the idea of dull tasks actually numbing the brain was interesting. It sure is true for me.

You know when I am here alone, I always have more of a meal in the mid-day time frame, and I do feel better. But with a husband and son to feed that doesn't work all that well most of the time. Our society just isn't set up for following through with that. I definitely have to do calming things before I can get to sleep at night...and that has to happen for many hours before bed, too.

Tee Hee! I am about to do the same today... don't worry about the link, I know what that takes to get done. I appreciate the thought from you, Suki!

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...


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