Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Little Break Today

So today I thought I would give everyone a break from my studio forays. Many of my blogger friends, I am learning, are also gardeners. We have only lived in this house just over a year. So what you see here is a result of the previous (and original) owners. My husband is a HUGE tree lover. He can't get enough of hardwood trees! Thus one of the big reasons we purchased this house. It is actually on a double lot and this area of our back yard is actually where a house was suppose to have been built about 35 or 40 years ago.

But this is the view I see each day from the back part of my house which is a kitchen and family room of all windows and skylights. I am clearly aware of how blessed I am to enjoy this kind of space and be so very close (just a couple of miles) to the city of Washington, DC...well, not the being close to Washington part, but the lovely area so close to the city part.
And these are the lovely tall trees which have leafed out beautifully this year. I love the way the green looks in that high light.

But here is what I really want you to see:
Do you see these little sprouts? I planted these in a pot. They were seeds sent to me by our dear friend, Babs! I didn't touch the seeds as usually seeds hate me. But I sprinkled them into this pot from the little package Babs sent along. And this is a shock of shocks to me that these little guys have come up! Seriously, I am shocked! But it is very exciting to see this happen. My husband and son covered the pot for me with fine wire fence, for now, to keep the squirrels from eating the seeds...I think they may have gotten some before we got them covered! So this is art, at least for me!

Gardening is such an inspiration for so many artists...I always think of Claude Monet. I wish I were a better gardener. I love planning gardens, I love viewing gardens, I adore flowers and I am grateful for the gardeners of the world, BUT I am no gardener. The one thing I don't care for in American yards (gardens) is the abundance of grass. We are presently working on plans to eliminate a lot of the grass in this yard and to allow the remainder of the back yard to return to the forest floor! Our plans are to keep this house for the long term, now. Those are the plans...but one never knows what the Universe has in store for us as far as relocation. One day, I will show you the front garden space.

So would you say gardening is an art? Does your gardening inspire your art as Claude's did?


Paula In Pinetop said...

Is gardening an ART? Well, does a bear **** in the woods???? HA !

For several years we had a patch of dirt for a back yard. Last year we started planting.......we're just left with the gravel walkways which should go in within the month.

I can hardly wait to share photos with you !!!! OMG, I love my garden.

Andrea and Kim said...

Ohhh, I am glad to hear you say that!

I can't wait to see the results of your gardening. It sounds glorious!

By-the-way, I can tell you for a fact that bears do **** in the woods! LOL

Thanks so much, Paula!

~Babs said...

LOL gotta love them bears! LOL

Absolutely glorious grounds, Kim!
So tranquil,,,,with the light on those wonderful trees!

Aren't those seeds fun to watch? I'd swear I could actually SEE mine grow!

Gardening is a true work of art, yes,,,,,unless we're talking about my garden. I've 'downsized',,used to have a glorious, huge yard and gardens,,too much to keep up with. So we enclosed the large patio, planted shrubs, vines, ivy, etc.,,,,so the view from all our windows is of green,,,,gives the feel of lovely gardens,with minimal upkeep.
I love your idea of letting part of the yard go back to 'natural'. That's what we do at the lake, and it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying how everyone (it seems) is talking of planting and gardening. Big YES, my garden inspires my paintings. AND a friend, "The Artist" who lives down the street from me, paints in my yard too!

Lynette said...

Kim yes gardening inpires me although I wish I had a garden also of tomatos and cukes going too. I love planting flower seeds and hehe your oreo seeds are coming up! Mine are coming up too and I have 4 of them coming up. I put some water on them yesterday. It's going to be fun to see the photos of them as they grow this summer!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Babs! It is tranquil here.

Those seeds are amazing...can you believe how they have actually come up for ME? I am so amazed! :)

Your back sounds fabulous. I know just what you mean about being able to keep it all up. That is one of the reasons we want to go to less grass. I love the natural forest floor at the back of a house. I have no idea what our neighbors will think, but it is our yard. :)

We have a nice deck and patio, too. I would like to change out the old concrete pad and put in stone as well as a stone wall...the idea is all in my head. :)

Thanks Babs!

Andrea and Kim said...

Chewy! I can sure see your garden as inspiration in your work! You are showing a lovely garden at your mother's!

I think the garden inspires colors for me, but I am now considering some shapes, too! :)

Thanks Chewy!

Andrea and Kim said...

I do hear you, Lynette! I love tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden. We tried that last year, but the wild life here also enjoyed it before we could get it to ripen. :) So this year, I suppose the farmer's market is going to be my source. The other thing is we are heavily shaded...good for the a/c, but not for the garden :)

Oh, show your seedlings, Lynette! I also have about 4...that is why I thought the squirrels may have enjoyed some of them...maybe not, though!


Andrea and Kim said...

...and Babs! I am with you gotta love those bears!

Elizabeth said...

Of course gardening is an art.
That's why it's so addictive -blogging is sort of an art too......but getting out there in the mud is the best!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Elizabeth,

You are so right...there are so many creative people who are gardeners and so many gardeners who are creative people. Do you think gardens are forms of art and otherwise it is farming?

I have never thought of blogging as artistic, but I suppose you are so right.

Playing in the mud...smelling the spring time earth...creating and making a mess all goes together, right?

Thanks Elizabeth, now I am off to explore your blog(s).

sukipoet said...

Kim, what a wonderful yard. I too love trees and have been very lucky to live among trees everywhere I've been in the last 30 years. At my 20 year rental there were acres of trees behind the house and across the street before one reached the marsh. Paradise.

And I agree 100% about lawns. I'd just as soon have leaves, moss or pine needles.

Love your little seedlings and how sweet your husband and son are giving you such encouragement with your gardening experiment. This is exciting. We will all await seeing them as they grow.

I have many friends who are avid gardeners and I'd say watching them (then looking at my past attempts at gardening) that it is an art and one that takes a lot of time and patience. My own garden always looked scraggily somehow. But then I didnt own the house so didn't want to spend lots of money on the plants.

Love the view and all those windows sound delicious. Light, light. And you know, trees are a natural air conditioner. My 20 year rental was very very cool even on the hottest days as it was surrounded by trees.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

I sure hope I can get them to grow. Babs says they are to have purple flowers all summer long, then pods in the fall where I can collect more seeds...or have them collected for me.

I understand about the gardening at the rental house, but it sounds as though you enjoyed the natural garden which was there.

You know, I am a very blessed woman, indeed, with a great family and a wonderful home...great friends and this blog where I can talk with all of you!

Life is full of blessings, isn't it?

Gardening is a slow art which requires much true!

Anonymous said...

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