Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Is there a big change?

I am going to share a bit more of what I have done with the PearlEx powder today, then will move on tomorrow to something else.

Here is what happened on some archival tissue paper I used under the rice paper I was working on. I often fold a sheet of this tissue to place under any absorb-able papers, because I never know what will happen with the ink. I have also used watercolor paper to do something similar.

And, as you can see, I also used this ink wet tissue paper to mop up some of the excess powder.

Now, this is an image you saw yesterday, but I have done something with it...so I wanted to show you some basic steps:

And this is a part of one of the other images you saw in yesterday's post. Do you recognize it? I left a tad of yellow so you could see...
So I took these two and wove them together to get:
One of the things about these weavings is how they change the entire piece. This looks so different from either of the two pieces from which it was made. You can see each part, if you look closely. But the composition makes it appear very different. Do you agree with me weaving this paper makes it very different? Can you imagine some of these with a different weave than the basic straight over-under weave? This is not going to be my main work, but it is a technique which interests me and also is a way I can use some of these papers which are created in the studio...and I am not always using those oh, so expensive canvases all the time! :)

So yesterday was very busy for me, so I was not able to get to a lot in the studio, but this part basically came together for me. I think this one is positive for mounting.

I have heard rumblings that a lot of you are keeping busy with your art and your gardens on these beautiful spring days. While I love the garden, I am not a good gardener. I adore seeing all of your garden work, though...it is very inspirational. And thank you so much for taking the time to post comments here.


sukipoet said...

Thanks for showing further progress with the PearlEx papers. I LOVE the weaving and totally agree that it is soooo different. Amazing. I esp love that it is not totally square and has ragged edges.

I post abt my garden forays but I am in no way a good gardener or even mediocre. For years my idea of flower plantings were geranuims and impatiens neither of which require any talent or care except to water them and they look good anyway. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Paula In Pinetop said...

Well ok, now I'm really hooked. Love, love, love the result of this technique. Guess I'm going to experiment with this powder stuff. I love the tactile quality.....I like art with a texture to it. Even those fabulous oil paintings I see on Canyon Road in Santa Fe.....they are as smooth as silk and not a brush mark or uneasy blend to be found....that is a wonderful texture as well.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'd love to get to know you better.

San said...

Classic case of "whole is greater than sum of parts." Kim, I'm catching up, having been holed up in my own studio, so I'm glad you posted those two pieces of your beautiful weaving. Each is lovely in and of itself.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

Thank you for the kind words and thoughts on this little project. I also like the ragged edges. If you have ever tried to tear rice paper it tears smoothly in one direction, but not so smooth in the other direction. I decided to try to allow the piece to speak the way it wished so left everything as was.

Oh, Suki, your gardening forays are so interesting to watch. I have to say I so appreciate the way someone can get things to grow. My father has a theory on these things and has actually run little tests of his own to see if his theory is right...he feels there are different substances on the surface of some people's skin which reacts with seeds and plants to either help or hinder their growth. I think I have the hindering substance! LOL I get my testing honest, I suppose.

Thanks Suki!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Paula,

Well it is fun, I can tell you that. After playing at your blog, I have an idea you will come up with some really interesting work using these powders...believe me there are lots to choose from! :)

Well, I think we can hang out at each other's blog and get to know each other better (I look forward to getting to know you, as well). I am happy you feel free to post here, too. Also, I am always open to emails, I just may take some time in responding.

Thanks so much, Paula!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi San!

I am excited to see what you have been doing in your studio lately.

I do agree this is a time when the result is a lot nicer than the individual parts of it.

Thanks, San!

~Babs said...

So imaginative,,,these weavings of yours!
And yes,,,they look completely different than they did individually.
More intricate weaving would be awesome,,,,but I wouldn't even have the patience for this basic weave.
Oh yes, and I too love the ragged edges. Be sure if you frame any of these to let us see them, okay?
I'm picturing this one floated on a heavily textured background of some of that paper that looks like grass cloth. Cool!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank You Babs!

I thought it would be interesting to see how you can take something which looks like a mess and make something a little more interesting.

I am taking a look at some other weaves and some more delicate strips. Oh, I think you might surprise yourself with how it goes together...the process is interesting, too.

I will show you when I mount/frame these. Mmmm, I had not thought of that kind of backing, but it could sure be interesting! Ohhh...

Thanks Babs!

Lynette said...

I love the rich textured look of your woven art Kim, this is very beautiful and delicate!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank You, Lynette!

Welcome back, we have missed you!

Anonymous said...

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