Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Slowly Returning...

My apologies for this photo. I usually do better with these, but this one just would not photograph well for me. It was a lot clearer when I did not crop the photo, so there you have it. I believe the reflective quality of the paints I used along with the lighting I have to work with made this particular one a challenge.

This is what I finished this weekend, but I started a lot more. This painting I did for my husband, the tree lover. Basically, it shows the strength of the tree that grows from a bit of earth which just barely nourishes it. I really wanted to do something more whimsical thus the vine-like lines. Paintings where you can recognize an image is not normally my style, but my very left-brained husband really wanted something he could understand. Do you ever do work like this...something really out of yourself for someone else to better understand and enjoy? I would not do this for just anyone, but I kind of think a lot of this guy! :)

So I not only spent time in the studio, but I also did quite a bit of sketchbook playing and reading. It was a good weekend for me doing the things I love.

How about your weekend? Was it all you looked forward to it being?


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
I have a difficult time when asked to paint a specific object or scene. I respond better to vague suggestions.

A day off yesterday and I planned on painting. But the weather was soooo gorgeous that I changed my plans and sketched flowers outside in the sun. (with suntan lotion on)

I think I'll start a new theme at my blog. Sketchbook Friday.

Your tree looks like it's struggling to hold onto the earth on that hillside. Arms waving to keep it's balance.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Chewy, I am the same way about specific requests.

I hear you so much about changing plans. Good for you...that is what it is all about, right? Being flexible? I am glad to hear you were diligent with the SPF lotion.

Oh, Chewy, Sketchbook Friday is a good idea. I can't wait to see what you post. I am so random here.

This tree is struggling to hold onto the earth...life is fragile for even trees these days.

Thanks Chewy!

~Babs said...

Hi Kim,
The colors in your tree painting are so YOU! Your branches make me think of a spider web.

Hard also for me to paint a request,,,very difficult to capture someone else's visions.

My weekend was all I thought it would be, yes. Getting so much work done at the lake place. It's been a long time, but it's coming together.

Andrea and Kim said...

Babs! I have missed you!

Yes, those colors are so me...he can't have everything, you know! LOL This is a big stretch for me.

Gratefully the only vision Steve had was a tree, but his idea wasn't what I painted...but he had to say he liked it anyway. :) No, I wouldn't do this for just anyone and he knew he had to go with what came out.

I am glad your weekend was a good one. You all have been working so very hard at the lake. I hope you will be able to show the fruits of your labors sometime.

It is good to have you back, Babs!

Wurzerl said...

Dear Kim,
I' m also a left-brained person because I love your painting of the tree with the dynamic colors very much.
I' m very often in my garden to build a red wall at the right side. My front garden will be soon a garden of remembering (my parents and my husband). It' s a lot to do - good for me!!
Have a great time

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh My Dear Wurzerl! I am so very glad to hear from you. I have been thinking of you so much.

I am glad you like the painting. You are very sweet to say so, too.

Thank goodness for your garden right now. I am eager to see both the red wall and the memory garden in the front. It does sound as though it is a great deal to do, however that may not be such a negative thing for you, right now. I can imagine the focus is very healing.

Wurzerl, it is so very good and delightful to hear from you, my friend!

Peace and Love!

Katiejane said...

I like your left-brained painting a lot. I like abstract, but in an organized way. Does that make sense? I like abstract, but it needs to look like a picture to me. Like, geometric designs, I guess.

I haven't done any art that has been out of my comfort zone, per se, but I have had to make stained glass panels for people with colors that did not go well together. This made me feel uncomfortable, because I knew the finished piece would not look as good as it could have, but the customer was satisfied, and that is all that is important.

Wurzerl said...

Dear Kim,
thank you so much for your kind words. I' m really glad to be back in the blogger' s world - it' s now my world. I will tell you soon from my projects.
Hugs Wurzerl

sukipoet said...

Wonderful painting Kim. Trees are so hard too. I am unable to paint something someone else wants. I mean, to their satisfaction. I rarely do it. My dad asked me to do a pastel of his mom from a photo and I know he didnt like it, stuck it away in a book somewhere. Usually I tell people I'm not that kind of artist unless of course it's someone like my Dad or for you your husband.

I lay in the sun on Monday too, with sun tan lotion after awhile. I read and dragged my yoga blankets out to practice yoga and just about was out there all day. Gorgeous day. Thanks for asking us.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kate,

I understand, you like abstract, but not so much abstracts from emotion...more representative abstracts. I am glad you like the tree...it is a very odd tree, but I didn't want it to be anything particular and wanted to show the fragile nature of the environment.

I completely understand about dealing with clients and their needs being opposed to what you know is the right thing to do. In design there is a great deal of that to contend with. I suppose that is one of many reasons designers have to take a lot of psychology in school (one of the areas of design I loved).

Oh well, I know Steve knew it would not be his vision in the long run...he just loves trees so much. His passion for trees is similar to my passion for art! :) I sure can't complain.

Thanks So Much Kate!

Andrea and Kim said...

Wurzerl, you are a blessing to us all! I look forward to our conversations...blog and otherwise!

Andrea and Kim said...

Suki, I know just what you mean. I think there are technically astute artists...not me...and highly creative artist who will try a lot of things...me! :) I think we sure know where most of the artists reading this blog fall, too. You know, I just see the world in a very different way than what is traditional.

Your story about your pastel done for your father is so familiar to me. But you know what, I find I give it a shake every-once-in-a-while to keep me going with my regular creativity.

Oh, your Monday sounds like a lovely, lovely day, Suki! It was rather hot down here. But it was a lovely day.

Thanks Suki!

Unknown said...

Kim, this is a good tree, a very beautiful tree, delicate but strong, standing there holding on to little earth and pushing his branches and leaves up to the sky, which is not always kind to him:)
I love the way you did this for someone very leftbrained who you love, it is very touching! It is like a bridge, a very beautiful one, from one person to another.
I admit that I haven't yet thought about painting something for my (leftbrained:) husband, but now that YOU make me think of it, I guess he'd love that. I feel silly, never having thought about it. Thanks so much Kim, for making our brains work, love, Andrea

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, Andrea!

You always are able to see so much of what is in my heart when I paint these paintings...giving words to feelings I have not been able to access at this point. You have given me the right words to share with Steve about this. Sometimes I think I just feel things so much, being able to express them to a left-brained person alludes me.

Oh yes, and sometimes we do need that bridge...my husband and I! As you know we are as opposite as two people might be.

I am quite sure your husband would love a special painting you would do for him. Don't feel silly about not thinking about doing that. I am always thinking about "making" things for my husband as it is something he has asked for as long as I have known him.

Oh, I think we all work to help encourage each other. I know your sketchbook work encourages me a lot!

Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

Kim I came back to look at the tree and your comment and what is funny is that I now see a figure appears in the upper right half of the painting, a man in a cloak or wide clothes:)

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh My Andrea! You are right! Isn't that funny...once I took the photo I didn't look so closely. When I am looking at the painting, I don't see him as clearly...obviously he is there, though. I wonder who's spirit was with me when I did this? Mmmm...

Thanks so much for pointing it out to me! Once I am done, I don't contemplate too much! This is very cool...

Lynette said...

Kim, I love how you made the shape of this tree and it seems both delicate but strong, clinging to that steep hillside. You know what, I also see the figure in the upper right. What a lovely painting! We mostly stayed home for the holiday weekend and grilled out on the deck a couple of nights. Yum!

Andrea and Kim said...

Wow! Thanks, Lynette! I consider you the Queen of Tree Painting, so that means a lot to me!

Isn't that amazing...the figure of the man? That Andrea is something.

Oh, it sounds as though you had a lovely, quiet holiday...the best kind, in my opinion.

Thanks Lynette!

San said...

I enjoyed this glimpse of your left brain, Kim. The spindly tree branches are wonderful, and like Lynette, I love that steep little hill.

Do I ever work out of myself? A little. When I notice that certain colors are selling well, for example, I may play up those colors, but my paintings almost always take the lead and have their way regardless of my initial intention. Don't know if that's good or bad.

As you know, we worked the holiday weekend, and during the slower intervals at the gallery, I took some pictures. I want to post a little gallery tour in the next couple of weeks.

Andrea and Kim said...

Well, you know, San, living with these left brained people kind of had to rub off in some ways, I suppose.

That steep hill reminds me of slag...do you know what I mean? The left-overs from the steel industry. Old nasty stuff! But even when they are weak, trees are strong. That is a lot like gentle people, don't you think? They are perceived as weak, but in reality they are some of the strongest in our society.

Oh, you know I think you have such a great way of seeing things and a wonderful opportunity to observe in your gallery. I think it is just using what you have presented to you each day.

San! I can't wait to see the images of your gallery. I have spent time on the web site, but it would be lovely to see some real photos...although I am sorry it was slow over the holiday. I hear a lot of businesses were slow...I just imagine SF to be hoppin' all the time!

Thanks San!