Friday, May 2, 2008

More from the Past

Today I am just going to show you some of my older stuff, again. Babs has started a real trend here - just take a look at some of the blogs on my list on the right...quite a few are digging up some old things to share. Fun stuff, uh?

I am planning a weekend of art, so by next week we can begin to talk about some more current stuff. Yippee! So here we go:

This was the first time I ever played with soft pastels. I just can't get away from those dark backgrounds. :)
This I call playing catch. I am sure my son and husband had been throwing the baseball during the time I dreamed about this!
The first weaving I ever did...these were done on canvas from a canvas pad, so it is very much like fabric...
Do you ever feel like this? We had just been told we were going to be moving to Europe! I guess I was surprised and a bit overwhelmed as we had just moved less than a year before!
Just playing around...color just lifts me up...but a light background!

Have a fun weekend and go ahead and look into your old stuff and share some of the doodles.

Next week! NEW ART!


~Babs said...

Kim, these are all interesting,,,,LOVE the face!

My favorite work that you do (at least for now) is your weavings. This one is just gorgeous,,,,,,looks like some of the quilts my Grandma made. Beautiful!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Babs! I have no idea how that face came out of was weird to have it come out of my folder. :) I think it was a lot of loving to do the gestural marks and this came out of that.

Those weavings are so much fun for me, too, Babs. This one is really large strips. I had not thought about how it looked like a quilt!

Oh, I stopped at an art store today and they were having a sale! I bought toys! :) I am going to put a little post up about the sale...

Thanks Babs!

sukipoet said...

I too love your weavings. The colors in this one are lovely. I like playing catch a lot too. Just patterns. Hurrah for buying some new supplies. What fun. Thanks for sharing some of your older work. Have a great weekend creating. Namaste, Suki

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Suki! That means a lot from you!

Yes! Your recent purchases were very inspirational!

You have a lovely weekend, too, Suki!