Thursday, May 22, 2008

Art Antics and Inktense Pencils

As many of you know, I like to travel and I have been known to move around a lot. Because of this, I have also tried to come up with ways to take materials with me and to create portable studios in various locations.

Recently, I talked about this new product from Derwent called Inktense. These are basically waterproof ink in pencil form. Waterproof, that is, once the mark has been wet and allowed to dry. I believe this is going to be my new travel companion. The other good news is they have expanded their color line to include a total of 71 colors, now.

I wanted to test this product quickly, so I did this doodle in my Moleskine watercolor sketchbook. I deliberately did this quickly and even used one of those Aquaflo fill-able watercolor brushes...which sometimes makes it difficult to get smooth application. If you allow the colors to dry, you can keep the colors very separate and even create layered washes which allow colors to show through other colors without blending them. But you can also blend them if you wet colors at the same time.
This is the other thing I have done with these this is my intuition clicking in here. When I ordered these cards, I really wanted a variety of colors in just a swatch on these cards, but I couldn't get them done that way without a tremendous cost. So I ordered a better grade paper, used the pencils and created the color myself. Of course the ego and the more logical people who have heard of me doing this wonder what in the world am I thinking! :) In reality, it is kind of meditative to do this...well, mindless, anyway. LOL

So I do like these pencils, will continue to practice with them and use them for travel. While I am not a drawer in the traditional sense, I love color. And the color of these pencils are very intense if you are used to using watercolors. They really are more like ink. I think it will also be a great way to workout some thoughts for larger paintings. Well, sort of, you know how they take on a life of their own. The other thing I want to try is using them on various surfaces...

What new products have you found lately? Do you drive the people around you crazy with your art antics?

Absolutely Enjoy Your Day!


~Babs said...

HI Kim,
These ink pencils look really interesting, and so is your bright doodle. And they should be perfect for taking along.

I think your cards are a great idea,,,,adds a personal touch, the 'hand of the artist'.

I have some fairly new acrylic inks,,,(in bottles) but I've not done a lot with them yet, other than that,,,nope, no new art toys!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs,

Well, you have been busy with a few (?) other things there!

I am glad you like the cards and the doodle...the doodle was a decent test. And I really did want to do something like this with the cards. So I am glad you think it works.

Ohh, acrylic ink is fun. I like playing with the droppers...tee hee They are also fun to add that dry pigment to...kind of floats on top creating this wild effect. :)

Thanks Babs! You are a dear!

Katiejane said...

Don't know much about the products, but love the doodle. You knew I would.

Andrea and Kim said...

Kate, you are a dear! Thank you.

You know, I thought you might like this product since you are working with the watercolors. But I suppose one thing at a time, uh?

Thanks so much, my friend!

sukipoet said...

Great doodle and these ink filled pens sound great. I used to make my "business' cards completely by hand. Sometimes out of pieces of handmade paper and other times out of regular paper but with pieces of handmade paper glued on as accents similar to your paint swirls. Course I didnt need hundreds of them. Just a few.

Have a fun weekend. The three day weekend. Sounds like the weather should be good for it. be well, Suki

Unknown said...

Kim I love your cards, this idea is wonderful, very unique. Love it.
I have got those pencils as a sweet gift from Cathie Clevelandgirlie and her daughter, and like them very much. I use them to deepen my watercolours at some spots.

People (=husband) sure are driven crazy by my art antics but I know that they love it too. And, this month I do not go to the hairdresser (have not been for many months) cause I have bought a painting, and I prefer buying art material instead of clothes. No choice:)

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Suki,

These are actually pencils, like watercolor pencils. I think that is what makes them so appealing to carry around, too. I have a little canvas pad here (one of those to see how different canvases respond to what you can dish out) and I am going to give a little test on those, too. I will let you know.

That is very cool you used to make your own business cards. These are kind of odd as they have only my web site, and email on them...but moving like we do, it only makes sense to do it this way! Yippee for the internet. I would love to see some of those cards you made. Do you still have any hanging around?

Suki, you have a delightful weekend, as well. I plan on a lot of art making.

Fingers Crossed Anyway.

Here is to you, Suki!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea!

I am so pleased you think the cards are a good way to go. That means a lot to me. I find it a nice thing to do when I am not actually in the studio.

I am glad to hear you like the inktense pencils, too. They do have more of an inky appearance than watercolors, I think.

Good to know you, too, drive people nuts with your art antics. You are right, they do love it, really.

Oh, you make me laugh so hard about not buying clothing and going to the hairdresser because you would rather buy art and art supplies. I think it is so funny, because it is just the stuff I do. I am not a real fan of getting my hair cut (don't tell Babs) or of buying clothing (only do that with my daughter because she makes me). Heck, I would forgo a lot of things for art and travel! :)

Thanks so much dear Andrea!

sukipoet said...

Kim, somewhere you asked about seeing my handmade paper shoes and here about my business cards. Most of my stuff is in my storage unit. So if I have any cards left they are there in one of about 100 boxes of stuff. also, when i made the shoes I didnt have a digital camera. I have some photos of artworks from that time but apparently not the shoes. although again there could be a photo in the storage unit. So frustrating to have all my stuff in boxes.

I had to chuckle re: you dont like to get your hair cut nor buy clothes without prompting. I hate do do both of those which is why I buy clothes most often in thrift stores. My current bunch of clothes are becoming paint stained and getting holes but there are no thrift stores up here that are any good. I don't know what I'll do. I have no daughter to take me out shopping. I'd rather buy books or art supplies too.

Andrea and Kim said...

Message received, my friend!

Suki, I completely understand what you mean about being frustrated with your things in storage. With our moves, I have had the same issue from time to time. When we lived in England it was 2 years of that kind of thing. For me, the worst is knowing it is somewhere, but not being able to put your hands on it. Or remembering it was at one house but have not seen it since....these, too, are the stories of my life. :) Some day it will happen I might see a photo of those lovely things you describe. In the meantime, I will enjoy your beautiful words and conjure images in my head.

I am quickly realizing artist are obsessed like that...well, at least the older ones. I honestly admire beautiful clothing and well designed items, but to go out and buy or shop...I really struggle. It also doesn't help that I am do not fall into the 0 - 6 size range :). But when my family gets tired of looking at the same clothes over and over or I need something for an event, they call my daughter home to take me shopping (kind of like taking the dog for a walk). She just tells me try this on, try that on, etc. I usually like things once I get them on my body...but it is a pain to keep trying things on. I also hate Malls! So there you have it.

Suki, you sure have a way of getting out all my little nasty secrets :) something you can do things with, right?

Paula In Pinetop said...

These pencils look really fun.

Love those cards. What a great idea!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Paula!

I bet you would like these pencils a lot...hey, you could take them along to your daily grind and have some art fun in the middle of the day :)

Have a Lovely One!

San said...

Kim, thank you for another introduction to a cool art material.

Yes, I relate to your meditative "obsession." And yes, sometimes people wonder about me too. That's the great thing (one of many great things) about blogging--hooking up with kindred spirits who are as nuts as we are.


Andrea and Kim said...

Sure, San...these are fun.

You are right about blogging and finding people who are kindred spirits! And we can all visit the place when we choose to do so.

Great to know I am not as alone as I once was :)

Thanks San!

Lynette said...

I need to buy some more paint but haven't bought anything new lately. Those pencils look really tempting and Kim I love your brightly colored drawing! At first I thought it was a little car with a crossword puzzle wheel, neat!

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh know how fast ASW can get that paint to you :)

These pencils are really cool...I know you could come up with some incredible things to do with them.