Thursday, May 29, 2008

Art and Non-Art

Today is kind of a clean up day around here. Just a few things to note and asking for some help in understanding.

In a comment to yesterday's post, Suki asked if I might add a side bar providing links to the conversations held on this blog. I have done that, if you are inclined to access the conversations with these wonderful artists. And speaking of conversations...I know you have realized I have not had a conversation in the last little bit. It is NOT that I am giving up on them. Many artists are quite busy right now and fitting in the time to work on these conversations is not easy. The other issue is I absolutely insist the experience be a positive one and each artist is absolutely satisfied with the content and presentation of each conversation. So this takes some time, but you have the benefits, too. I have a list of possibilities going, however if you are interested in having a conversation with me, please email me so we can talk.

Now I have something else in my craw this morning. It kind of has to do with art, but it doesn't, too. Anyone who reads this blog with regularity probably understands I order a lot of my supplies to be delivered. I do this for several reasons, but one reason is because I am not a single person running around to find what I want in the area for the best price. Basically, this means it is more efficient for my time as well as for the environment. I am very pleased with the source I use, my orders usually arrive in just a few days in very good shape.

But it is not only art supplies I order online. I also order many of us do. And I have recently ordered a basket for my bicycle, so I can ride that to the grocery store when I need a few items. This will also save a little. I try to do my part to save energy. My car gets 30 to 36 mpg (good in the US), I ride my bike or walk a lot, I don't cook inside when the AC is running, I buy local food as much as I possibly can....well, you get the picture. Here is what I want to know...why is it that when I order items with a standard shipment it is often routed way out of the way before it gets to me? It goes right by my house, a lot! I know some services do not do this, but many do. Why is that? Do you have insights about the operations of these services? I would like to understand why, if you can help me here.

So these are my non-art questions for today. How do you save energy? Is it important to you? Do you have other sustainable practices in your life?

As always it is great to hear from you each day.


Paula In Pinetop said...

I have the same questions about deliveries. How can something go from Illinois to L.A. and then...maybe....finally to my door in New Mexico???? I just don't get it.

I order more and more online. I just don't want to waste time running all over town, fighting traffic, burning gas. I still have a full time job so my off time is very valuable to me.

I'm not close enough to ride my bike anywhere, at least not without peddling a HUGE hill (and THAT, quite frankly is just too embarasing). I do plan my trips though. It seems crazy to make a special trip on the weekend when I drove by the store everyday on my way to and from work. Which means today I'm going to work on what I have with materials at home even though I'd sure love to run out for another large canvas.

I for one love to read your "conversations". Being an artist myself, I always enjoy finding out what is going on in the minds of other creative people.

Another thoughtful post !!!!

Andrea and Kim said...

Yes, Paula! This is exactly what I mean. How can this be? It absolutely makes no sense to me.

Absolutely understand about online ordering means more than energy savings for fossil fuels, but human fuels (and human demeanor), too.

Yes, I plan my car trips as best I can, as well. I have a huge hill to go up, but I walk that darn thing (and it goes through the woods, so I don't have to be seen by most). Yes, this is just what I are going to work on what you have there to spark your creativity because you don't want to just run out for a single item or two...not to mention staying in probably sounds like a very appealing thing to do on your lovely time off of the day job. :)

I am glad you enjoy the conversations. I enjoy doing them, as is so nice to focus on someone else and learn so much. It is a lovely change for everyone.

Thanks so much, Paula! I so appreciate your beautiful comments here.

Anonymous said...

When will come the day when things pop-in our houses like the transporter in Star trek?

(sorry kim, i'm in a happy vacation mind set right now. leaving tomorrow for a long weekend in Boston)

Andrea and Kim said...

Enjoy Chewy! We all deserve vacations...I know I adore mine!

Later alligator!

sukipoet said...

KIm, thanks for the links section. Pretty neat. I so enjoy reading the interviews over and over and now I can get there zip.

I don't know that I've ever thought about the delivery services (I guess you are politely not naming them). I do know a Fed Ex man called me here about my order. He said he couldn't find the road on the map. Therefore I couldn't get my order till the next day. I tried to give him directions and said something about not being from around here. He said, oh if you have someplace else we can deliver it to you can get it today. It was so bizzare.

In my 20 year rental, I recycled, I walked whenever I could, I didn't have a clothes dryer but hung out my clothes and in winter hung them on racks, I had a small fridge which used much less elec than a large one, I had no dishwasher. I have always saved money by buying many clothes and gifts at the lush thrift stores they have on the Cape, I can be so thrifty and savingsy that sometimes I have to break out and be rash. I am not quite so eccentric now as Mom has a dryer and a dish washer that I do use. But up here where the nearest store is at least 15 minutes away, and the nearest good shopping is half an hour, you dont just run out for a few items. I even get my movies via Netflix which is a huge time saver and money saver too. Be well. Breathe.

Andrea and Kim said...

Sure Suki, I am so glad you recommended it and even more glad you are enjoying these conversations. We have so much to learn from each other...well, okay, that is another story (I have had an unusual day when it comes to learning from other artists). I am glad you are enjoying them.

For me, it is all very strange. I have had packages - mainly from the US postal service - go all over the place before getting to me. Recently, a package went from North Carolina to Pennsylvania before it got to me in Virginia! What? Do you see what I mean?

We do a lot here too. I do have a dishwasher, but we don't rinse which is suppose to be the real water user. I don't use the clothes dryer all that much...we can't hang outdoors here, but I use racks (that makes your clothes last longer, too). We never drive know all the normal kinds of things. We do live in a single family house and that is a big thing, though.

Thanks Suki. It is always great to get your insights here.

~Babs said...

Hi Kim,
I loved doing the conversation with you, but I REALLY enjoy seeing those of others! Looking forward to seeing Suki's,,,,it's neat to learn about other people, their thoughts, views,,,and their approach to art.

I'm sure there is method to the maddness of the delivery thing, and I'm sure that somehow it's related to the bottom line.

As for energy saving,,I plan my errands all in one day if I can,,,and map out my trip so as to most efficiently use gas. I only run the dishwasher when completely full. I partially dry a lot of our clothes, and then lay them flat to finish drying. When I'm alone I can get by with very little a.c., and use fans.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, Babs! I know you do and Suki's is looking to be an exciting one, to be sure! I so agree with you about how wonderful it is learning from other excellent artists! I really love doing these interviews, too.

I am sure profit is the issue, but it seems as though it is at the expense of too many other things...and you know we will be charged increased delivery charges or loose the free shipping.

Anyway, it rather irritates me when the people I know work hard to do what they you giving up ac in OKC! Hats off to you for that one!

You are wonderful, Babs! Thanks!

Todd Camplin said...

I am sorry for my older brother's post. My brother is Troy and I am Todd by the way. He can be very harsh. I see your point, and in many ways I agree. I will miss you dearly. I love your work, and I will still visit. I am so sorry he drove you away.

Andrea and Kim said...

Todd, you need not apologize for your brother. I do feel sad about this, but we can still talk here and via email. I have great respect for your work and do enjoy the discussions we have had (and will continue to have in a different way). I just can't subject myself to Troy's rants. I hope you understand.

I look forward to our continued conversations.

Todd Camplin said...

Totally, and rants is a great way to describe it. Ha. Thanks

Andrea and Kim said...

You bet, Todd!

Lynette said...

Kim I wish I knew the answer to that because it makes no sense to me either. With the price of fuel so awful you would think they wouldn't go out of the their way with those deliveries. I also would rather just keep screens in the windows instead of using the AC unless it's really hot. I'm looking forward to Suki's interview, I know it will be great!

Andrea and Kim said...

Lynette, it is amazing! I keep thinking about that so much. I can almost handle the packages which sit for days in one place waiting to be delivered, but this business, I just do not get...and would love to understand how it makes sense (and is profitable) to handle it this way.

Well, we keep the windows open as long as possible, but when the humidity gets up so high I can't keep the mold and mildew down, I know our health needs to be addressed.

Lynette, I think you are really going to enjoy Suki's interview. She has quite a story to tell...lovely, really.

Thanks, my friend!

Unknown said...

Hi My ranting friend:) Oh this is a bizarr world, why do they send your things around in the whole US before bringing it to your door?! There must be a secret lying underneath.
I seldom order art supply via internet here in FRance, because we have some good supply shops here in Paris, but when I do, it always implies surprises too. For instance, three weeks ago I ordered 10 canvases with a sort of very profound border (like 7 centimeters which makes the canvases look like almost square boxes) . I don't know yet what I will do with them, you paint the border and the surface, but I like them.
So, I waited for the delivery. Two days later, I was at safety job:), my husband called and asked what this huge box was that a man had delivered just minutes ago. I said oh that must be my ten canvases but they are like 20 x20 cm which is not so big. He opened the box and there were 20 canvases in it instead of 10, but I had payed for 10. I didn't find a hint about a special promotion or anything, they must have made an error. Well, I must admit that I didn't complain, only now I have 20 of those canvases under my bed, under my other bed and down in the cellar:)
I wonder, if my next order will be as voluminous and such a bargain:)

Unknown said...

PS, another beautiful pop drawing. I love the soft shapes and colours you used, very soothing,

Andrea and Kim said...

Ohhh, Andrea! If only this was the kind of crazy stuff going on here! Jean-Luc must have been shocked to see that package! But, from what I understand, since you do not have sales but at special times there in France, this had to be a special treat, indeed. But storage...I get it that is an issue! But what fun. I am eager to see what you do with these...and what they are like! I am getting a picture of them in my head which is very exciting.

Thanks for your kind words on the drawing....I like doing these and they are good while my big paintings are drying.

Thanks Andrea!