Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Small Painting

My apologies for this photograph, but I wanted to show you this painting I did over this past weekend. It is 14 x 16 rice paper on gallery wrapped canvas with acrylic paints. I was really focused on the wrinkling of the paper with this particular piece. I am not sure it is complete at this point, but I am happy with it so far. If I do any more, it will be in the form of dry brushing to bring up the wrinkles a little more.

While it is not exactly Wordless Wednesday around here, I don't have a great deal to say today. Basically, this is just what it is! LOL I am glad to be back in the studio these days, though.

Do you ever have reflective days where you don't have a lot to say? ...well except in your own head?


~Babs said...

I still have not gotten any rice paper, though I plan to.
This one looks very interesting,,will be fun to see where it takes you.The paper sure gives awesome texture.

Today is very stormy, gloomy,,,dark. So yes,,,,I'm kind of in a contemplative, quiet mood myself.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs!

While I can't seem to let the rice paper go, you have some cool stuff going on with tape in your studio! will be interesting to see where this takes me. While I was out running errands I had another idea for it, so maybe it will go beyond just some dry brushing. Funny how things change on a dime with me!

Sounds as though it might be a quiet blog day with all of this contemplation going on! :)

Thanks, Babs!

sukipoet said...

Hi Kim. I like the wrinkled red rice paper. As I've said before, I havent used rice paper in this way, but have used tissue paper and gotten those wonderful wrinkles. One thing I've played with is using an oil pastel, often white, to rub over the wrinkles and emphasize them.

It's good to have days with nothing to say. Living here with my mom for the first time since I was in high school, I have discovered that she RARELY talks. I didn't know that about her. It means I cant really talk either as l) she doesnt want to hear it and 2) she cant hear it apparently as she is partly deaf. I am a quiet person, but when I do speak it tends to be lengthy intricate sentences sometimes and she just can't deal with the way I talk. It's interesting how different people are and I wonder if this is in part why I became a story teller for years. a lot of words and talking on paper.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

That is a great idea to use an oil pastel to bring out the wrinkles! I am so mesmerized with how the mediums work to create art of their own...sometimes I feel as though I am just a slave to what the art wants to be!

It is always good to hear how you and your mother are getting on there. My mother is similar with not particularly liking to hear what I have to say about some things, too. But my mother prefers to talk and talk to me. I just tell myself she just wants my attention. But like your mother, she doesn't hesitate to say what she thinks! :) That is okay though.

You know I am quite sure you became a storyteller because you had so much in your head that needed to be said...for yourself if not for anyone else. I am a huge journaler...but only for me. I know I am a great part of who I am because of the people my parents are!

Thanks always give me reason to reflect!

Katiejane said...

Kim, Thanks for the hoorah about my "wall art". It has me looking at things differently, and also it has me looking for more walls.

I read your posts each day, and if I don't comment, please know that I am here. I don't know much about the process of painting and the materials used. So mostly I just read and look at the paintings you do.

I also don't have a lot to say most days and I usually say it briefly. At work I go pretty much all day without talking out loud, as you say.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kate! I have a lot of little series I work on with photography. I think that was my first artistic love. The thing with me is I understand more about film development than I do about photography software! LOL I adore my camera and probably should do more work with some software, but I don't have the interest in being in front of the computer more, you know? So you bet, go for that series!

Ah, it is lovely to know you read each day. Maybe I should focus more on art in general using my work only as a prop! :) This is something to really consider. There are sure a lot of varied artist I know who quite possibly do just what you do, Kate.

Sometimes, I find I am just talked out. Although you wouldn't guess so with this comment! :)

Thanks Kate!

fiona long said...

Oh yes! I have plenty of days like that! You have great discipline though and I love the way you always have something interesting and thought provoking to say!

I like this painting you've done. I feel you could take it further from what I can see although of course, one can never really see the subtle textures and layers in photos the same as in real life.

I had a really negative tutorial yesterday but luckily managed to overcome my mood this morning by completing a painting this afternoon-evening that I'm rather pleased with! Maybe I'll post it tomorrow!

I hope that all is well with you. I like what you're up to lately. Sorry I haven't been checking in as much. Assessment looms. Yikes!

Andrea and Kim said...

Ah Fiona,

You are too sweet. I am not sure about the interesting and thought provoking things I have to say :), but thank you.

You know this painting is at that place of a fine does need just a little bit more, but just a tad too much and it is lost! I thought I had an idea earlier for it, but nah, it wasn't going to work. Maybe I just need to hang it in the studio and see what it wants...what do you think?

Oh yes, do post this new painting. I would love to see it...good for you pushing that old negative tutorial out of the way...that psychology degree comes in handy from time to time, uh?

All is well here and thanks for saying you like what I have been doing. I was thinking yesterday I should get a job testing products for some company...I sure seem to be doing enough of that! LOL

Ohh those darn will do well, keep the positive thoughts!

Thanks Fiona!

Paula In Pinetop said...

I'm a pretty strong introvert so I always yearn for the silence. Too bad my professional world at this point demands communication. But then I guess as a successful artist one must be open to communicating ..... marketing doesn't just happen on its own, does it?

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Paula,

Well, I am a pretty strong introvert, too. I do a lot of writing, but if I have to make phone calls or be "on" around a lot of people I am totally drained. My other job requires a lot of communication, too, but I can do it from here and in this way...I tutor/mentor students of interior design. I am lucky to have an interior design business partner who handles a lot of the communication of that business an I can stick to what I do best. :)

You are so right about the marketing. That is the great challenge of the artist, I believe. I have to say, though, using the computer is so very helpful to me and has opened up a more comfortable way to communicate.

Now there is a good you find it easier to communicate via computer than in person?

Thanks Paula

Anonymous said...

I find it a lot easier to communicate via computer. I don't like talking on the phone, anyway most times voice mail picks up and a game of "phone tag" begins.

Lynette said...

This is a beautiful abstraction in red and I love the texture of that rice paper! I sometimes have trouble about what to write when posting in my blog.

Andrea and Kim said...

Ha Ha Chewy! I know just what you mean...the same is so true here!

Andrea and Kim said...


Thank you very much! I really do love the rice paper, too...can't seem to get myself free of it these days :)

Ah, well, I kind of fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to what I am going to say here. I take a ton of photos, so when I don't know what I am going to say, I go and browse them to see if anything comes up. I also keep an ideas folder :)

I think a lot of this rambling of mine comes from not wanting to do the whole phone thing, but also needing to talk about art. I do like to journal, but that is a personal thing, too. I have also written some design texts and have my students I need to continue to communicate with. So the talking about art isn't always the issue with me. I know I couldn't do it as well if I were in front of a group. :)

Thanks, Lynette!

Anonymous said...


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