Friday, May 30, 2008

Few Words

This is an old drawing. I am still working in the studio on different projects. They are just long term ones.

Today, I have few words to share.

Do you have some fun weekend plans?


Katiejane said...

Going to the Summerfair Art Show Sunday. Will post next week.

Andrea and Kim said...


I have been looking forward to your Summerfair post. Have a really great time!

sukipoet said...

Some days are just silent days. I head out on Sunday to The oceanside. I haven't been there for 8 months. So no posting from me till I return. Be well, Suki

Andrea and Kim said...

Yes, and it has renewed me to have that silent day, too.

Oh Suki, have a very beautiful trip. I know you have been missing the sea.

I will miss you, but will be knowing you will be having the very best time. Have a safe and fantastic trip!

Unknown said...

Great drawing Kim, dark and there is magic in this (dead?) tree. I see a face, an eye, a totem.
No special projects for the weekend, Jean-Luc has socker to watch and handball:) I have to draw and paint and get to my blogfriends blog to fasten our friendship:)
Have a wonderful weekend in your studio, I'm looking forward to your long term projects or to whatever treasures you are preparing,

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks! Yes, a dead tree. You know the more I look at this drawing...just in my sketchbook...the more I see, too.

Well, I think being in the studio and catching up with blog friends is a real treat! Well, it is a treat for me!

Okay, we are having a HUGE storm here, so I am going to go off the computer.

~Babs said...

Wonderful dead tree. Charcoal?

My big plans for the weekend are recuperating from the 2 year old visitor,,,,,cleaning up Play-doh, emptying the vinyl pool,,,,resting.
Listening to the quiet.
And missing him. (a little already,,,smile)

Andrea and Kim said...

Yes, Babs, this is charcoal. I am glad you like it. It just seemed right for my mood yesterday. Today, I am feeling quite alive, though! :)

LOL I can imagine that precious little 2 year old visitor had a big time there...they do have a lot of energy, don't they?

Rest, my friend, and enjoy the quiet. I know you are missing that precious little one. How could you not?

Here is wishing you Peace!

Andrea and Kim said...


I am sorry I split so quickly. We were having an incredible storm here. As soon as the note uploaded there was a huge "crack!" and all the electricity went out for 5.5 hours! Of course, as soon as we ordered out dinner, the electricity finally came back on! It was so dark during the storms (yes, we had a lot of them), I thought I was going to have to bring out the flashlights (torches).

Anyway, Andrea, my apologies! I can't wait to see those canvases!


Anonymous said...

Great drawing! Thanks for sharing it with us old or new! :)

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Angela!

It is good to have you visit!

I hope to see you again, soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
While in Boston I had the pleasure of stumbling into the Beacon Hill Annual Art Walk. Not only did I see loads of active artists' works but also their small backyards and gardens in the alleyways behind the buildings.

I like the dimension and shape of this drawing. To me it has a feeling of weary years of energy stored up inside and still trying to reach out and grow.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Chewy,

Hey, I am so glad to hear you had a good trip...and an Art Walk on top of it you mean stumble because you were having such a good time :) Just kidding... How wonderful to see the art work as well as the gardens...which I am sure was some of their inspiration. That sounds wondeful.

I am glad you like the drawing. You know I was feeling rather weary when I posted it, although I can't remember how I was feeling when I drew it. But out of that weariness, has come a real burst of energy. So you read it all very well.

Thanks so much Chewy!

Daphne Enns said...

Hi Kim. Speaking of slow and time-I am just now catching up on your posts. I need the focus to read all of the information you offer each post and so I haven't visited in a couple of weeks.

My aunt, who has been a huge creative influence for me is a writer- fiction, poetry, plays. She once told me something that stuck:

"I'm not fast but I'm slow"! How appropriate to make slow as positive as fast.

I use that phrase often. I am in praise of slow...

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Daphne,

It is lovely to have you visit when you can. I completely understand how difficult it is to get around to all the places we want to, not to mention the ones we need to get to!

I love your aunt's is greatly fitting!

Slow is Awesome!

Thanks, Daphne! I am always appreciative of and honored with your presence at this blog.