Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What does Taste Look Like?

Note: I cannot say exactly who photographed these particular photos. What I can say is it was either my son, my daughter or myself.

Recently I have been inspired by so many blog posts. Some of them are art blogs and some are not. But our friend, Babs, at Off the Wall Art has shown a beautiful painting (she always does, but this particular one is inspiring this post). She refers to it as "The Day In The Life Of An Orange". When you visit to see this painting, you will totally understand what she means (and do visit it is well worth the clicks). While I am not sure what was in her mind or heart when she painted this, when I first saw it the thing which came to mind was she has painted this in response to how she feels an orange tastes. Have you ever done that? Produced your art in response to a taste?

I thought I would share a few photos of food to see if they might evoke some tastes you might paint...well, I am going to give it a try, since I haven't done it before. These lemons are some of the most incredible I have ever tasted...they are sweeter than normal. Yes, you heard me right! My daughter has a lemon tree in the yard of the little cottage she rents. It produces all year and produces a lot. If I had some here, now, I would have taken a photo of a cut one for you!
Nice, fresh salad, anyone? This was a lovely salad I had at a cafe in Berlin. It tasted especially nice as I sat at the table, with my son, on a wide sidewalk and watched people pass. The tomatoes were not so great, but the red pepper was fabulous!
Well, how do you think these might look if you painted their taste?
Or yummy, yummy...a mocha or espresso for anyone? I think these might paint up quite lovely! What do you think?

If you are wanting some other photos to respond to, consider visiting Taste With The Eyes blog. Of course there are lots and lots of photos of food on the web, but some bloggers really have some delightful photographs. And there are lots of artists who paint some lovely foods...

Let me know what you think about this idea. Thanks Babs, for so much inspiration for this post.


sukipoet said...

You have the most creative mind, Kim. What a great idea. Painting tastes. Babs' orange painting is amazing so thanks for the link to it. I love the lemon photo esp. A lemon tree in the back yard, heaven. I love, love lemons and my mouth is watering right now.

But I've never painted a taste.

At least knowingly.

All these foods look so delicious. I won't even have to eat dinner now. I'm vicariously full. Take care, Suki

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh, you think so, Suki? I love the way you say I have a creative mind...I am going to quote you on that when some people I know think I am just down right weird! LOL

Isn't that painting of Babs, fabulous? I just love it so much.

Lemons...I love them, myself. I use them in just about everything I cook and I don't let the zest go to waste, either.

Well, don't forget to give painting a taste a try...I really did give it a shake this afternoon! Of course, consumption was up a bit! :)

Now, eating vicariously sounds like a great thing for me! Does it really work?

Thanks Suki!

Anonymous said...

I've never produced art in response to a taste. That's a very interesting idea.

I ate Carr's Ginger Lemon cookies the other day. Yum!

~Babs said...

Kim, you are so funny!
Amazing, where we find inspiration, isn't it?

These are all wonderful photos.

I've never painted a 'taste' before either,but who knows, it could happen again.

~Babs said...

And thank you SUKI!

Andrea and Kim said...

Now Chewy, you are one person I thought would have done this!

Yummy! I love just about anything lemon!

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Babs, I sure think you painted taste! Gee, that orange was so appealing! I think I felt the sting when the juice hit me in the eye! :)

I hope you do more of these, Babs!

Thanks for the inspiration!

sukipoet said...

Actually I have a low amount of appetite so vicarious eating does make me hungry so I can really eat.

I love those Carr's Ginger Lemon cookies. Yum.

Babs you are so welcome.

Andrea and Kim said...

Well, Suki! I can help you with that! :) Do you need food photos? Also, there are some delightful and beautiful food photos on blogs.

Thanks Suki!

Lynette said...

Ohhh Kim, these are gorgeous photos and you just made me hungry! :)

Andrea and Kim said...

:) I am glad you liked them, Lynette! Do you eat vicariously too? I only ask because I know you are a middle-of-the-night-woman.

Thanks Lynette.

Anonymous said...

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