Friday, May 23, 2008

Wishing You Joy!

This is a holiday weekend for several countries. I am only aware of the ones in the US, the UK and France, though. On Sunday France celebrates Fetes Des Meres. In the English speaking world, we would probably say Mother's Day. On Monday it is Memorial Day in the United States and a Bank Holiday in the UK. Is there a holiday in your country or in your family this weekend? How will you be celebrating?
In celebration of these holidays I give you rainbows of joy. I have a crystal hanging in one of my windows which cast these lovely prism reflections each sunny afternoon.
Here is a shot of several of these...they just bounce around all over the place though...these are on the ceiling.

I hope to be spending some time in the studio over the next few days!

Where ever you are, what ever your weekend looks like, I wish for you joy and contentment. Of course I wish it to also be full of art, as well!

Peace and Love to You All!


Paula In Pinetop said...

Yes, I have a long weekend but then I'm not coming back to work for the whole week so that means 9 straight days off. I'm excited to be away from the daily grind. Planning to get some serious studio time in, take lots of photos, watch my garden grow, do some day hikes in the area. Wish you could be here.

Todd Camplin said...

If you had a few 100 crystals refracting light, it would make a great art object. Not withstanding it is pretty beautiful now.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Dear Paula,

It would be lovely to be spending time in New Mexico about now! Ah, what a beautiful place you call home.

I have to say I am excited for you to be away from the daily grind...and to see what your studio time looks like...and photos. Ah yes! The garden and some hikes...that sounds like a beautiful way to spend a decent amount of time off!

Enjoy and I will be watching to see what you share!

Thanks, Paula

Andrea and Kim said...

Hey Todd, that is a great idea!

Now I just have to find a good crystal sale. I have the windows, so that isn't an issue.

Have a Wonderful Weekend...anything special going on in Dallas?

San said...

Kim, thank you for bouncing the joy around. In the morning the light comes in one of the windows here and makes a rainbow on the wall. I don't understand the physics of why this occurs, but it seems magical.

Weekend-wise here: we're anticipating a lot of traffic at the gallery, although it may be lots of families on vacation rather than art buyers. Here's hoping for some of both! Monday my daughter is coming home for a day and she and her brother are going to take Bennie and me out for a Mother's Day/Father's Day dinner. You are always so sweet to ask us about our own lives and opinions.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi San is there a crystal in the window or is the glass beveled there in your window? The facets in glass breaks the white light down into all the colors which comes together to compose the white light. The same thing happens when the sun hits water vapor in the atmosphere creating a rainbow. It is very magical, I think.

Oh, I bet this is a nice big weekend at your gallery. I wish for you HUGE sales from kind and delightful buyers.

Awe, how sweet of your children to be taking you and Bennie out to dinner for M and F Days! And, in France you have hit the weekend just right. I know the best part of all is all 4 of you being together to enjoy the time.

Well, I think you are sweet to share your life and opinions.

Thank You!

San said...

I still haven't figured out why we get the rainbow on that wall, but I do love it.

Also, I thought I'd left a comment on your post of your "flavor" paintings, but Blogger seems to have eaten them. Your berry piece reminded me of the special dessert I'd had the night before at Flan's graduation dinner. And I was drinking coffee and cream at the time. Thank goodness, or I'd had to start brewing coffee right away. Now if I look again and see my comment, I am going to feel silly. What the hey.

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh San, I am sorry about blogger eating your comment. :( I love comments... And don't feel silly...that would be silly.

I am glad you like the flavor paintings. They were fun to do...not exactly a series for me, but fun.

Thanks San!

Lynette said...

Kim thank you sharing those lovely flowers and rainbows. We don't plan on anything special for Memorial Day but I did start a couple of paintings that I am excited to work on this weekend. May you have a great and creatively fun weekend!

Andrea and Kim said...

Flowers and Rainbows for you, Lynette! All beauty and joy!

You know we never really plan anything special, either. Mainly on holidays we try to stay at home and out of traffic.

I am glad to hear you are working in your studio, though...that means treats for you to share. :) We have worked outside a bit is so beautiful. I also have some paintings going and will be back in that tomorrow to be sure!

Katiejane said...

Kim, thank you for the rainbows of joy! I hope you have the same.

Not much going on here this weekend. Working in the yard, I guess. Enjoying the lovely weather before it gets really hot.

Next weekend is the annual REALLY BIG art fair in Cincy. I'll be going down to the river for that one.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I had a rainbow this morning on my living room carpet. I've never noticed it before.

It's been 3 weeks since I've painted. On Monday I hope to at least do some small art cards.

Tomorrow I'll take some photos in the garden.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kate!

You are so welcome.

I know what you mean about being at home...I love it though!

Oh, I adore it when you go to the local fairs...I kind of get to go as well, in a round-about-way! :)

Thanks Kate and Enjoy!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hey Chewy...

I took you for the every day painter :) Just kidding, I also have the feeling you are an outside girl!

Boy, it is going to explode when you get going again, uh? At least in my imagination!

Thanks, Friend!

Unknown said...

Kim, thanks so much for the flowers and those lovely rainbow reflections, have a wonderful time in your studio.
I'm still banned with my cestandrea blog, but I'm posting on Miss Doodle's blog in the meantime:)

Andrea and Kim said...

Awe Andrea! Of course!

You will not believe it, but Jonathan and I were up at 5:30 this morning and stained and resealed our deck! But I will be in the studio in just a little while and plan on a great time.

:( about being banned, but you will be up and going again soon. I will be heading over to Miss D in just a bit though.

Thanks Andrea!

Unknown said...

Kim, wow, you are one busy woman, and your son is nice to do that with you:)
have a great day in your studio,
and, don't forget the Sunday nap?

Andrea and Kim said...

LOL Well, we just wanted it done and had to be up early anyway :) So we started on that and finished relatively early. Jonathan has to go to work in a little bit, too. He is a great guy (we are a lot alike). We just do what has to be done. Steve has to ponder it and it would have taken all day long for him to do this :)

I keep thinking about that Sunday nap, I can tell you. :) We will see if the coffee kicks in or not.

Thanks Andrea! You have a beautiful day, too!

sukipoet said...

Love those light reflections, Kim. I have a number of crystals packed away now, but I had them in a sunny window everywhere I have lived and love those "rainy moons" as Colette called them in a story.

I am impressed at you and your sun decking the deck job like that. Fabulous. It will have all day to dry now.

Very warm and lovely here today. No holiday plans. Just puttered, did laundry, planted herbs and bought a hosta for the yard. Vacuumed the car. Read in the sun. Lovely. Have a great Monday. Be well, Suki

Andrea and Kim said...

Aren't "rainy moons" wonderful. I forgot Colette said that! Thank you for reminding me. I do enjoy my crystal and would love to have more in this space I spend a lot of time.

Oh, it was lovely to get this deck done...and it has made a big difference already. But don't be impressed...I had some of the best help around to get it completed.

I think it sounds like you have a beautiful weekend there. I suppose I am not so much of a traveler for holiday I do appreciate the relaxed, peaceful day.

Additionally, Suki, I enjoyed your post today and appreciate you explaining the show you NPR!


fiona long said...

Ooh! I love those rainbows! Prisms are such beautiful things aren't they?

I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend. I certainly did. I went down to see my parents because it was my mum's birthday. We went over to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight for a beautiful meal. It was stunning! I came back to London yesterday and went to the cinema and for a meal with my lovely new boyfriend. Saturday was a bit of a drag...lots of moving boxes of stuff. Gosh my calves ache after all the stairs I've been up and down! Friday night was great. I went out with some friends in Canary Wharf to celebrate my assessment results. All the hard work has really paid off! What did you get up to this weekend?

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Fiona! I am glad you like the results of the crystals.

Ahhh time in the New Forest and on the Isle! How great was that? I am sure it was fantastic.

Now you are holding out on me, Fiona. What is this about a new boyfriend! :) I am glad you had fun.

Ah, moving, I know it so well. :)

Yippee! I am so glad your assessment went well. I knew it would. Great News indeed for your hard work.

This weekend, I kind of hung out around here and worked. :) But it has been good stuff to get taken care of and some good work in the studio.

Thanks Fiona!

~Babs said...

I'm very late to the party here, but wanted to say that in the afternoon, when the sun shines a certain way through the front door peephole, it reflects & creates a beautiful rainbow effect all the way across the house on the wall. A tiny little round rainbow. It took me a while to trace it down & figure out where it was coming from!

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Babs! We love you whenever you can get to the party! It is always more fun with you joining in!

What a very cool story about the peephole rainbow! I bet it did take some time to get that figured out...I hope San re-reads this!

Very, Very Cool!

Thanks so much, Dear Babs!