Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Combining Gestural Marks

I have been thinking about gestural marks lately, as you know. My Music Series is based on those marks, but I have been making them with some regularity over the years. So I thought I would share another one with you again today. I also want to show you another view of a recent post which has several gestural marks combined.

This is an old painting which uses quite a few gestural marks. Basically what I did with this one is place the painted canvas on the ground (outdoors) and used paint right from the container to splash on it! I apologize for the clarity of this painting, but it is the best I could do with the silver paint. There is also a dark blue paint on here, as well. It is 20" x 30" deep, gallery wrapped canvas. I rather like the way it all works with the variety of marks and how the blank space helps lead your eye around the silver marking.

I also wanted to show you this other view of the weaving I shared with you yesterday. I think you can see the gestural marks here a bit easier. On each paper, there are several gestural marks and in this case being woven together. Of course, with yesterday's suggestions, I am not sure how much further these marks will go. The other thing to consider is look at how the paper strip also creates a psudo-gestural mark!

So how do you use gestural marks in your work? Do you combine them? Of course I know the answers, but it is always interesting to hear what you have to say!

I hope your day is filled with Beauty!


~Babs said...

Really like the marks on the top one,,,,I'm still seeing kites, Kim, and I love it.
The red one is so interesting, as since now you've turned it, there's a figure skater. Head bowed, arms out wide,,,bending from the waist,,,,,foot back,,,,going up high,,,,wish I could think of the name for this.
You know, where they glide around that ice looking like birds soaring. Love it.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs!

I think it is all that wind you are getting out there making you think of kites! :)

I sure wish you could think of a name for this too...that would be fabulous! Soaring, uh? Well, I am taking yours and Lynette's advice and holding it like will take me some time to figure out about the stabilization of the one strip...even woke up in the night thinking about it! More like relief sculpture.

Thanks Babs! I am also thinking on this and now you have me thinking about Soaring....I seeing a lot more here, now!

~Babs said...

The wind, YES,,,lol!

Maybe,,,,IF Soaring is done on paper,,,,that strip can be affixed in the position shown here,,,then double matted and framed under glass. The width of the 2 mats should give enough depth to keep the glass off the work. What is the size?

Andrea and Kim said...

I know you have had some serious wind there lately...spring season, right? :)

I think it might have to go into a deep box frame. I could probably get my father to make me one, if I design it. That paper strip is about a 1/2" deep.

As this stands now, it is about 8" x 14" or so. The rice paper is in metric and I will have to fix it to another paper for stability. I also may take off the edge which isn't cut all the way through...or cut it through. I will have to see what is going to work out best once I have everything in place.

Isn't it interesting how you can just leave something partly finished which seems right as it is? Of course it took you and Lynette to see that! :)

Thanks so much, Babs, for helping me work through this one. I would have never thought to proceed in this way, at all.

andrea said...

Interesting to read this today. I was just looking at an older work of mine and realized that it was the gestural feeling that made it work. Thanks for visiting my blog -- I'm enjoying your art!

San said...

Wow, Kim, the grace of those marks in the top painting is amazing--hard to believe they were simply splashed there. You wield a mean flip of the wrist!

Now to go to the previous post about the woven painting... Guess I'm going about it all ass-backwards today. Call it my gestural mark, albeit a graceless one.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea!

It is amazing to me when I begin to look at those marks and how they all come together.

It is really lovely to bring them here as so many people can see different things in them...sometimes hitting what was going on with me when I made them!

You have a lovely blog to explore. I am enjoying it very much.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello San!

"Splashed" and "mean flip" are the operative words here, San! This paint was clearly splashed. And that flip...well, when I look back on some of my work, that stroke shows up often. It is interesting, isn't it?

Nah...not ass-backwards! It is just what pops up first, so we go there first when we have a quick moment. I get that!

Thanks always give me so much to think about! so many ways. You blog recently has been keeping me on the edge with all the love which is being shared there. My heart is touched in so many ways each time I read what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful works! Thank you for sharing them with us!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, Angela! I appreciate your visit and comment here!

Now I am off to see what you are up to these days...

Anonymous said...

I started out my paintings last year with loose gestural lines. Through the months the have become more of a controlled drip line.

All this kite talk. Now I'm seeing a long kite tail swinging in the air catching the wind.

Very intriguing weave of your gestural marks woven into a grid of checkers.

Andrea and Kim said...

And I love your loose lines a lot...even the more controlled ones. Really quite wonderful work you are doing right now, Chewy!

That Babs! She can really get you going, can't she? I just love it! I really do think all of her kite talk has to do with all those storms they are having out in OKC! It is probably why we are not hearing from her this afternoon...when she is quiet, I turn on the weather to see if it is storming :)

Thanks always give me a lot to think about with your comments!

Lynette said...

Both of these are wonderful and I love the freedom and delicacy of your gestural painting Kim! Gorgeous!!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you so much, Lynette!

I will show this second one again this week. I have attached everything as it is shown here and placed it on black paper. I hope to take it in to have it framed...can I afford it? We will see what she says, I suppose. I am kind of nervous carting it around to get it to the framer, though!

Thanks So Much for your Kind Words!