Friday, April 25, 2008

Getting Out of Artistic Frumps!

So today I am using the "Largest" font size on Blogger. Why, because this post may set some people on their ear...I do not have any color today...all black and white! Eeek!

This is some doodling I have done. I mentioned yesterday I was having trouble getting stuck back into my painting after being away for a bit. Jessica recommended I just start doodling or something like that. So I did. This is the first bit I did...real doodles...nothing creative. Just ink on paper.
This is the next one I did....well, at least it is a little more detail.
And finally, I did this one! Okay...I think I have bored myself enough to head into the studio! LOL

I highly recommend Jessica's suggestion because if it doesn't give you other encouragement, it will bore you enough to do something exciting!

What helps you get out of artistic frumps when you have been away...or in general? Basically, it just irritates me when I get this way and that doesn't help matters at all. I appreciate any suggestions or help on how to keep this from happening again.

I look forward to hear from you and hope you have a Great Weekend!


San said...

Thanks for sharing your doodles, Kim. Now I know I'm not the only one who gets stuck. Sometimes I move little things around the house to get the juices flowing. Whatever works, right?

I've posted my Arte y Pico and passed it on to another quintet of artists. Thank you again. You and another blogger awarded it to me on the same day! I could get the BIG HEAD.

Andrea and Kim said...

Well, San, doodles are what I had today. Believe me, it has been something to get stuck back in to painting since I spent that time with my parents! Ah, moving furniture...good idea! You are so right, whatever works! I feel it pulling on me again...

Oh, I am going to have to go and visit your blog blogs to explore! Oh, I do hope you get the big deserve that! You really do!

Thanks, San!

Katiejane said...

I can't really help you with your dilemma. I've been in a creative slump for seven years. Still no idea how to get out.


Anyway, your doodles are fantastic! These are great pieces of art. Save them. Hope they help.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kate!

I am glad you like the doodles.

No more LARGEST font! I promise...I don't like it either!

Have a Good Weekend!

~Babs said...

Doodles are always fun,,,and I like yours.
Add me to the list of not crazy about the largest font.

Unknown said...

kim these are great doodles! i owe a lot to the act of doodling, i kid you not. you can think of it as a lesser art form, but it's all connected, and sometimes it brings out the "real you" as an artist. or at least a new direction that might be interesting to follow and learn from. so in honor of your big text ROCK ON DOODLE QUEEN! KEEP 'EM COMING!!! :)

Mary Richmond said...

love, love, love your doodles! what i love most about doodles of any kind is that they are so unplanned and random and lovely and express our moment in time so very well. they are so unselfconscious!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Babs!

I am going in to edit this post is just getting on my nerves being so big...I get to look at it a lot! :)

Maybe you can get to a doodle today :)

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Jessica! This has been good advice for me...I am officially beginning a doodle book, now! :)

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Mary, you are so right! Thank you!

So from now on...consider me an official doodler!

Thanks for visiting, Mary!

Daphne Enns said...

I'll read everyone else's response after I write that I find strong art direction in movies inspiring. From fantasy movies to suspense there will always be colour, texture and architecture that gets me excited.

sukipoet said...

Love your doodles. You are forgiven for the largest print and for not being able to change it.(I say that re: your sat post apologizing but really there is nothing to apologize for) Leave it as is. It's okay. It will move down the screen and soon be among the "older posts" and no one will even remember the LARGE TYPE incident.

I was in a creative frump for awhile when I had to move 4 times in a couple of years a few years ago. Rice Freeman Zachary, do you know her, she's quite a woman, artist, book writer and has a great blog and yahoo group which i dont read often enough. She suggested this to me and I tried it. Get some children's art supplies, watercolors, crayons, play doh etc. Mess around with them. Well, I got some and clicked esp with the play doh. In the end, I used it sort of like a worry stone, just kneading it in my hands, waking my hands up, squish squish, getting the emotions out. It took awhile, well really till I finally settled living here at my mom's for 8 months before I could do much artwork but finally I broke through. Hurrah. Have a great weekend.

Lynette said...

:D Kim all the big words are running together now hehe. I did up the size one notch in my blog. I think my eyes are just getting worse though. I have just as much trouble seeing the small black type on a white background. Wow, I've been getting lots of error messages from blogger lately so I hope this post goes though. Your doodles look pretty darn awesome! Have a gret weekend Kim!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Daphne,

That is a great idea. I do not tend to think of watching a movie or TV or anything like that...mainly because it is noisy and noise tends to soon get old with me! But a movie might be a good option...thanks!

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Suki! Sure! Play doh! I love that idea, that is something I would like a lot. And I haven't purchased play doh in forever! I think I would use it much like you. I am going to look up Rice...thank you for the heads up!

Also thanks for understanding about the whole font really has made me nuts - you know control over my own things...I am going to remember it, you are right, as the Largest Font Incident! LOL

Thanks Suki!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Lynette!

Normally I think the issue is me...because I am not that good with the computer...but this time I know it was not me!

As you can see, your comment came through just fine...I hope the issues you are having stop!

Thanks Lynette!

sukipoet said...

Kim Rice's link is on my blogroll. The Voodoo Cafe.

Andrea and Kim said...


I am going there now! Thank You!