Monday, April 28, 2008

Trying To Get Back Into The Swing Of Things!

Okay, so this weekend I did spend some time in the studio...some time! While I did not complete anything, I did play some and feel ready to get myself more seriously moving forward.

So I had this old frame I had purchased from Ikea a few years ago. It had glass in it and I had an old pastel framed. The glass broke while the piece was in storage recently, so the frame and backing was just hanging out in my studio, so I took the backing and glued some of my painted rice paper onto it. I added some more paint around the edges. Then I dry brushed the whole thing with silver. This is what it looked like at that point:

So then what? Well, I had this other piece, I had shown you before, I had painted on rice paper. Do you remember it? Maybe I could use that with this bit above as the base. Mmmm, I am not sure. What do you think?

It is kind of difficult to imagine this way, here let me give you a better idea.
Well, I don't know. Maybe. I really have not decided about this. I like the backing a lot and this would cover a little more than I wanted, however I also see how floating this just above the base surface might be very interesting and bring out the base. For now, I am going to live with this one a bit longer. It has been fun to just think about some form of paint again...even if it really isn't art.

But the other thing I did was to paint some glaze layers on this canvas. Do you remember I showed it to you before here. This is what the glazes have done:
With this, my challenge is to paint in landscape format. I always paint in portrait. When I first started this, I thought it would be the next one in my Music Series, but I feel now it is going to be part of the Contemplation Series. I really, really want to keep this simple, so we will see.

So do you ever get this way? Where just painting is what you need to do? I have known I wanted to get back to painting, but am not feeling the confidence right now to bring this to completion. I want to, but I think I have to do a bit of work on my head, right now! This time away...not even really thinking about art...has done me in. ARGH! I think I really do have to spend some time doodling and sketching when I am away from my studio.

What are your thoughts? Do you have advice on this subject of getting your muse back? And any thoughts or advice on these painting bases?

At least we are talking art again here!

Have a Beautiful Day!


sukipoet said...

the blue painting with the white marks makes me feel contemplitive and reminds me of some kind of calligraphy.

Sometimes when I can't seem to get revved up to work on things half done I begin something new. Or a scrap paper collage in which I don't have a lot of ideas invested. Playing with the scraps of paper is fun and often gets me moving.

sukipoet said...

Hmm. I left two comments and i think the first didnt go through due to typing in the secret code wrong. Re: the first piece-- I often put tape on the back of a picture and gently tape it to the proposed background so I can step back and see it. Also so I can leave it that way awhile to see how i really feel about it. I like the two together and the idea of raising the picture up from the back ground too.

The blue piece is lovely, the light coming from the right hand side ethereal and haunting. The picture is very contemplative right now I think.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki!

I always love your visits to this blog! You know that particular painting really draws me in, as well. It was done on a real whim with some left-over paint! Sometimes, you just never know what is going to come off the end of the brush, do you?

Mmmm, yes, that does work for me as well, I just have to be careful not to have too many projects started and not any completed! LOL Like you, though, I adore paper. I have stacks of painted papers which I like to go through to use in paintings from time to time.

You are a great source of inspiration, Suki. I really appreciate your help.


Andrea and Kim said...

Suki, I just left a comment over at your blog and it took me 3 tries with the verification code. Is it me or are these getting more difficult to read? We sure can't take them off...too many people I have seen have had to add them in! I am sorry you had issues here.

That is a good idea with the tape. I will give it a try.

So you really like this blue canvas as it is! You know I am a lover of canvases like this, as well. I may add some more glazing and leave it this is very contemplative this way, isn't it?

Thank you Suki! I love and appreciate your inspiration.

~Babs said...

Glad to see you're back at it!

I really like the piece you have here for background,,,and the other. Not sure I like the second piece covering up so much of the first,,,,,seems to lose too much of it. Maybe each of these two pieces want to be works on their own. JUST my humble opinion.

Almost always when I feel a piece is nearing completion, I have to remove it from my workspace,,,and view it away from where I'd worked on it. Isolate it into a space of it's own, where I seem to be able to view it with new eyes. Don't know that this makes any sense. Just need to see it as a displayed piece, and not in the w.i.p. place.

And YES,,,,the word verifications seem to me to be getting harder and harder to decypher too. Thought it was just me.

~Babs said...

Oh, and about the muse thing:
I have really really been struggling with that the last few days. Have been away from it for a while,(no time) and eager to get back. Wasn't working. I did a complete re-do of my studio room. Pitching, cleaning, rearranging,,reorganizing.All my different mediums were getting slogged together. Oils in with acrylics,,,paper and canvases stacked together. I now have two separate areas,,,,one for oil & the other acrylic. I didn't think I had the room for this,,,as it's kind of a multi-purpose room that I even share with the cat's eating area in the corner.LOL.
But I put the ol gray matter to work & devised a way to make it happen. It feels so GOOD to be organized again.I'm not saying it LOOKS good,,,but definitly feels 'right'.
Now we'll see if I can PAINT in it, LOL!
Maybe just the tiny-est re-organization would help????

Andrea and Kim said...

Whoo sure feels good!

I think that is what has made me stop with this one....I really do like that base painting. And the other one, too.

It makes tons of sense to remove a painting near completion to another place to view it with new eyes. I am going to do that with both of these pieces...well, the second one I do want to add more layers of glazing first.

Glad I am not the only one having issues with the word verification! I thought I was loosing my mind!

Thanks Babs! You always give me so much to think about!

Andrea and Kim said...

Yes, I think that is clearly called for in my studio, too! I am going to take your advice!

Hey, show us some photos of that newly organized space!

One day, you are going to see the blog title as "Kim's got her muse back!"

Thanks Babs!

sukipoet said...

PS Yes, I think the verifications are getting very hard to read.

Andrea and Kim said...

Well, I am sure glad I have not been imagining that, Suki!


San said...

1. I'm with you and Babs. I'm intrigued by your idea of placing the blue painting with the lilting gestures over the new rice paper painting, but yes, it does cover it a bit much. Ultimately, I believe I like the blue one on its own. It feels complete. I love that certains areas of the border have less blue; I find that evocative and I believe I'd like to see that as the painting edge, not the red painting underneath.

2. I'm about to go back to the studio after better than a week away. I anticipate the usual tough going, the anxiety that I've lost my ability to paint, starting to move things around the house, etc. What always finally works is just putting some paint down. You've expressed that too! Nothing like just getting down to business. Not that I'll take my own advice, mind you.

3. I've had troubles with the comment-leaving too. I could have sworn I left one over at Suki's and then when I went back, it was gone. And yes, the verification letters are starting to be enigmatic indeed.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi San,

Thanks so much for your insights about the blue painting. I think I feel quite convinced to hold on to that for some other purpose. I also like the way those edges are unpainted and the simplicity of that blue painting which needs to be explored and emphasized.

Oh, you do make me I ever take my own advice? Rarely. It is so much easier to give it than to take it, don't you think? Boy oh boy, I remind my children of that all the time :) I can't wait to see what your time in the studio produces, is always wonderful! One woman told me she takes in food and drink and doesn't allow herself out until she has done something...she has to be alone and no phone with children on the other end.

Well, I think that is settled about the word verification and the posting of comments...they sure do seem to be disappearing! Well, as the English say..."must be teething pains" Hopefully it will all be worked out soon! Let's hope, anyway!

Thanks San, I so appreciate your comments always have something so great to share!

Katiejane said...

Perhaps a smaller painting fixed onto the first (red) painting, like in the lower (or upper)right corner area? This would leave more of the backing showing and the smaller painting would act as the focal point. Is that anything you would ever do? I have mounted photographs this way, with a lot of white matting showing, but I don't know if that's something you do with paintings. Just thinking....

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kate!

Sure I would try something like that...if the smaller painting were very simple, I think it would work great. I just might see what I have in my bag of tricks! :)

I love photographs off-set on a huge mat! It is especially nice when it is multi-matted and one of those mats is cut away showing some indication of the photograph (title, what it is about/date, etc.) I like the way that looks, too.

I love your thinking, Kate...don't stop! Some of your watercolors would look good like that, too! :)


Unknown said...

Hi Kim, I love the painted surface in the frame! I love the other painting too. I would be like you and wait, until I'd feel sure to combine them or not.
But I guess the framed one would be great with a less big center and the other painting perhaps lose of its interest if you put it in there? Just a thought.
The blue you created here is incredibly deep, it's like looking into a blueblack night sky, when you still can feel how unthinkable big the space out there is.

when I'm looking for the muse, I do the same things: I paint blindly but happily, just being happy to get in touch with colour and paper or whatever medium I want to use, then I leave what I've done and some time later it always comes to shape:)
Have a wonderful day,

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Andrea!

Oh, I love the way you describe the framed work and the relationship to the sky! Thank you!

I honestly think painting blindly is the right thing for me getting the muse back. You are right, just making the connection at first to get one back into it.

Thank you always you insights are so appreciated and excellent!

Simone Maynard said...

good to see the ball rolling. hope all is well. may the inspiration flow.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Simone!

It is good to see you here! I know you understand the issue of trying to find your muse again...

I think we are back on track here!

Thank you so much!

sukipoet said...

Kim I spent some time looking at the paintings on your website. They are marvelous. My most favorite are the contemplation series. Esp the first one. I can imagine myself sitting and looking at that and musing on things. Thanks for letting me come to your own, personal art gallery.

PS I took off word verification and will try it for awhile to see if I get or don't get any spam.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Dear Suki!

Oh, I love the Contemplation Series too. That is just what I hoped to do with that series...wanting each piece to speak to each viewer in different ways each time they "contemplated" upon it.

You are so very welcome for the visit. I wish I had been there to also share a cup of tea with you!

You know, I have considered doing this as well with word verification and comment moderation. I am a bit nervous about it, though! A friend of mine had to begin again after some spammers totally infiltrated her blog. I am not so great with computer issues, anyway.

Thanks Suki! You are such a dear!

Anonymous said...

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