Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nature and a Little Test

Today I am running a test and sharing some of the inspiration nature is providing in my yard this spring.

Some people would call this a weed. I call it sweet and a great color inspiration, too.

Yesterday, I asked if anyone had any suggestions for me to improve this blog. Everyone was so nice about that, and I even had a suggestion to reconsider the black background. Well, I am a rebel, but I have told Chewy ,who commented about this, I would ask other people for their suggestions. Please go to the comments on yesterday's post and read what we have talked about there. I do not want to even try to express it to you in my words. If you don't want to comment here, but would like to give me your opinion, send me an email (find it in the column to the right).

I just love to see the new growth on the trees in our back yard here. Do you remember these with all the snow a few months ago?
These azaleas are just beginning to bloom out now. They must have been planted by the original owners. I bet they were really small when they planted them.

As you can, hopefully, see I have posted larger photographs today and also increased the size of the font. Does this make a difference on the black background for any of you who have issues with it?
Do you remember this dogwood tree when the owl was found sitting on the branch? I shared it on a post in early December.
Here is a close-up of one of the dogwood tree branches. These are the most interesting flowers to watch as they change color throughout the spring.

I hope you can also find some inspiration in some of these spring photographs from my yard. I always find it interesting to see photographs from other areas which are so inspirational for me. Travel, as you know, is one of my huge inspirations, so this is a way to see another place through my eyes...sorry Lynette, I am sure this isn't all that great for you!

Let me know your thoughts on the larger font and photos.


Katiejane said...

Hi Kim! First, let me say thank you for the E award. I am very humbled, since all I do is share my life out loud. Now all I have to do is find 10 (10???) deserving bloggers.

Second, I like the black background best. Anything posted always looks more striking against black ( and black is my favorite color anyway). The larger print looks good too. I may have to consider it.

Love your yard. Isn't it fun to watch Spring happen? I do like the larger pictures. No more squinting for us old folks.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kate!

Oh, you are so welcome for the award! You very much deserve it as I know how challenging it can be to post regularly. I also know how worth it is to me when I do, too. :) You are right, limiting it to 10 is brutal!

Well, as you know I obviously like the black background, but I asked for any advice and got it! :) You know when Chewy mentioned the size of the font (which was blogger normal), I thought larger might be positive (this is blogger large). I also think I like it better. Sure, go ahead and give it a is good for those of us with eyes which are not as good as they used to be. :)

This spring has been really stunning in this area! The cherry trees have held onto their blooms, the lilacs are hanging full, the dogwoods are exploding...well, you know what I mean. The other thing is the grass is really growing, too. Our goal is to put in some additional plantings to get rid of that grass. We have lots of trees in our back yard which really helps with the whole grass issue.

You are right...Spring, like any birth, is a true miracle!

Thanks so much, Kate!

Lynette said...

Kim wow I have been out of the loop the last couple days. I was trying to get in the mood to paint something and told myself I'd take a computer break. YES, I do really like the larger font and I'm a rebel like you with the black background in my blog also. :) I think I may also try the larger font in mine and I really, really do like the black backgrounds, it makes the photos look better, I think. Speaking of photos, yours are a treat for the eyes! Is the first one a wild violet? We used to have lots of them when I was a child in Kentucky and we would pick bouquets of them in the spring. Great post and I have some catchin' up to do!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hey Lynette! Did you get into the mood? :) I will have to slip over to your blog to have a look again...

Good, I am thinking I like the larger, too!...go for it on your blog!

Yeah! Black...I am so into it! You, Kate, me...we are rebel sisters in black backgrounds :) Actually, there are probably others, but I am so used to looking at it the light ones stand out...means I can't remember! LOL

You know, these don't look like violets...I wish...they look more like some kind of orchid - is that such a thing? Click on the photo and take a closer look/see. Can you tell? I am not good with plants...I just know what I like to see!

Sorry, Lynette, this must have been a boring post for you...things must look pretty much the same down there in your part of the state!

Thanks, my friend!

San said...

A wooded yard--glorious! And dogwood and azaleas, which are in short supply in the Southwest.

I agree that the "weed" is inspirational.

Regarding black backgrounds: I have been to blogs which have loads of small white text on black backgrounds and they are rather stressful on my eyes. I tend to put loads of text on my own blog and I prefer the white background there. But I hadn't thought about the black background on your blog. Honestly. And that's because you've always balanced text with image and I've never experienced eyestrain on your blog. I do understand Chewy's preference, however, without having read her comment, which I intend to do. When I set up my own blog, I never considered any background color other than white. It's what Bennie and I have chosen for our commercial site and it's always the choice for gallery postcards we mail.

Andrea and Kim said...

Yeah, you don't have the same flora or fauna out there, but it is really a very special place with some really cool landscapes...we sure don't have mesas here and cacti are in short them when they bloom! :)...rare, though it is.

I am a bit partial to the purple and green combo. :)

Okay, so I really appreciate your input about the black background. I also keep things consistent as the background to my web site is also black.

Yes, white is the choice of gallery owners, so true...maybe that is also why I choose black, because it is not normally used :) I never considered white, but I am quite sure that is because of my background. I also find I appreciate hanging paintings on walls with intense it is a personal thing for me.

I am glad eyestrain hasn't been an issue for you.

I very, very much appreciate you sharing your thoughts about this. It means a lot to me.

Thanks San!

San said...

You're welcome, Kim. I have some fairly intense hues on walls in my own house and I love the way art looks hanging there.

I enjoy your blog. SO much.

Andrea and Kim said...

San, I am imagining some fabulous SW hues with incredible intensity on textured walls in your house! Oh, and I can see some of that fabulous art of yours on those walls along with your car door! Well, in my mind it is all getting pulled together!

I am glad you enjoy this blog. I really love doing it! This is such an incredible community of people! I feel blessed, indeed!

Thanks San!

Lynette said...

Oooh Kim no way could I be bored with seeing those gorgeous photos!! I absolutely love your pink dogwood and I wish I had some of those in my yard. I remember the photo with the owl sitting it it, what a great shot! We have some big pink azalea bushes in the backyard just bursting into bloom now and I need to get out my camera. Sadly, I didn't get much painting done, I think my muse is on vacation lately. I'm really getting the urge to paint something, anything though LOL! I love your woven piece in pink in the post below, it's stunning!!
p.s. I wonder if that purple wildflower is a type of cyclamen?

Andrea and Kim said...

Whew! I am so glad to hear I didn't bore you here! I have two of those dogwoods and am going to take some photos of the blooms as they progress. Last spring they changed colors 3 times, I think. It was amazing. I am used to wild dogwoods, but not these.

:( I know what you mean about your muse being on holiday today. I am kind of in a slump. It seems I have to force myself when I have been away for a while...I want to do it, but getting stuck in is a little more difficult.

Oh, well, Lynette! Why not work on a weaving...that always gets my muse back. I think she doesn't like me doing them or something :) That weaving was from your encouragement to keep it as it was! I listened... Thanks!

You might be right about the purple wildflower. It does look like a tiny one of those cyclamen (you know I copied your spelling there) you can purchase in the shop. I bet you are right. I wish they were violets, though... Johnny-Jump-Ups!

Thanks Lynette!

sukipoet said...

Your yard is beautiful. I love weeds the best. Violets are weeds? The dogwood is one of my favorite trees. Lovely yard you have. Full of color and inspiration.

I havent read the black background debate, but I do like larger print due to elderly eyes, and I love large sized photos. I'll go read the other post soon.

i had a black background for awhile and although it somehow made me feel sophisticated, I later changed it to a soft tone.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you Suki!

I love weeds, too! You know I think there are some wild violets and depending on one's point-of-view, they would be weeds...but not to me! There is some really nice color in this yard...thanks to the previous owners! :) I have a black thumb!

I will look forward to your thoughts on the black background.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
The larger font size works. (smile) Hitting 50 has arrived, along with reading specs and other physical changes... which I won't go into. (chuckle)

I call them wild violets too. Love the dogwood tree blossoms. Ours gets the most beautiful red berries in the fall.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Chewy!

I am glad that is better for you! We must be the same age, then. I just turned 50 last month, so I get all of those changes, too! :)

Well, wild violets they are then! I just love them so much!

I have to think about the red berries...I don't remember them on these trees.

Thanks Chewy!

fiona long said...

Hi Kim,

I didn't think to mention the black background thing but it's true. Although it looks really stylish, it does make my eyes hurt and gives me bizarre after images! The larger font is really helping though. Good call!

Andrea and Kim said...

Okay, great Fiona!

I am glad the larger font helps...I also might try bolding it. Might try it tomorrow!


~Babs said...

Hi Kim, LOVE these photos,,,,I call those babies wild violets also,,,,but not that I really thought they were. I saw a lot of wild white dogwood while at the lake. The forest was alive with lace. Gorgeous!
You 50 year olds are making me laugh at your age remarks,,,,just hang onto your hats,,,you aint seen nuthin yet!
Oh, and I do love black backgrounds. Dramatic,,the art pops in my opinion. A gallery where I used to be had deep deep red walls,,,,some of the art looked great on it, and some not. I think a lot of the times it depends on the colors in the artworks themselves.
I'm sure that off white is always a safer bet for galleries.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs!

It has been an amazing spring here. Since last summer was our first one in this house, I am still realizing what we have in this yard. I forbid Mr. Needy to mess up the yard with crap, so we get these lovely little treasures. I am glad your trip to the lake was inspirational...shall we be looking for a painting?

Yeah, I know what you mean. I love being 50 and don't think I have the eye issues some people my age have. I am very lucky!

Ohhh, I love the deep red wall idea in a gallery. Of course I love taking the visual risk.

Thanks Babs, you are always full of inspiration for everyone!

It is so good to ahve you back!

Anonymous said...

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