Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What is in your ear when you are in the studio?

As most of you know I am currently working on two series (a loose description for what I do, actually), The Contemplation Series and The Music Series. No, I am not going to show you photos of paintings again, today...promise! But I normally paint with music playing in my studio even if I am not working on the Music Series. It is very relaxing and it also gives the rest of the house the message I am working in there! :)

The little iPod was a birthday gift to me this year. I love it...and normally things like that do not hold a ton of interest for me (for example, I don't have a Blackberry nor do I wish for one). But this little rectangle is great. In the studio I unplug the earphones and plug it into little speakers. When that music is going I relax and sometimes I even dance...and I get lost in there creating my own little world...you know what? The brush and paint really love the music, too. I can tell because they begin to dance together sometimes. :)

Do you listen to music when you work? If so, what plays in your ear? Who do you listen to?

Me? What you want to know who I listen to? Oh, I have lots of musicians I like...Josh Groban, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Five for Fighting, Savage Garden, Supertramp, The Moody Blues, Neil Finn and even the likes of Rod Stewart. There are many more, but this gives you a general idea. If it isn't old, I usually hear about "music you will like, Mom", from my children...those precious ones!


~Babs said...

Hi Kim,
I have nothing in my ear when in studio. I'm probably the last person standing who doesn't own an Ipod.
I often listen to music,,,but it's all old music,,,I really can't relate to new music.
Years ago, I walked past my daughter's room and heard 'Hotel California',,,, those 'ol Eagles at their best. I started singing along with it, and she was overwhelmed: "How do YOU know the Eagles?" They were new to her, and old friends of mine.
I also listen to a cd of soothing piano music,,,I believe it's called "Atmospheres",,,,with the sound of ocean waves, rain falling,wind chimes, etc.
Depends on the mood, but yes,,music can be a wonderfully inspirational experience.

Andrea and Kim said...


I know for a fact you are not the last person standing who does not own an iPod! My 21 year old does not! :) This is true! It isn't she is not interested in owning one, it is other things have taken priority...such as books and tuition! LOL

I didn't think I would like it as much as I do, I can tell you.

Ah yes, I forgot about the Eagles! And Chicago, too! And how about that little band out of Boston? Then there was Bos Scaggs...are any of these ringing a bell, Babs? :)

Well, I have had the same experience with my dear children...one which comes to mind is Aerosmith! "What? Mom! You know who Steven Tyler is?" My dears, check his age! :) Or once Elizabeth swore there was no way I could have heard of a new singer named Cher!

There is a lot of the new music I can't relate to as well, but there is also a lot of really good stuff out there. And if you like soothing music, do check out Josh Groban...talk about a soothing voice. And while he is just 27, you would swear his voice is a developed 40 something - very classical!

I am like you...it all depends on my mood as to what I want to listen to!

Thanks Babs!

fiona long said...

I love music! It really makes the world go around. I love to listen to it when I'm working but rarely do. I do most of my work at college these days and most people listen to their ipods but I'm in quite an exposed area where lots of people go past and it gives me a jump when someone is standing there watching me and I have no idea because I'm in my own little world! I also love to sing so I find it very difficult conforming to society norms in the studio when I've got my headphones in. I want to sing and I want to sing loud and they'd all think I'm even more of a nutter! I also have the temptation to keep rating the tracks and things and keep getting glue and paint all over my precious little device so I've decided to keep it for the walks to and from college!

I'm inspired by all types of music and have even been the inspiration for some! I'll talk all about that on my blog soon but it's rather exciting!

I look forward to seeing more of your paintings soon Kim! xx

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Fiona!

LOL...I am looking forward to seeing some more of my paintings, too. It is happening.

Yes, that is right, you are the musician painter and your father is a professional musician, right? You have a following there in the New Forest, don't you? Well, my dear, I should have added you to the list, although I have never had the pleasure of hearing you sing.

I can imagine I wouldn't want to listen to my music when I was working in an open space with others watching me, either. I actually don't know how you work with other people in an open studio. I suppose I am just not that confident in my painting. OR I was never encouraged to find my own voice when I was in college art classes...always needed to follow the rules, but never knew the particular rules, either. That would probably do it!

I am going to be looking at your blog for that music post, Fiona!

Tell about the exhibit, too! :)


fiona long said...

LOL. I wasn't nagging you Kim! ;0) I just wanted you to know that we love seeing your paintings and you shouldn't be so modest!

I really couldn't say that I have a following at all! I just really enjoy getting up and singing and inflicting it on people! They don't stick their fingers in their ears so I keep on doing it! ;0)

I'll tell you more about the muse thing later.

I'm getting used to people seeing me work. We all go around and talk to each other about what we're doing all the time. Itt's one of the most valuable parts of the course. I went sketching in the British Museum the other day and there were all these tourists not only looking over our shoulders and commenting to us and each other about our work but some even videod me! My friends were amazed I could cope with it but I was just in a little world of my own. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and show off anyway so it was fine! Fun actually and I think it spurred me on to draw better too. I've been doing my best drawings whilst over tired lately. Weird huh?

Andrea and Kim said...

Fiona! You are a LOVE! I really didn't take it as nagging at all! I really am eager to see more of my paintings! LOL

Now you really have my curiosity up with the music! Girl, you are full of surprises!

You know I do think there are some people who are just down right good at getting in the zone when they work . I can get in the zone, but noise and an environment I can't control really messes me up! It just pulls me out of that zone faster than fast! For me it is like stopping to take photos of your work as you progress...the whole distraction thing just doesn't work. I can design in an open studio, because that is more collaborative for me than art making...but I can't do things like paint or sew. You know, this is funny...my daughter can't cook with anyone else, I wonder if that is similar. She is a great cook, but doesn't like to do it collaboratively. Mmmm, this is an interesting topic to contemplate.

An exhibitionist? Surely you jest! LOL

Nope, maybe that over tired is what puts you in the zone...I will have to give it a go! :)

Thanks My Love!

sukipoet said...

Interesting topic. Some days I work in silence. Some days I turn on NPR and listen to the talk shows. Up here, music wise, I can only get classical on the radio which is okay (I mean other than your typical radio station music). I listen to the classical. Back on the Cape, I could get a wonderful folk music station that I loved to listen to while working.

I only own about 20 CD's and only have a few with me, but sometimes I listen to Tom Waitts, or chanting or classical.

I don't own an ipod and am not even sure what they do. I think you can download music from different sources on them? Actually I might enjoy that as i seldom like entire albums by one musician. just certain songs.

I hope you were safe in Virginia from the tornados. I've been hearing about them on the news.

I used to listen to books on tape gotten from the library which I enjoyed very much but up here in the boonies the libraries have a very poor selection of both video and audio CD's. So usually the radio is what I do.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

When I listen to radio, I also listen to NPR!

You might like an iPod because you can place on it the books on tape as well as music, etc. And yes, you can download single songs to place on them (although, I have not done that).

We were very safe here from the tornadoes yesterday. That happened south of us in the DC area. I have lived in tornado country and can tell you the hardest thing was those tornadoes hit an area and a community which was not prepared for weather like that. Clearly, our weather is changing patterns!

Thank you, though, Suki, for your kind thoughtfulness in asking and visiting.

Anonymous said...

Right now, as I blog, it's the sound of the evening news.

When I paint it's silence until I gather my thoughts and direction. Then on goes the boom box - no ipod - and I do the paint boogie to Gwen Stefani, Fergie, the new B 52s CD, or mellower with the Sweeney Todd soundtrack, or the repetitive flowing sounds of Phillip Glass or ambient Techno.

Andrea and Kim said...


You are a wild child! Other than Sweeney Todd, I don't know of the other artists! LOL But I bet I will be having a listen soon online! Yup!

See Babs! Chewy is another one without an iPod!


Thanks Chewy!

Katiejane said...

Kim, I left you a lengthy comment on my blog regarding Artful Blogging.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Katie!

I really appreciate you enlightening me! I have google pulling up right now! :)

sukipoet said...

Kim, thanks for mentioning Elis Cooke's blog to me. I looked at her blog and website. Amazing. Her book covers put me to shame. Mine are so mundane by comparison. Her other artwork is glorious too.

Chewy, I just saw Sweeny Todd on DVD. I loved it, and the music. Even though half the time I couldn't understand what Helena B. Carter was saying.

indiaartist said...

I like silence but when I don't I like TV on and keep working. I don't have a studio and hence have a choice to use anyplace to paint :). When I listen to music I must do something less important or I can't do justice to any one thing.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello India!

I understand...silence is your music!

I also like silence, however sometimes one sense works in concert with other ones for me.

Thank you for visiting me today!

Andrea and Kim said...


I am glad you like Elis Cooke's work. She is really incredible, but I am sure your works are as well. It is not a matter of one person putting someone else to shame...I am sure Elis would not think that so...it is about you finding your own voice and doing what is right for Suki! If you love doing it, then you should...

...only good comes from love!

Thanks Suki!

Lynette said...

Add me to that small list that doesn't own a ipod either. hmmm, that sounds like a good birthday or Christmas present though. Kim I remember Supertramp and I used to have one of their albums. I think it was called 'Breakfast in America'. I also used to love listening to Styx and I've been a huge Beatles fan ever since I was in elementary school. It sounds fun to be able to paint and listen to music at the same time. I usually do it in the quiet though to keep from waking Rob up.

Andrea and Kim said...

See Babs! You are truly not alone!

Lynette, it is a good way to listen to music when the rest of the house is quiet... I do that in the mornings when Jonathan is asleep and I want to work.

You are right, "Breakfast in America" that is the album I had (and CD I have), too.

Oh, yes, Styx! They were great!

Well, I had an aunt who was 16 when I was born, she loved the Beatles, so I learned to love them as well!

Thanks Lynette!

Anonymous said...

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