Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busy Days

I have been really busy doing things other than being in my studio this week. You may have noticed in some of the comments I have mentioned I am hosting Thanksgiving for about 15 here next week. I am not so great with cleaning, so I am busy with such things.I grabbed this shot of some canvases waiting on me for further glazing, signing, etc. I thought it was telling of my seemingly unorganized work methods.
Do you ever come across items you have not known about before and even have a difficult time locating on the web? This summer I needed some white acrylic while I was traveling. When I went to the local art supply shop, I found this brand. I have since tried to find it on the web but have not had luck with that. It is student grade acrylic, but I was really just piddling around. So I purchased this, new to me, brand A>2. If you ever find yourself wondering about this brand, I found it to be good. One of the things I like about the packaging is the opening for the paint to exit the tube is small. One of the things I do not like about the packaging is it is plastic!

Okay, so that is basically all I have today. I have to get back to my organizing for next week. Does having a group of people over for a meal take a lot of prep time for you?

Have a Beautiful Day!


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~Babs said...

Hi Kim, I so relate to that photo of stacked up canvases,,,,waiting!

Holiday meals can be a little nerve-wracking. I haven't prepared for that many in several years, but it used to be quite a stretch. Always worked at the salon into the evening on Wed.,,,and often had guests from out of town and a large group for dinner on Thursday. Not sure just how I did all that now,,,,other than working every evening all week, preparing everything I possibly could ahead of time, to just 'put it all together' on Thursday. A whirlwind experience,,,,but somehow I didn't mind. It was just what I did. Now,,,,,,don't know that I could.
Good luck, try to enjoy it, and go with the flow, remembering that NObody is perfect!

Oh, and PS: Love the little bottle in the previous post. I am a real sucker for tiny bottles, pots,,,,stuff.

marianne said...

O yes I had x-mas over here last year! 20 people for dinner........
Before I am always nervous, but the worse part for me is to think what I will make.Once I know that I am good in organizing.
O yes and I have to clean the house (silly)! I tend to be a little stressy and certainly no fun for my family before (I have everything under controll)
This year we will have x-mas at my brothers, so I just have to lay back and enjoy the ride......ho ho ho!
We don´t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Holland.
About the paint, Isnt it Chinese?
A lot of these acrylic come from China.........

sukipoet said...

You've got to be kidding with that question about preparing for 15. Zounds. That is quite a task. It takes days to do it. Yes, I'd have to be cleaning days ahead and the cooking part...on and on. I hope they are bringing things too. Oh my, and then do the men sit in the living room whilst the women cook and clean and..... There is soooo much. And then, do you decorate your table and home. I watched an older Martha Stewart show once where, for Thanksg, she demonstrated making your own chandelier. You just take yr saw and cut a large circular shape out of the wood. Then cut holes for the candles. Then decorate the wood. Then attach the chain to hang the dang thing. That was ONE decorative task among many. would be fun to eat at her place if she does all this but no way would I do all this work.

I am having but four folks, Mom who eats about half a cup of food, my bro and my son and me. I am baking pies as I type as I hate to do last minute things. The turkey of course will have to be on Thanskg day and I am proud of myself for ordering a fresh one from a local farm. Luckily my son will bring a veg and my brother the tatoes so there you go. Very simple.

Never heard of that paint either. China?? Hmm, but wouldnt it say somewhere on the tube.

Your paintings look very happy conversing with themselves and waiting for your return.

Be well and take care of you as you prepare. I know you've already been painting your walls. Hope the guests appreciate all this and also can admire any paintings you have displayed.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Paula,

Here is a hug back to you...

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs,

Oh those canvases call me, right now. I would much rather be up there with them than down here scrubbing. :)

Last year was the first year I have ever had a sit down meal for so many. I have done maybe 6 or 8 before, but last year I prepared for 25! At least this year it is just 15.

I don't know how you did it when you worked so much. You are far more organized than I am, though. I could never do it nor would I have taken it on. You are a better woman than I.

At this point, I am trying to take some of the heat off of my mother who has done this meal for years for our largish family. It has become more and more difficult for her over the last few years to do this and then Christmas, too. I haven't been around for many years, so they are also enjoying visiting my house for once. I will try to relax and let happen what will happen.

Thanks Babs! I am glad you like that little bottle...

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne, Americans have Thanksgiving in November, and Canadians have Thanksgiving in October. For us, it is a big celebration and when we lived in England we had friends from Germany and some English friends who looked forward to our Thanksgiving celebrations each year. I often hear from them this time of year saying they are thinking of Thanksgiving.

I am glad you are going to be able to enjoy Christmas at your brother's this year. After last year you deserve to put your feet up and enjoy it.

The hardest part for me is the cleaning part. The menu is pretty set and is similar for most homes in the US.

Maybe that paint is from China, I will have to have a look/see.

Thanks Marianne!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Does it take a lot of prep for a dinner of 15??? DOES A PIG SNORT? :))I would be busy cleaning for DAYS. Making tons of lists and stressing big time. :))
I have some canvases sitting waiting too. But been to busy with leaves and daily drawings and life. I hope to get to some painting soon. but actually I AM enjoying these little drawings I am doing so I guess its all creating. :)

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful and intimate. I love how you have ordered a local turkey. That is absolutely wonderful, and you should be very proud of that decision. The simplicity is just what I would be doing, too, if it were just my husband and children. I come from a farming family and there are great expectation and then the blending of the things which have become tradition with us (my husband and children).

Yes, my guests are bringing a few things. I will do the turkey/turkey alternative for the veggies among us, dressing, gravy, cranberry conserve, mashed potatoes, green beans and beverages. That is enough. The good news is I have two ovens and one has a warmer on it. I am not doing a Martha Stewart deal, I can tell you that! LOL I put two long tables together and dress them with china and a center piece. My mother was generous last year when she gave me her white china which can be put in the dishwasher. Last year, my father and my sister's boyfriend washed all the dishes...of course only I could do the putting away. So I do not have men who leave it all up to the women. My husband and son will also be helping me clean this weekend and cook on Thursday (they have to work Mon, Tue, and Wed).

I love how you say the paintings are conversing with each other. It makes me feel not as bad leaving them up there to themselves. That paint, I will have to see if maybe it is China.

Most of my family is not all that observant, but they may recognize the painting I have been doing. I will let you know :)

Thanks Suki and you also have a wonderful weekend.

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh I love that..."Does a pig snort?" LOL I have been cleaning a lot...and hate it a lot!

I will make a grocery list and a menu, but that is the end of it. I finally get to the point that if they can't deal with it, then they don't have to stay. Bad attitude? I figure I deserve to enjoy the holiday, too.

So we all seem to be very busy this time of the year. I think that is normal. This is also the reason for winter when we take a few months to enjoy fewer activities.

Thanks Cris and have a wonderful weekend.

sukipoet said...

Kim it sounds like you have a wonderful day planned. So kind of you to take this over from your Mom and give your folks a wonderful day. Quite relieved to hear of the menfolks chipping in in various ways. I like that. have a wonderful day. I'll be thinking of you with your 15.!

Andrea and Kim said...

Suki, you are my inspiration. You have been doing this kind of thing for your mother 24/7! If you can do that, I can do this!

I couldn't do it without my guy's help. My Dad has always been good about that kind of thing. He was the youngest child after 4 sisters (and the youngest sister was 10 when he was born). So he grew up not only with 5 mothers, but also learning how to pitch in and help. My mother also worked when we were little and after Dad retired, so Dad had to pitch in and help.

Hey Suki, how did your pies turn out? What kind did you make?

I will be thinking of you and your family enjoying your lovely meal.

Thanks Suki!