Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Play

This weekend I played in my studio a little bit. Mostly I was glazing some of the paintings I have shown you lately...and there is still more to do there. But I had to play with a bit of color, too. Three years ago I purchased 3 tubes of watercolors to create invitations to a reception we had for our daughter when she graduated from college. I found those watercolors and played a little bit with them. This is the "blotter paper" used in this play time.This is rice paper and I tossed some sand on it when it was wet. I thought it turned out with some possibilities. I can use it for wrapping paper if nothing else. It is really white and not a buff. I just photographed it late last night and not in great light.

This is one of the things I blotted up a little bit. It is also on (white) rice paper. I had used some sumi ink and a sumi brush to draw the lines. Then I just squeezed a little paint from the tubes on the paper at the ends of the lines. After that, I just sprayed the paper with distilled water to move the pigment around a bit. Then used some powdered pearl pigment to sprinkle over the top.

I know this is not much to share with you, but it is one of the things I did between the glazing layers. One of the things I have learned is there are a limited number of applications where I prefer to use a brush to paint with. Do you find you like brush-less painting? When I do use a brush, there are a few which are my favorites, though.

Some of my blogging friends are having a difficult time right now, so I send each of you a lot of energy to get through these tougher times. And for everyone have a Very Beautiful Monday!


marianne said...

Not much you call this!?
I love it and all these materials I don`t know and all these techniques it is inspirational and sensational!
I came home posted my cactus monday then took a nap with the doggies and Sjimmie. My Husband makes dinner, the boys are to chess classes/club and later we will eat spagetti. Tonight I will go to bed early. My monday was tirering but interesting and nice as well. I went past the art supply store to buy paper for a workshop I will give!
I love to be back home again!
So I guess I had a beautiful monday.
Thanks for sharing this process!
Hope your monday was beautiful as well.
great that you got same time to spend in the studio Kim!

love >M<

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne,

Well, I was kind of just fooling around with some stuff which was hanging out in my studio and this is what came out. I am so used to paintings taking so long and this only took about 20 minutes to do. I am glad you find it inspirational...although I am still trying to absorb the sensational :) Thank you!

Ahhh, you nap must have felt so good once you were home surrounded by all who love you the dearest. I know you are grateful for such wonderful support at home, too. Your family sounds tremendous. Yummy, I love spaghetti so have an extra bite for me. I am making my boys stew, which I do not eat because it has meat. We will have spaghetti this week, though.

I know you are tired after your trip, so go to bed early and have some more sweet dreams. I feel very honored you found the time to visit me today.


sukipoet said...

So kind of you to make two dinners. I've always wondered about that, if vegetarians "make" the rest of the family eat their fare.

Kim, i really like these quick works on rice paper. They have a free and easy spirit to them. I find rice paper fun to play on myself. I guess I mostly use brushes to paint. What do you use? Rags?? Fingers?? I do have favorite brushes too and had thought the other day abt posting about my favorite or rites. But then the thought fled my mind. I often blot the paint though with kleenex or paper towel or a rag.

Katiejane said...

Gosh, I love this! You make it sound so easy. I really don't know anything about any of the products you use, so none of it makes any sense to me, but your end results are fabulous. It's beautiful.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Suki,

Well, I usually eat left-overs or make a salad. If I ate eggs (I don't like their texture), that would be positive. I usually make meals for my boys and find something for myself. It irritates them, but they are more interested in food most of the time.

I also love works on rice paper and working with rice paper. I can imagine doing more of it if we were to go somewhere for a short time when I would not take my easel.

Well, with this, I just squirted the paint from the tubes, then sprayed water on it until it moved around itself a bit, then I put another sheet of paper over it and used a brayer when some of it spread out. I have also used plastic cards (like the examples which come in the mail when you are offered new credit cards), plastic spoons, poured paint from cups, etc. You are right, I have also used my fingers...and always use my hand in some way on most paintings...even when you are not sure where that might be.

Oh, do a posting about your favorite brush...there is one I am particularly attached to and I have one I love I use to trim with wall painting, too (and I don't let anyone else use them, either. :)

Suki, have a lovely evening.


Andrea and Kim said...

Awe Thanks Kate! Well, I know you know watercolors (these are the ones in the tubes as opposed to the small, solid cubes) and rice paper is just a great, durable and inexpensive product I highly recommend people try.

I am glad you like this bit, because it really was fun to do.

I hope all is well with you!

Have a Wonderful Day!

Lynette said...

Kim, these look wonderful to me and I especially love the look of the second one, what great textures and line! I've also been wanting to paint more without the brush lately. I always end up painting trees when a brush is in my hand and I'm craving something different to paint LOL.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Lynette,

You are the Tree Lady to be sure, but I adore your trees! I think when you paint without a brush, you have to make sure you decide if you want to have a lot of control (and relearn what that might mean) or if you are willing to give up that control to see what might happen. But if you are craving something different, give pouring a try. I really love doing that, and it is a real work out if you also shake and forcefully tilt the canvas.

Thanks Lynette...but don't give up on those trees!