Monday, November 24, 2008

Premio Dardos Award

My dear blog friends, you have been so very generous to me and right now your awards are arriving in time to share with others just when I am in need of some blog ideas, too.

This award is from our dear friend Suki. She has given me an award with a description which touches my heart.

This award is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing (and Suki adds in art work)...that's the general idea. I am truly honored to receive it. Thank you millions Suki.

The rules of this award are as follows:

*Show the image of the award on your blog.

*Link back to the blog that gave the award.

*Nominate 15 other blogs that you consider deserving the same. (What? 15?)

*Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve selected.

So here is my list of nominations:











The Truth Board





Some of you may already have this award, so my apologies ahead of time. I also will get around to letting everyone know about this as soon as I possibly can, but you might have to be a little patient with me this week.

Have a Very Beautiful Day!


Anonymous said...

Kim, thanks you so much for including me in your list. It truly is an honour! I've been a bit slow blogging this week but normal service should resume soon!x

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Jess,

I am so glad you found this award. You deserve it very much.

I completely understand how it is to have a slow time in blogging. I am doing that, too, this week. At least some of these awards can help...don't forget the lemonade one, too!

Hugs, Jess!

Lynette said...

Awww Kim, thank you for the lovely award and I'm feeling very honored and am proud to accept it! :)

Unknown said...

Kim good morning and thank you for the award and the honour, I'll put it on my blog and try to distribute it as soon as I can, hope your preparations (TG)are all looking good,

Dianne said...

Hi Kim, I am so honoured to get this award! I have just put it on my blog and sent it out, whew, quite a job! Hope all your preparations are going well.

Juan Bielsa. said...


thank you very much for your award or nomination. It means a lot for me, just because it comes from you and a blog like yours, so beautiful and interesting. Yes, it is an honor for me.

One word can describe you: Generosity.

All the best to you, my friend.

From Aragon, in Spain

Juan Bielsa

~Babs said...

Accepted, with pride. Thanks Kim!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Lynette,

You are very know how those trees draw me in!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Sweet Andrea!

You are so very welcome. This one does take quite a bit of work without a doubt, so take your time. Maybe when the passing around settled, then you can inject it in again. :)

Whew, well things are going well, so we will see. I am just tired of doing house things right now. :)

Hugs Sweet Andrea!

Andrea and Kim said...

You are very welcome, Dianne. It is quite a job to get this one posted and out. It really gave me a great deal to pause and be grateful for having these wonderful people to call friends around the world.

Slow, but sure here...and ready to get back to the studio, you know?

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you Dear Juan! I love reading your blogs, and this award is well deserved by you. You bring something each day for me to consider and contemplate in my life. For YOU to say I am generous is truly an incredible honor.

Here is a hug for you from Washington, DC!

Andrea and Kim said...

Given with Love, Babs!

Happy Thanksgiving!

San said...

A very generous award, Kim, especially considering the fact I've been such a dirty, rotten blogger of late.

Everything's okay here, just maddeningly busy.

You certainly deserve the award and I thank you for bestowing it on me.

marianne said...

Thanks Kim for including me!
It is fun these wards!

Andrea and Kim said...

San, I don't exactly call being maddeningly busy a dirty rotten blogger! I just call it maddeningly busy!

You are very welcome, Sweet San. You are very deserving.

Andrea and Kim said...


You are very deserving to be sure, and very welcome.