Friday, November 14, 2008

Fly Away

I know you have seen this before, but I have a purpose in sharing it with you again.This was the photograph of a lily which I put through Dumpr. I became interested in the shape in the center of this circle. I am interested in some of the other aspects, too, but this image came to me a lot. Maybe if I just did a bit of sketching it would leave me alone.
I tried a few things like this in a large sketchbook with some charcoal. It was fun to do and made me want to pick up charcoal more often, but it was not enough.

You know where this is leading, don't you? So here you go:
After a lot of playing around with paint on this canvas, this is what I ended up with. It is 30" x 40" gallery wrapped, staple-less canvas in all acrylic. The splattering which appears "white" in the photo is actually pearl glaze. Yes, I know it is not centered and that seemed quite right to me for several reasons...this image knocked me off center a bit and it added to the feeling of flying away. Now, with that in mind, I have decided to title this painting, "Fly Away". I decided to photograph this before I add the clear glaze as it is a lot easier to get some kind of reasonable photograph. I hope it will leave me alone now.

Does this happen to you when an image continues to irritate until you work through it? Rarely do I have this problem, but this time it drove me crazy. Maybe one of the reasons is I could not paint as often as I wanted to paint. I do not know.

I hope to spend some time in the studio this weekend. I have a few more things I need to accomplish, but that is always the way, right? How about your weekend, are you looking forward to something fun?

Have a Great Weekend!


Dianne said...

Hi Kim, just a quick note before I go away for a few days, thanks again for sharing your creative process. The final painting is stunning! Hope you have a lovely weekend painting.

sukipoet said...

Kim, I love this. It look three D to me. The satiny background, the flower and then the pearl splatters on top make three seeable layers. I think its one of my favorites of yours. Glad you will get some painting done this WE. I only have vague plans. Cutting some paper for books. Then just doing what draws me to it. Be well, Suki

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you Dianne, I am touched you decided to check blogs as you are heading out the door!

I hope you have a lovely trip and look forward to your return.


Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki and Thank You for your kind words about this painting. Wow, you really like it as one of the best? Cool! Well, you know it was painted in layers, the base, the areas in the circles, the shape, then the splattering.

You know, I love those times when you just see where your spirit will lead. I will be eager to hear what you decide to get into...and see those books, too!

Hugs Suki!

Katiejane said...

Yes, this did happen to me a lot when I worked in stained glass. I would see a picture and wonder if I could make it happen in glass. It would nag at me until I tried to draw a sketch. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not.

soulbrush said...

what a fantastic result. this happens to me rarely, i am far too impatient, and anyway, i don't regard myself as a true artist, just playing and enjoying myself.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kate,

I get a little nagging from time to time, but mainly I just try to get the emotions out.


Andrea and Kim said...

Now Soulbrush, if you enjoy it and are creative then you are an artist.

I am glad you like the result of this adventure. I am a process person, so being in the middle of a "project" just fills my soul. :)

Thanks Soulbrush! It is lovely to have you visiting me.

marianne said...

He that's interesting that an image irritates you until you have turn it into a beautiful painting :)
Never happened to far.
I have things however which keep on popping to my attention and I know I will use them some day in my work. like animals or symbols.
I love the charcoal version seems so quick and adequate . And the painting is wonderful, love it that is oof center and together with the tittle makes it just perfect!
Hope you will have time to paint this weekend. Enjoy it!


Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne, that image worried me to no end. When I first saw it in the translation by Dumpr I stared at it for a long, long time. So do you have a collection of images to use in your mandalas?

I like that charcoal version, too. It was quick and felt good to feel the charcoal move across the paper.

I am glad you like the painted version, too. At least it is not haunting me any more, so I suppose I was suppose to do this.

I am looking forward to some studio time to be sure.


marianne said...

I don't have a collection but I sometimes run into things and then I know I will use it one day. Like certain animals or symbols . I store them in my mind until the time is right. I would very much like to use the godess symbol and I had the peace symbol in my head for a long time, but was able to use this in the mini mandalas. I have a certain cat I want to use..... well as long as I have all these ideas I won't run without inspiration. But once again the moment has to be right and the symbol or animal has to suit the person . If not I have to keep these in store and think of something else.
And yes Kim I have made a kind of travel kit .Tonight I have made 2 postcards, which I enjoyed doing.

Goodnight! Sweet dreams

Andrea and Kim said...

This is so cool, Marianne. I would love to see what you do with the goddess symbol...that would be amazing, I think. I am sure you will never run out of inspiration and when the time is right you will know it.

I thought you must have a travel art kit along with other items you only use when you travel, right? The postcards have to be a great size for you to explore, no doubt.

Thanks Again, Marianne!


~Babs said...

Well, you know what 'they' say:
The work is not SUPPOSED to be centered. Here's to breaking rules!
I haven't read the other comments yet,,,I'm curious as to who else sees a gorgeous butterfly
here. It will be interesting!
Very nice work Kim,,,,great size.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs,

As you know I think rules are clearly meant to be broken...okay, some rules like this :) When I first did this one, I felt a bit of concern about the just barely off center of this image, but then it grew on me. Normally, the designer in me would have created something asymmetrical, but balanced. The artist in me decided I wanted to do it this way.

I also thought of the butterfly when I first saw it in the sketch. Do you think that is why I did the circles? When I am doing these things I do them because they feel right, but when they are finished I wonder if there was something happening more logical I was not aware of.

Thanks Babs!

Unknown said...

hi kim:) love this painting, there is so much depth here, so many different levels, it turned out great...
and when you cannot paint as often as you want, that sure is a reason to go crazy with paintings unfinished cause one can only THINK what to do with them whereas one should acutally DO something with them:) I know that feeling so well, be well and love and
talk to you soon

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Andrea...I really appreciate your input on this one. It is a little different for me, so I have not been sure about it.

Yes, it really does get to you when you have these ideas which need to come out, but you can't make that happen for some reason or another. Sometimes, it makes me mean! :)

Are you able to do any painting at the moment since you are away from your studio?

Thanks and Sending you hugs, Andrea!

Lynette said...

I love the way your painting turned out Kim and the pearl glaze puts the finishing touches on a gorgeous painting! Your dumpr image immediately reminded me of a glass tomato, really pretty!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Lynette, thanks for your wonderful compliment. I have sure come to enjoy that pearl acrylic.

A glass tomato...yes, one of those delicious pink ones! Yummy!

Have a Wonderful Day!