Friday, November 28, 2008


I want to begin today by thanking each of you for your kind words and your patience with me as I prepared for our Thanksgiving meal. I am truly exhausted and plan on relaxing for the remainder of the weekend. We had a lovely day and had many things to be grateful for as during all of this time my father was dealing with some possibly daunting health issues which were resolved positively.

This little painting is just watercolor on rice paper. I did this the same time I did the flower one I showed here earlier. The same method was used with rubbing some paint from the tube onto the paper and using a spray bottle to move it around a bit.

Soulbrush has tagged me. While I have run out of people to tag, I thought I would share with you the 7 different things and open up the tagging to anyone who would like to run with this. I have found sometimes having a tag or an award in my back pocket helps when I need a blog post. :) I love to get the conversations going, however I also have to be in a place to get my head around it. Anyway, here are the 7 more unusual things about me:

1. The best place for me to solve problems is in the shower. I have been known to take a shower at all times of the day.

2. My favorite movies are humorous ones.

3. I can't go to sleep at night without an hour or so of reading.

4. I am often easily overwhelmed by crowds.

5. When something is important to me, it consumes my entire life.

6. I often refuse to follow directions just because it is someone (somewhere) who has told me how something must be done. This is why I am a terrible baker.

7. I also do not do all that great with anything requiring great precision.

So there you have any of these resonate with you?

I hope you are looking forward to a lovely weekend and please consider yourself tagged!


sukipoet said...

glad your day was successful and that yr Dad's health issues were resolved. You did a lot of work putting the day together and on top of that for a cast of 15. All the talking and interacting and emotional energy buzzing around. Wow. You deserve to rest and relax now. I always read for a hour before bed too. Love the painting. It has a wonderful energy and color to it.

~Babs said...

I definitely relate to # 3 and #7.

I just followed the link back to the previous post of these paintings on rice paper, and have a question:
Why distilled water? Do you find a difference in the work,,,,I mean rather than just using tap water? Our water here is pretty 'hard',,,,and I've never used distilled, so I'm curious.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank You Suki,

You are so right about all of the interacting being exhausting. It really gets to me after a while. At one point, I thought I really want to go up to the studio and close the door...but that would not have been such a good idea, I suppose. :)

You are so sweet, Suki. I love to read and have just finished "Agnes Grey" by Anne Bronte. I really enjoyed it.

Keep digesting, Suki!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs,

It must have been hard in your salon...I can imagine cutting hair has to be very precise! Am I wrong?

I have always used distilled water because I never know the minerals in the water and the reactions it might have with the paint or the paper. I guess with moving around so much I can keep the consistency this way. The minerals were so heavy in our water in England we could see them in a glass of water. Quite simply...there is no other reason.

I hope you had a Wonderful Turkey Day, Babs!


~Babs said...

Now isn't that funny,,,when thinking about this, I was thinking totally art related. As in realistic painting or drawing,,or the precision of cutting paper perfectly, measuring, etc. Framing.
Haircutting didn't even enter my mind,,,,which of course can be VERY precise, depending on the style. Think of Dorothy Hamill's cut,,,,it HAD to be perfect,,as opposed to the shaggy-er layering of Meg Ryan, and the ones to follow, which were much more forgiving.But you're right,,,basically,precision was the goal.I had no problem, as long as I only 'pictured in my mind' the outcome.If I started to think about degrees of angles,,and the technical terms,,,I could get lost. Had to be very careful in a cutting class to only watch, and not get caught up listening to all the angle business, or my eyes just glazed over.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs, well maybe you are like me in that you had your fill of precision and now it is all about no precision! :) I am quite sure I could not do your work. The thing is I really didn't mind drafting and truly have hated trying to learn CAD. With my art, I am clearly not precise and even with a lot of other parts of my life, too. I honestly do not like to bake but don't mind cooking. I like to paint walls okay, but Mr Precise who lives here always finds the imperfections. I am not a good housekeeper and totally loathe what appears to be organization to others (although it doesn't seem that way to me).

I wonder what precision really means to the artist? Do you think it is the same as to the non-artist?

Thanks Babs, this is interesting to me.

marianne said...

You have a well deserved rest now Kim!
Love the watercolor It has somethiing yummy.......
The facts are nice to read again, It is like a puzzle, every time another piece to complete the picture.

Big hug

sukipoet said...

Kim and Babs, I dont think of myself as precise. In art that might mean being finicky or measuring a lot. I do measure when bookbinding and try to be as precise as possible else the book comes out crooked. And it is very very hard. I read a book once in which the author talked about this. He said when a baby begins to talk and says Daaaa, Maaa do you say to him no honey it is daddy and mommy. the baby is learning to talk and feeling out these sounds. Approximate, is the idea. I loved this illustration. I am always approximating or gisting. Intuiting. However, other people might have something to say abt whether they think i am too precise about certain things I dont know. to be precise...ha.

soulbrush said...

ha ha thanks for doing this,now i knowso much more about you. iam also so glad you enjoyed the awards. hugs.

Unknown said...

Kim I like you experiments with watercolour, spraying water on the little colour dabs! This is an interesting technique, I know it is so rewarding to look at the colour fusing:)

I'm glad you are back to the normal rythm now and the the health issues your father had have turned out positively! This must take away lots of stress.

I find myself in point 4 to 7, the terrible baker I am (I don't even try anymore cause it makes me angry somehow) laughs at point 6, LOL


soulbrush said...

andrea told me that your daughter runs a magazine called 'the truth about the fact' that accepts submissions for publishing. I am very interested to send her some stuff. could you e mail me at to tell me more about it. thanks.
word verification: littere

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne,

I think my rest might come once my husband goes back to work tomorrow. LOL!

I am glad you like the watercolor play!


Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

I suppose it is all relative, isn't it? The thing is I know I can really close down my creativity when I get mired in the precision of something. I really get into the "flow" when I do not have that issue to consider.

I love the analogy about learning and doing a bit by bit. It is funny thought, I don know some people are not this way. My son is an observer and after lots and lots of observation, then he does something. For example he did not talk English (he and his sister made up a language of their own and he used that) forever. The day he spoke English he said, "We had noodle pie for Thanksgiving." It came out clear as a bell and he made a joke on top of it. So I suppose it all depends on the individual. Really cool story, though.

Are you finally recuperated from Thanksgiving?


Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Soul...

It is great to do this. I really like it. I think it was last week I did a post with 14 things about myself as I was tagged twice in one day! LOL

Glad you enjoyed it!


Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea,

I am like a child loving to see those colors fuse! :)

I am trying to get to that normal normal as possible, anyway. I still have not made it upstairs to the I said I think I need my husband to go back to work, first.

Baking...well, I do some sometimes depending on what it is someone would like. In this house we have different ideas of what dessert should son and I love fruity things, my husband only thinks chocolate is dessert and my daughter would rather make it than eat it! LOL

Ha Ha think my rebellion with following directions is funny? Some people find great irritation with it! You know who I am speaking live with one of them, too. :)

Sending Hugs Andrea!

Andrea and Kim said...


Okay, I have sent you an email!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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San said...

Kim, I'm glad you received good news about your father's health. This year I did a somewhat elaborate feast, with the help of my children, and it took it out of me--although it was delectable!

I too get ideas in the shower. I like most movies except for really violent ones. My favorites are the uplifting ones.

Andrea and Kim said...

San, Dad's health report was a real reason to be extra Thankful.

You know I think one of the reasons I was so tired was my daughter didn't get here for Thanksgiving. My husband and son both had to work right up to Thursday, so that left moi to prepare. Of course, on Thursday I had some help for which I was grateful. I love doing this, but need to cut back the number of people. You know? I would love to hear about this elaborate meal of yours, though.

Yeah, I love my shower (and it can't be a bath...that is for not thinking). I like uplifting movies, too, but humor is something which pulls at my "off color" need. :)

Thanks San!