Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday's Bits and Pieces

So I am a sucker sometimes for containers. If they are unusual, then I will consider purchasing them. So this is an ink bottle, and it is full of black ink. I don't use ink all that much, but the bottle drew me in when I saw it. You, too, can purchase one at Art Supply Warehouse for $7 or less if you act soon and have the current coupon. I really like seeing the bottle sit on my table. Silly, isn't it?

I have also come across an article about what makes people successful in their chosen careers. Of course, artists are not profiled and a portion of this article suggests just what artists have known all along. Actually, I was reading it when I remembered a story I read from a source I cannot put my hands on now (if you know it, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due). A professor of art teaching a pottery class at an American University decided to divide his class in two parts. Those students in one half of the class would receive an A if they could create the perfect pot by the end of the semester. The students in the other half of the class would receive their grade based on the quantity of pots they produced during the semester. As you might guess the "perfect" pot came from the students who also produced the greatest number of pots in the semester.

I do not get nearly the quantity of time in my studio I would like, because there are so many people who depend on me. Maybe I should spend time at night painting. Do you feel you get as much time as you would like in your studio?

Everyone have a beautiful day.


Dianne said...

Hi Kim, what a sweet little pot! Yes, we all need more studio time, we women artists could do with a wife! I know a few male artists who just paint and their wives takes care of the rest. We women seem to have to stretch ourselves in many ways and feel bad when we want to closet ourselves in our studios. I am a morning person and so wake up at 5am with the light in summer. I love this time when the house is quite and often use it very creatively. The other side of the coin is that I am useless at night and can't do anything productive!

Andrea and Kim said...

Yes, Dianne this is just the missing element I do not have a wife! Now that you mention it, I also do not think the article even mentioned a woman. Ah Ha!

I am not sure what I am, actually. When my children were small I clearly was a morning person, but probably that was their choice over mine. :) I think, presently, my body is trying hard to figure out just what it needs or wants to be. Often my best sleep, though, is in the morning (5 to 8 am). My evenings seem to be in need of adjustment, though.

Thanks, Dianne, for your insights. How was your trip?


sukipoet said...

Kim, I love little containers too though I usually get them at thrift shops.

I read the beginning of the article, skimmed toward the end. Although they dont profile artists, they do musicians who are in the creative field. And also they mention those potters. Or did you mention them? They seem to say yes, practice 10,000 hours in a ten year period to succeed along with having an ususual opportunity arise in part due to being in the "right" place at the "right time" or timing. I notice they do not mention any specific women here and only use the word "woman" once. Do women, esp those who marry and have children, have this much time to practice??

I agree that practice is what makes the outstanding works arise. Hundreds of pots for one superior pot. also practice makes the hands know what to do, a hand memory I think. Writers often write thousands of pages to end up with a three hundred paged book. Film makers film lots of footage then edit to get the prize winning film. Through practice, new ideas arise. Maybe some people get new ideas by sitting around thinking, but for me, a new painting or artwork usually arises from my messing about with the paints for awhile randomly or even with intention and then my creative soul awakens and begins doing something my thinking brain couldnt even imagine. the new work wouldnt have happened if I hadn't been working.

they also mention desire in the article. The person must crave the whatever...pots. paint, music, computers. Crave it beyond and above other things. Were these men married though? Did they have someone to cook and clean for them?

I know there are women too who have accomplished much. In the past, often forgoing marriage to do so. But why are none of these up there with the top in line of mention?

Artwise, they could have mentioned Picasso, Van Gogh who lost his life in a sense to his art and so forth. and indeed that whole 20's era of immense creativity. Another era though with few women who received notice.

Anyway, get out those hockey pucks and start skating. You too can be a....I dont even know the team names. Bruins? Just practice 10,000 hours in ten years. Hurrah!

Most interesting article Kim. Thanks.

sukipoet said...

oops. I just read dianne's comment and yr reply which I mostly repeated unknowingly in my reply.

Andrea and Kim said...

Suki, I love hearing what you have to say, even if YOU think it has already been said! So this is great.

You are right, they did profile The Beatles...how could I forget? Anyway, yes, practice, practice, practice gets you just what you need to succeed...IF you are born at the right time :) I had to smile, too, because guess what year I was born? 1958! And I remember those horrid punch cards and waiting, waiting, waiting in line to push the cards through only to learn you had one wrong punch in some card somewhere in the pile of 100's of cards! I dropped that class like a hot coal!

And nope no mention of women...and is this the issue with women? Do we see to wide a view to be so constantly focused on the singular? And here is my question does a successful woman look different from a successful man and that is why we get little mention? And are men so used to having a successful woman there to back them up they don't recognize what they have? As Dianne said, do successful women have wives (because wife has a meaning of being a support person)? There are a lot of questions.

I am glad you liked the article, Suki. I thought it was very interesting, too, and Malcolm Gladwell tends to bring up questions like this with his writing.

Thank you, Suki, for taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of something a tutor said to me years ago. He said simply "Be prolific". At the time I didn't understand how that advice was helpful but you can bet all these years later I understand it now!x

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Jess, I love that and am going to add it to my quote list..."Be prolific"

It is so true, we just have to keep doing what we do best!

Thanks Jess!

Katiejane said...

Absolutely NOT! I would give anything for some uninterupted time to create something from start to finish, instead of stolen minutes sandwiched in between housework and work work. I was just complaining this morning that all I do is rush! I rush to get ready for work, then I rush to get to work, then I rush to get the work done, then I rush to get home, then I rush to get a post done and read a couple while I'm doing laundry or vacuuming, then I rush to fix dinner. Finally, after dinner, I have a couple of hours before time to sleep and do it all again tomorrow.

I like your ink pot.

Andrea and Kim said...

Well, it seems clear we have a time issue at hand as far as our studio time. I have to say, Kate, I do not know how you do it, though. I am not good with anything rote and when I have to proceed in that way I often end up ill. Kudos to you, Kate! I hope you get more time in the studio soon.

Thanks Kate!

marianne said...

Oh yes I would fell in love with this pot as well!
Hope you will get some time to paint, I always get a little grumpy when I don´t seem to find time to paint........
Tonight I am catching up with blogging

take care and make time Kim!

hug Mariannne

Anonymous said...
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Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Dianne said it perfectly and so did Suki. With a retired husband at home it is even harder to get in there to paint without interuption. I just cant concentrate all the time.
Interesting article.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wish we had one of those Art stores here I would love one of those ink bottles. :))

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Cris, we are loud an clear about finding time. We all need a wife! LOL

You know, this is not an art store...it is a great place to order supplies. I cannot beat their prices anywhere. If you sign up for their specials, you can even get more $$$ off.

I love how it has ink in it...looks kind of like a sake bottle to me.

Thanks Cris.

Unknown said...

kim hi again, love this little ink vessel:) and love the story about the best coming out of a frantic production:) I really experience this and I find it makes us leap fear of errors if we try to be as productive as time permits us, wether it is 5 minutes we have or 5 hours, 5 minutes a day can be productive too, love, Andrea

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea

I always loved the way things were packaged in Europe. They were just a little bit different and lots of fun. My friend, Silke, felt the same why when she came here...she loved the packaging. This ink bottle was just too good to pass up. :)

You keep reminding me of this "every opportunity for art" Andrea! It is so important for me to get into my head and be reminded of just doing something. At the moment, though, I am cleaning everything up in the downstairs of my house so my pens/pencils are not going to be close at hand (which is helpful to me). Maybe I will leave all of those things to the last minute.

Andrea, you have been so missed these last few weeks!


Unknown said...

Kim:) this is a very creative time for you too, cleaning and preparing the house for festivity. I'm sure this will bring fruits:), once you will be back in your studio.

Andrea and Kim said...


I sure hope so. That would be a great product of this process.

You are wonderful to remind me of these daily events which are so important to our creativity.

Thank you, Andrea!